Starbucks’ Coconut Milk? (Which coconut milk does Starbucks use + FAQs)

Coconut milk is the best option for vegans and those trying to eat healthily. What if you are a Starbucks lover yet want a healthier version of their drinks? Can you get coconut milk at Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks offers its customers coconut milk. However, the milk is not purely organic as it has several food additives, unlike natural Starbucks coconut milk a few months ago when I decided to transition to healthy eating. My friend, who is a fitness enthusiast, introduced me to Starbucks coconut milk, and let’s just say I’ve never regretted it.

Can I buy Starbucks coconut milk?

Yes, you can buy Starbucks coconut milk. Starbucks coconut milk has been available to its customers since 2015 and has attracted many fans. Though most of the ingredients in the Starbucks coconut milk have raised eyebrows as being controversial, Starbucks coconut milk is a certified option for vegans.

Is Starbucks coconut milk real organic coconut milk?

Which coconut milk does Starbucks use

No, Starbucks coconut milk is not purely organic coconut milk as it contains several emulsifiers and food additives. Natural and organic coconut milk is made from water and coconuts. The additives in Starbucks coconut milk include; coconut water concentrate, coconut cream, Tricalcium phosphate, cane sugar, sea salt, natural flavours, gellan gum, carrageenan, guar gum, and corn dextrin, and xanthan gum. And vitamin D2 and vitamin A. Though Starbucks milk is a blend, it contains natural ingredients too.

How many calories does Starbucks coconut milk have?

Starbucks coconut milk has 80 calories in an 8-oz. cup. However, Starbucks coconut milk might be healthy depending on the health benefits that you want. Coconut milk has many minerals and vitamins. It is a nutrient-rich nondairy, and hydrating milk substitute. The milk also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What coconut milk does Starbucks use?

Starbucks’ Coconut Milk?

The Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra Coconut milk. Starbucks listened to their customers and offered them this coconut milk as an alternative to dairy milk at an additional cost. However, many of their customers have raised eyebrows if the milk is organic coconut milk as it has many emulsifiers and food additives.

Final thoughts

If you are trying to eat clean or you are a vegan, Starbucks has got an option for you with their drinks made from coconut milk. Starbucks also offers coconut milk to their customers at an additional cost. However, coconut milk is not purely organic as it has several food additives and emulsifiers, unlike organic coconut milk, which is made from only water and coconuts.


What brand of milk does Starbucks use?

Starbucks gets their milk provided by a company called Dean Foods.

Where does Starbucks get its coconut milk from?

Starbucks gets the ingredients used to make their coconut milk from a tropical Indonesian island called Sumatra.

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