How much are cake pops Starbucks? (Why Are Cake Pops So Expensive + more information)

We have all been enticed by the eye-catching cake pops at Starbucks’ glass display. So, how much are cake pops at Starbucks?

A Starbucks cake pop costs around $1.95 to $3.50, depending on your location. These lollipop-shaped cakes have been my guilty pleasure for the longest time, and I can seem to detach myself from them. I love them in all possible flavors, and Starbucks does a wonderful job of ensuring that I have a variety. Lately, I noticed many people kept enquiring about the price of the cake pops for themselves or their little ones. I wrote this post to talk about their price, size, and how they are made. If you are already caught up in the cake pop web, keep reading to find out all about them.

How much does a dozen cake pops cost?

One cake pop is never enough, and it feels like a drop of water in a desert. A dozen of these sweet delicacies will cost you around $18, but you can get some at up to $30. The price depends on your location and the customizations of your cake pops. If you buy twelve cake pops at Starbucks, you will likely pay around $23.

How big should the cake pops be?

A cake pop size can be anywhere from a tablespoon-sized ball to a muffin size. The size solely depends on the baker’s preference and the customer’s needs. Starbucks makes cake pops that are a bit-sized and mostly weigh 38g. They are made small to reduce their weight as they are supported by the stick. Making them too big can make them fall off and ruin the pop feature. The cake pops at Starbucks come in the same size but with different flavors and colors.

Can You Buy Starbucks Cake Pops in Bulk

Why Are Cake Pops So Expensive

Yes, you can. Starbucks cake pops are not made in-house and can be ordered in bulk. The bulk price will depend on the cake pop type and the customization available. I recently bumped into a woman who ordered 100 cake pops. The efficient baristas asked her to wait for a while as the cake pops get ordered. I also know that bulk orders like the lady’s get discounts from the coffee chain. So, the next time you are planning a party for your little ones, or your kids at heart friends, you can rely on Starbucks for bulk orders.

Why are Cake Pops So Expensive?

Some people might find the cake pops expensive compared to their sizes. Several factors contribute to the price of these little pieces of pure joy. First, they take time to make, especially all the decorations. Secondly, the little pops use some pricy ingredients to make. Thirdly, Starbuck advertises aggressively and this costs money. These factors come into play to make these tiny cakes delicious. The satisfaction in the taste makes these products worth every penny.

How does Starbucks make its cake pops?

Starbucks makes its cake pops by combining various cake flavors with frosting and chocolate or candy and serving them on sticks. The cakes are made with vanilla and all the cake ingredients that cakes are made of. The cake crumble is made soft to easily roll on the stick and then dipped in frost or chocolate and decorated.


What Is The Cheapest Cake Pop At Starbucks?

The cheapest cake pop at Starbucks costs $1.95.

How Much Sugar is in a Starbucks Pop Cake?

Starbucks birthday cake pops have 18g of sugar.

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