What is Starbucks you are here mugs? (weight, material + more information)

Starbucks has a variety of merchandise, including cute mugs that are purchased as souvenirs. What is Starbucks you are here mug? Let’s find out.

The famous Starbucks you are here mugs are ceramic, microwavable mugs sold at online stores. I love to collect the Starbucks you are here mugs when I visit a new city. My friends cannot stop obsessing over my collection and often wonder how I get them. I have friends who, before visiting my house, did not know that such mugs existed, and I am here to talk about these cute souvenirs. By the end of this read, you will learn all about the mugs, their appearance, weight, and their cost, so keep reading.

How much does a Starbucks you are here mug weigh

The Starbucks mugs are 14 fluid ounces in capacity and weigh 1.3 pounds. The weight is due to the material the ceramic material. This is the standard size for most tea and coffee mugs, but some are larger than this. However, the Starbucks ones come in 1.3 pounds or 590 grams.

What material is the Starbucks you are here mugs?

Starbucks you are here mugs are made of ceramic. This material is popular for microwavable mugs as the contents in the mugs get hot while the outer remains cold. Ceramics is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and hard. This makes it a favorite for hot drinks as you will not be at risk of suffering from burns as you sip on your favorite drink.

What are the dimensions of the Starbucks you are here mugs?

What is Starbucks you are here mugs

This mug’s dimensions are 3.75 x 3.75 x 4 inches. This is standard for all you are here Starbucks mugs. The dimensions translate to height, width, and diameter. This is a little smaller than ordinary mugs, with a height of 4.5 inches.

Can I put the Starbucks you are here mugs in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can. These mugs are dishwasher-friendly and do not stand a chance of damage. This is vital information if you do not want to ruin your precious mugs. Some materials like insulated mugs, glass, plastic, and silver are not dishwasher-friendly. However, ceramic is cleanable in a dishwasher. For safety reasons, place the ceramics on the top dishwasher rack.

Can I microwave the Starbucks you are here mugs?

Yes, you can. These mugs are perfect for the microwave. However, Starbucks mugs with metal gilding should not be used in a microwave. The trick to checking the safety of a mug in a microwave is putting water and microwaving for 30 seconds. If the liquid is hotter than the mug, then your mug is safe for use. If the vice versa happens, your mug is not microwave-friendly. The Starbucks you are here mugs can be safely used in a microwave.

How much are the Starbucks you are here mugs (include a table showing the price of the mugs as listed on Amazon)?

Starbucks you are here mugs prices differ based on color and design. The prices are also different per city, as we will show you in the table below.



Starbucks you are here, Denver


Starbucks you are here, New York


Starbucks you are here, Washington


Starbucks you are here, London


Starbucks you are here, Lisbon


Starbucks you are here, Riyadh


Starbucks you are here, Jeddah


Starbucks you are here, Montreal



Do Starbucks still sell you are here mugs?

No, the coffee chain discontinued the mugs in 2018.

Can you buy Starbucks you are here mugs online?

Yes, leading online stores like Amazon and eBay sell genuine Starbucks you are here mugs.

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