Are Starbucks cake pops raw? (Do Starbucks cake pops come premade? + more information)

If you’ve just bitten into a Starbucks cake pop for the first time, you’re probably wondering, “Are Starbucks cake pops raw?”

No. Starbucks cake pops are not raw. While the texture and moisture inside the cake pop might suggest otherwise, Starbucks cake pops are actually cooked. My niece recently had a Starbucks cake pop and yelled “Auntie, it’s raw!” as she spat it out. I wasn’t shocked by her reaction as I remember thinking I had bit into a raw piece of dough the first time I had one myself. However, after a lengthy chat with my barista, I got to understand the reason behind the moist and soft texture of Starbucks cake pops that’d make you think they’re raw. To learn more about this and the right consistency needed when making cake pops at home, keep reading.

Do Starbucks cake pops come premade?

Yes. Starbucks cake pops come premade. When you purchase them at the Starbucks store, they’re already cooked and ready to be eaten. Additionally, Starbucks also receives these cake pops premade from their supplier. The supplier is the one that makes these cake pops from scratch and delivers the finished, ready-to-eat product to the coffeehouse.

Are cake pops supposed to be raw?

Do Starbucks cake pops come premade?

No. Cake pops are not supposed to be raw and neither should they be consumed raw. Uncooked cake pops can have serious health problems. For instance, raw cake pops may be carrying food poisoning germs like Escherichia coli (E. coli). These germs are typically found in grain and then transferred to the flour during manufacturing. Even though grain is grounded and flour bleached, these processes cannot rid of these germs.

Additionally, eating raw cake pops means that you’re not only consuming contaminated raw flour, but also raw eggs. Uncooked eggs can also make you sick since they may be carrying food poisoning germs known as Salmonella. The only way to kill these food poisoning germs and guarantee a safe-to-eat cake pop is to cook or bake the cake pops.

Does Starbucks make cake pops fresh?

Although Starbucks cake pops are fresh and safe to eat, they are not made in-house. These cake pops are made and distributed to the coffeehouse by an outside supplier, known as the SROriginals, who have been the official suppliers since 2010.

What is the right consistency for cake pops when making them at home?

The right consistency for cake pops is soft but sturdy. You should have a fudge-like consistency. When you are rolling the cake pop balls, they should not squish and neither should they be too hard. You want a texture and consistency that you’ll be able to roll effortlessly.

For the cake pops’ coating, you need a flowy and slightly runny consistency. The coating should not be too thick. It should be able to nicely drizzle off the cake pop when dipping.

When your cake pops are ready, they should be soft, moist and spongy.


Are Starbucks cake pops cooked?

Starbucks cake pops are cooked. SROriginals delivers them when they are already cooked and ready to eat. The moist and soft inside of the cake pop that makes most people think they are raw, is due to the crushed cake and frosting mixture used to make the cake pop.

Can you have Starbucks cake pops while pregnant?

It is okay to eat Starbucks cake pops while pregnant, however, note that they are not healthy or nutritious. Having them once in a while to satisfy your cravings is okay, as they are simply cake with frosting and coating.

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