How Does Starbucks Brew Their Coffee? (What Brew Method Does Starbucks Use? +More Information)

It’s fascinating how Starbucks brew over a dozen varieties of coffee with every cup containing its uniqueness. So, how does Starbucks brew its coffee?

Starbucks coffee is brewed using coffee pressers, coffee brewers, immersion brewing, and pour-over methods. Starbucks uses four fundamental pillars in its brewing processes. The first one is a proper balance between coffee and water, then the choice of the best grind, use of quality water, and use of quality coffee. I have been one of the people who have always admired the quality of brewing at Starbucks. My curiosity led me to the Roastery and tasting room based in Seattle. The brewing finesse in this place is out of this world. I was especially fascinated by the keenness in every step of the brewing process. The Starbucks brewing process is the epitome of excellence.

What Brew Methods Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses some of the traditional methods of brewing. It uses immersion brewing, coffee press, coffee brewer, and pour-over brewing methods of brewing. The immersion brewing method is done by soaking coffee grounds in water for some time. This method is aimed at producing a rich, well-balanced flavor. It has been used for centuries as an efficient way to produce high-quality and tasty coffee. The time that the coffee is soaked allows the water to extract a strong and delicious flavor.

The pour-over method is simply pouring water directly onto the grounds in slow circular motions using a cone-shaped filter. The slow-motion allows for the build-up and flavoring of the coffee. This is what comprises a typical coffee pot. Starbucks introduced this method to enable its baristas to serve coffee faster and more efficiently.

The third option is the use of a coffee press. This is one of the most basic ways of making coffee. It also preserves the flavors of natural coffee. The traditional coffee press is made with a metal mesh without a paper filter. This preserves the natural oils of the coffee giving it a burst of flavor. The thickness and richness of the consistency are what I would refer to as the ultimate Starbucks quality. With the coffee press, consider choosing a coarse grind.

Finally, let’s look at the coffee brewer. This is the fastest and easiest brewing method there is. The coffee brewer is automatic and programmed. With the pressing of a button, you have a Starbucks cup of coffee at your disposal. The best grind to use here is a medium course. You can look for a grind that resembles sea salt in texture.

How Does Starbucks Make Such Strong Coffee?

Brew Method used by Starbucks

Starbucks uses all the above-mentioned methods to make strong coffee. They also prefer to use the darkest roasts for a strong, distinct taste. All the techniques mentioned above use a variety of roasts to bring out a distinct and strong flavor in each brew. The most commonly used roast is the Veranda Blend. It brings out the perfect taste in a pour-over, a coffee press, or a coffee brewer. In all of these methods, Starbucks uses the four fundamentals in every brewing to make such strong coffee. Let’s explore some of the Starbucks’ most treasured secrets.


The universal rule for any coffee brewing process is two tablespoons of coffee over 180 milliliters of coffee. This balance prevents a bitter, over-extracted outcome in case of reducing the grounds. On the other hand, too much ground results in an over-extracted blend. This brewing art is the defining factor in any coffee outcome.


Starbucks Brew Method

The grind must be perfect to bring out the best coffee. A finely ground grind results in a bitter taste as it traps water. On the flip side, an overly coarse grind results in an unpleasant and flat taste. A coffee house of Starbucks’ caliber cannot afford to make such a mistake. It thrives on perfection and getting things right. This could be a confusing trick if you are trying to brew a Starbucks coffee at home. The way around this step is to err on the course side. The coffee press is the best machine to use at the point, and its best used with coarse coffee. The key is to make sure that the coarseness is balanced.


This being the main ingredient is the ultimate determiner of the end product. Did you know that coffee should be stored in an airtight container away from oxygen and moisture? Never attempt to refrigerate or freeze coffee. The moisture that comes in these conditions is coffee’s worst enemy. Always store your coffee at room temperature to maintain its freshness. The only way around a daily fresh cup of coffee is freshly ground coffee beans. It might sound tedious to grind at every coffee cup, but the results are always worth the while.


Coffee contains 98% amount of water. This means that water is equally as useful as the coffee itself. You should know that coffee is not just made with any type of water. The water quality directly affects the end taste. So, what type of water should you use? Only use fresh, clean, and filtered water. Any impurities in the water will give you a completely different taste than what you were aiming for. Steer clear from well-water. This type of water is not coffee-friendly as it contains too many impurities.

What Temperature Does Starbucks Brew Its Coffee?

What Brew Method Does Starbucks Use?

The water’s heating level is also another factor to carefully consider. The water should be heated to boiling point. This translates to around 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose to use water that is cooler than this, the flavor will likely be altered. You will only get a dull aroma and a muted, flat flavor. Always ensure that the temperature of your water is right. The little details in the coffee brewing process make the most difference. At Starbucks, coffee temperatures rise to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This is best for coffee only. Other drinks like tea are not made at such high temperatures.

When ordering a drink at Starbucks, it is possible to specify the temperature that you want. A customer might order an espresso as extra hot. The steamed milk is heated by the espresso machines to temperatures above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. A normal espresso is heated to a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Starbucks also customizes the temperature for children. They brew the coffee to130 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Does Starbuck Serve Coffee at Such High Temperature?

You might be wondering how the baristas and the customers handle coffee that is this hot. If you have been to Starbucks, you might have noticed that some of the drinks are served with a double cup. This is because of the hot temperature. Other moderate-temperature drinks are served with a single cup as it is enough to insulate drinks that aren’t too hot. This begs the question, why would anybody want coffee to be heated to that temperature? Is it possible to drink coffee at 180 degrees Fahrenheit?

The only reason that somebody would ask for this kind of order is that they intend to drink it at a later time. This means that the coffee will still be hot when they are ready to drink. If you are heading to the office and it’s far from your Starbucks store, it is a great idea to order extra hot coffee to compensate for the time you will require commuting. You will still enjoy s decent cup of hot coffee. It is not humanly possible to drink coffee at such high temperatures unless one is looking to get third-degree burns. If you are not a fan of very hot coffee, you can order for the children’s temperature.


Starbucks has served its coffee in America and around the world for many years. Their brewing finesse has made them the market leaders in the coffee industry. A Starbucks coffee is brewed using some of the known traditional methods, but with more keenness and better techniques. The Starbucks methods of brewing coffee all meet the set standards set by the National Coffee-brewing association. The pour-over method was recently introduced to Starbucks as a way to eliminate delays. This method helps a barista prepare a coffee pot quickly when they have run out of coffee pots. Starbucks is also known to use the highest standards of coffee grounds. This makes their coffee distinct and tasty all the time.

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks manufacture its own coffee?

Yes, it does. The Augusta Soluble Coffee plant is owned by Starbucks and it manufactures different flavors and products for Starbucks.

Has Starbucks ever been sued for serving too hot coffee?

Yes, there have been numerous lawsuits against Starbucks from people who have suffered severe burns from their hot coffee.

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