When Does Starbucks for Life end? (How long is Starbucks for Life? + More Information)

We all have a special affiliation with free stuff whether it’s food or clothes or anything that comes for free. Starbucks for life is the perfect example of a worthy free offer. So, when does Starbucks for life end?

Starbucks for life is a game held by participating Starbucks stores in the United States, Canada, and the UK. When I hear about something for life, I always imagined it is until death until I heard of the Starbucks for life game that lasts for 30 years. Why they called it ‘for life’ yet it lasts for 30 years is a topic for another day. Let’s focus on our topic for today. As mentioned, Starbucks for life is a seasonal game that is aimed at keeping things interesting by offering great prizes and bonuses to all participants. All customers over the age of 18 are eligible to play except the partners.

What does Starbucks for Life Mean?

Starbucks for life is a game reward that awards the winners 30 years of daily credit for a free food item or beverage. This reward is not inclusive of alcoholic drinks. The game comes during holidays and is played by registered rewards members. The registration is available on Starbucksforlife.com. A rewards card is issued after registration. This is the card that you are going to use to participate in the Starbucks game.

The winner of the game gets a daily credit on the eligible food or beverage. The daily credits expire daily. The game offers various prices to various levels of wins, but it’s called Starbucks for life as this is the grand prize. The game has 22 prizes to be won. The gifts range from free daily credits for three and six months, and bonus stars, to Starbucks for life.

What Happens when you win Starbucks for Life?

Starbucks for Life

When you win Starbucks for life, you are entitled to a qualifying free food item or beverage for 30 years. As we had mentioned, the drinks do not include alcoholic drinks. If you win when you are eighteen, Starbucks feeds you daily until you are 48 years old. It’s incredible, to say the least. This explains why people go crazy when it’s time to play Starbucks for life.

A Mega Latte costs around $83. If you multiply this by 365 days of the year, you get $30,295. If you take this figure and multiply it by 30 years, you get a cool $908850.

How Long Is Starbucks for life

The Starbucks for life grand prize is 30 years. Other smaller prizes are Starbucks for a year, six months, and three months. There are numerous instant prizes to be won. If you won this covetous prize, you will get a free drink or food item from Starbucks daily for the next 30 years. Your card will be awarded to you with your name engraved on it. The daily free items do not pile up, unfortunately.

Once you fail to pick up your item for the day, your daily credit expires at the end of that day. If you had imagined that you would probably wait and fail to pick up items daily so that they pile up and visit the Starbucks store with a trolley, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. You might want or rethink your strategy and pile the items up in your refrigerator.

How To Play and Win Starbucks for Life?

How long is Starbucks for Life?

You must register at Starbucksforlife.com to become a rewards member. You are then given a rewards card that you can use to purchase participating items. Once you are all in, the next step is to play the daily games. There are only two games available per day. The only way to earn your daily games is to make use of your rewards card by purchasing qualifying items. You can also earn extra games by completing Starbucks for life challenges. Each game gives you a chance for instant prizes that are redeemable immediately.

The odds of winning the ultimate prize are increased by playing multiple games. If you pick up three unique games for one Starbucks for life level, you advance to the next. Any three unique games earn you a prize before even advancing to the next level and are reflected in your rewards account. The more you advance, the closer you get to winning the ultimate prize. The beauty of this game is that most participants win something even if it’s a free coffee.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. This is everything you need to know to get your Starbucks for life. The next time the game returns, try it out, you never know.


Is Starbucks for Life game over?

Yes, it is. It closed on 3rd January 2022. It will return when Starbucks announces the next season.

What time does Starbucks for life reset?

The reset time is 12.01 am every day.


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