Does Starbucks accept American Express, Amex Gold, Amex UK, or Sodexo (Paying for your Starbucks order + All you need to know)

A friend of mine recently used his American Express card in Starbucks UK but it did not work, the reason being there was a change in policy. Whenever she would put the card into the machine it would be taken and she would even enter her pin but at the end, she would be presented with a notification that the tender is not allowed.

My biggest concern, therefore, was that Starbucks stores accept the Amex UK, so why wouldn’t the retail outlets also accept the cards. Starbucks stores accept American Express, Amex Gold, Amex UK, and Sodexo, the below articles explore the modalities of using the different types of cards in Starbucks.

Does Starbucks take American Express?

using American Express, Amex Gold, Amex UK, or Sodexo to pay for Starbucks

The American Express card is accepted in many stores including Starbucks and it has been configured to be used in many different ways. For example, if you are using the card in-store at Starbucks, the barista might ask you to choose between the credit or debit option. If you settle with the credit option, you wouldn’t be required to use a pin to complete purchases in-store. And with regards to the terminal that you will be using, you can choose to either swipe or insert the card into the slot.

If you will be using the American Express card to make online purchases, you will have to input the details of your card as you check out, and this goes for your card number, its expiration date, and the 4 digit security code at the front part of your card.

There is also the option of Amex Express Checkout, where the eligible card members who have an online account are allowed to make purchases via the Amex Express checkout. The above can only be done with the participating online merchants and the in-participating merchant’s app. And all that the cardholder has to do is input their User ID and Password. The Merchants Checkout should then offer an Amex Express Checkout.

When using American Express, customers can also integrate it with their mobile phones and which then means that American Express Payments can be concluded using various digital wallets such as Samsung Pay, Android, and Apple pay.

Does Amex Gold work at Starbucks?

Yes, Amex Gold works at Starbucks and has been determined to be the best card for use by individuals who love to eat out. It also has the highest combined rewards rate currently available on US restaurant purchases. What’s more, is that the card has a $250 annual fee card which enables individuals to earn up to 4 points per dollar spent in restaurants.

Is the Sodexo card accepted in Starbucks?

Paying for your Starbucks using American Express, Amex Gold, Amex UK, or Sodexo

Yes, Sodexo serves Starbucks across the globe, it is a digitally secure pin-based card that can be easily activated on the online portal. There is nothing unique about this card as it works in the same manner as the normal credit and debit card. And to effectively exploit the full potential of the credit card, a pin must be generated, which should be unique and known to the owner only.

Can Starbucks take cash?

Yes, Starbucks takes cash, if you chose to use this option all you have to do is scan from the home screen of the Starbucks app. And if you will be paying in-store then you will only need to settle with the scan-only option. You will then proceed to scan the QR code presented on your phone’s screen and then pay with cash.

Do Starbucks take Amex UK?

Starbucks takes Amex UK, which is basically a credit and not a charge card. Amex UK is known to have a generous welcome bonus, and users are exempted from the annual fee in the first year. By Using the Amex UK card, users stand to earn valuable membership reward points.

Other Starbucks Accepted Payment Methods

Apple Pay- the advantage of using Apple pay is that the card can be used both in-store and in participating Starbucks locations. Starbucks customers can, therefore, use Apple Pay to reload their Starbucks cards via the Starbucks apps for iOS.

Bakkt App– the Bakkt App is another reliable source that individuals can use to reload their Starbucks card within the app.

PayPal- Starbucks offers comprehensive payment plans, so you never have a reason to miss out on your favorite meal, coffee, refresher, or smoothie. If you, therefore, wish to make payments at Starbucks you can reload your Starbucks card using PayPal this must, however, be done through the mobile app or at Starbuck’s official website.

But if you wish to pay directly from PayPal then you can simply integrate your PayPal app into your Starbucks app and pay directly when ordering through the Starbucks app or when paying in-store.

Starbucks Cards– Starbucks cards retail in interesting designs and have been configured to be loaded with different amounts ranging from $5-$500 or $10-$100. Notable is that the amounts can only be reloaded when purchased in-app. The Starbucks cards can be purchased from the Starbucks stores, either as Starbucks eGift, and online.

Credit or Debit Cards– Debit and Credit cards are among the most convenient ways of ordering drinks or food from Starbucks through the App. And to make the process even more convenient individuals are at liberty to save their credit or debit cards in the Starbucks app and then proceed to pay directly in the store or through the app. The Debit and Credit cards accepted at Starbucks are the Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Starbucks customers can also use Discover credit cards but what they must know is that these cards are only accepted in-store.

Google Pay- Google pay is also another reliable option that Starbucks customers can use to reload their cards and make the necessary payments at Starbucks. To successfully carry out this transaction individuals will have to reload their Starbucks cards through the Starbucks app for android. What’s more, is that Starbucks customers can use Google Pay separately from the Starbucks app to complete payments in participating Starbucks locations.

How to add money to the Starbucks card

Paying for your Starbucks order

While credit cards offer a more direct means of making payments after enjoying or when preparing to enjoy your favorite meal at Starbucks. There are different methods that you can adopt to load your Starbucks card with money, to facilitate seamless payments.

The Starbucks Card can therefore be reloaded by visiting the Starbucks card page, by visiting the participating Starbucks location, or through the Starbucks App for iPhone or Android.

How to add money to a Starbucks account?

If you are adding money from the android version of the Starbucks app, you will navigate to the “add money” and “pay in-store” floating buttons. The option that you will select is the pay in-store button, you will then navigate to the “Add Card” option.

Individuals using the iPhone version will notice that the layout is not similar to that of the android version and as such, they will first navigate to the “pay” option and then proceed to “manage” where they will find the “Add Card” feature.

Can you cash your Starbucks Card?

The cash in your Starbucks Card cannot be cashed, what you must, therefore, understand is that the dollar value in the Starbucks card is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. What’s more, is that the value on the Starbucks Card is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and neither has it been configured to earn interest.

Can I transfer the amount in my Starbucks Card to another?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the amount in your Starbucks card to another person starting from as little as $5. To successfully perform the above transaction, you will sign in to your Starbucks account and then select the manage option. And through the Starbucks app for either iPhone or Android, you will select the pay option and then navigate to the “manage,” feature.

How to reload money to the Starbucks app on your phone

Does Starbucks accept American Express, Amex Gold, Amex UK, or Sodexo

Starbucks offers to its clients the auto-reload option, under this option Starbucks clients are allowed to set an amount on their registered Starbucks card, which will reload automatically when the balance falls below the set amount.

Why can’t Starbucks reload with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has been determined to work with manual reloads and given that Apple Pay is integrated with a touch ID and must use authenticated fingerprint to allow payment. The Starbucks automated reloads will rarely work.


Can you use one for all vouchers at Starbucks?

While you can use, your one for all vouchers at different coffee shops Starbucks is definitely not one of them.

Can you buy Starbucks with a Target Gift Card?

Yes, you can definitely pay for a drink at a Target Starbucks using the Target Gift Card.

Can you load the Starbucks app with GCash?

Yes, you can load the Starbucks app with GCash.

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