What are Starbucks cake pops made of? (What are Starbucks cake pops? + More information)

Starbucks offers a variety of desserts on its menu, including the incredible sweet cake pops. Maybe you have tasted or heard of these sweet treats and wondered, what are Starbucks pops made of?

Starbucks offers a variety of cake pops, including; cookies & cream cake pop, birthday cake pop, owl cake pop, unicorn cake pop, and a chocolate cake pop. The base ingredients of these cake pops is a cake and a coating, then later customized to offer different variation. For example, cookie grind toppings can be added to the cake pop to make it a cookies & cream cake pop, while the birthday cake pop is made of the base ingredients, candies, and some bioengineered food ingredients. My best friend treated me with a birthday cake pop on my birthday. I loved every bit of it, and that is why I wrote this article to help you decide if you are skeptical of tasting one.

What is a Starbucks cake pop?

Cake pops can simply be defined as a combination of a well-baked cake that has been crumbled into little fine pieces and a coating. Starbucks cake pops are compressed to form a round shape and then dressed with candy toppings. They are mostly meant to spice up occasions and events like birthdays.

How does Starbucks make its cake pop?

What are Starbucks cake pops?

Starbucks makes its cake pops from various ingredients depending on the type of cake pop. The cake pops are mainly prepared by getting cake crumbs from a well-baked cake, compressing them into a ball, and then frost-dipped them in candy coating. For example, the vanilla cake pop is a combination of vanilla buttercream and cake that is soaked in chocolaty icing. The unicorn is made of a vanilla cake shaped into a unicorn and soaked in confetti sprinkles.

What does a Starbucks cake pop taste like?

The ingredients used to make Starbucks cake pops blend so well to give these snacks a rich sweet taste. Additionally, the taste of Starbucks cake pops will vary depending on which one you ordered. For example, the vanilla cake pop tastes like cookie dough that is extremely sweet and balanced out by a subtle coffee taste. If you are a chocolate lover, you will love chocolate cake pops.

Nutritional information on Starbucks cake pops?

The nutritional information of Starbucks cake pops depends on the variation. However, the calorie range of all the cake pop offered at Starbucks range from 140 to 160. For example, the cookies and cream cake pop have 140 calories while the birthday cake pop has 160 calories. The unicorn cake pop has 150 calories, 160 calories for the owl cake pop, and 150 calories for the chocolate cake pop.

The birthday cake pop will give you 21 grams of total carbs, 16 grams of sugars, 8 grams of total fats, 2 grams of proteins, and 10 mg of cholesterol. These values are almost the same for all the cake pops.

Final thoughts

To conclude, Starbucks cake pops are extremely sweet snacks or desserts to light up your mood or occasion. They are basically made of a well-baked cake that has been crumbled and compressed into a ball shape, then dipped in different coatings depending on the cake pop variation.

FAQ Section

How unhealthy is Starbucks cake pop?

Unfortunately, Starbucks cake pops have significantly high amounts of calories and sugars, making them unhealthy.

Where does Starbucks get its cake pops from?

Starbucks sources their cake pops from a company known as SROriginals, which changed to Steven Charles last year. The wide variety of cake pops Starbucks has been offering its customers since 2010 are from this company.

Are Starbucks cake pops vegan?

No, the Starbucks cake pops are not vegan as the portion of the cake used to make the cake pop and candy coating have animal products as ingredients. The cake is made of eggs and dairy milk, ruling the cake pop out of the vegan menu.

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