3 Best Starbucks Coffee To Drink Black (Starbucks Black Coffee Drinks You Won’t Want To Miss + More Information)

Are you lactose intolerant or simply a fan of black coffee? Then check out this list of the best Starbucks coffees you can drink black.

I was introduced to black coffee after meeting my husband. Before that, I couldn’t imagine having my Starbucks coffee without any milk or sweetener.

I used to think that black coffee was bitter and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. My husband, however, introduced me to some great Starbucks coffee options I could take in black and to my surprise I loved them.

Given our newfound shared love for coffee, we decided to compile a list of the best Starbucks Coffee you can drink black and enjoy. Read on to find out more.

Does Starbucks Have Black Coffee?

Starbucks Black Coffee Drinks You Won’t Want To Miss
Starbucks Have Black Coffee options. Source: Starbucks

Yes, Starbucks does indeed offer a black coffee option. Black coffee simply means having coffee with no additions, that is, no milk added sugar or sweeteners.

At Starbucks, there are a variety of options including espresso and several Starbucks coffee blends that come in three varieties, blonde, medium, and dark roast.

You can also have your black coffee brewed hot or cold at Starbucks.

How Do I Order a Black Coffee at Starbucks?

Ordering black coffee is perhaps the simplest thing to do at Starbucks. You just have to choose the type of roast you want and ask them to serve it black, or in other words plain.

Also, like for all other Starbucks drink orders, you need to specify the size of the coffee and whether it’s a takeaway or not.

How We Choose The Best Starbucks Coffee To Drink Black.

While my husband and I were compiling this list, there were two main factors we considered in deciding on the best Black coffee drinks. Those two factors are:

  • Taste – As I mentioned before, I always believed that black coffee would be an unbearably bitter option to try. But you’ll be surprised to find that the recommendations included here have a well-balanced flavor and unique tastes that you’ll enjoy.
  • Variety – we know that tastes and preferences may differ which is why we wanted this list to contain the best options of everything, in terms of the type of roast, the best blends, and hot and cold options.

3 Best Starbucks Coffee To Drink Black

Hot Brewed Black Coffee.

Starbucks Coffee To Drink Black
Starbucks Coffee To Drink Black. Source: Starbucks

This is one way of enjoying your Starbucks coffee black. Hot brewed coffee simply means that the coffee was brewed with hot water served plain with no added milk, sugar, or sweetener, among other additions.

Usually, at Starbucks, this is the drink a Barista will serve you if you were to ask for brewed coffee without any other specifications or modifications. You can also specify that you want your coffee black or plain.

Across most Starbucks locations, you will find that they use the signature Pike Place medium roast blend, that’s become a favorite for many, to make their hot brewed coffee.

We love Pike Place roast because it’s the perfect balance of everything. It’s not bitter has little to no acidity, and sweet toasted nuts and chocolate tasting notes that linger with every sip. I can comfortably take this blend brewed with no sugar.

But you can also specify the type of coffee blend you would like the barista to use for your black coffee. If you prefer something bolder and don’t mind the bitterness, then you can opt for a darker roast blend. Our favorite dark roast option is the Caffe Verona blend.

It has full-body, rich, and bold flavors without being overwhelmingly bitter. We also enjoy the chocolate taste notes it offers, which make you feel like you are having a cup of hot chocolate but with the energizing effect of coffee.

You can also ask for a blonde roast blend if you want black coffee that is mellow and softer on your palates. They have a higher acidity but they are sweeter compared to dark roast.

Our top choice would be Veranda blonde roast blend. It’s is sweet with unique hints of malt and baked chocolate. We also love that it’s mellow but rich in flavor.

And if you aren’t in the mood for a hot drink, then you can ask the barista to serve your preferred blend of hot brewed black coffee as iced. They will simply serve it over ice for you.

Cold Brew Black Coffee.

Starbucks Black Coffee Drinks
Cold Brew Black Coffee. Source: Starbucks

Unlike hot brewed black coffee, the cold brew is made using cold water instead and has a longer extraction process. It involves steeping the coffee beans in cold water for 20-48 hours to come up with the cold brew concentrate.

Unlike hot brewing, cold brewing uses time instead of heat to extract the coffee flavor. The resulting concentrate is what is used to make your cold brew black coffee.

The cold brew black coffee has no extra additions either. No milk, cream, added sugar, syrup, and so on. The concentrate is topped off with cold water and maybe some ice.

The difference between a cold brew black coffee and iced black coffee is that the latter is a hot brewed coffee that has been refrigerated to cool it down and served over ice.

Because of the lengthier process of extraction, cold brews at Starbucks tend to be sweeter than hot brews. It is also less acidic by 66%. That is why I enjoy the cold brews more.

The particular blend Starbucks uses for its cold brews is not clear. But there are speculations from coffee experts that it could be a medium-dark roast blend of Arabica coffee beans from Latin America and/or Africa.

Espresso shots.

Starbucks Coffee To Drink Black
Espresso shots. Source: Starbucks

Aside from brewed coffee, espresso shots at Starbucks can also be taken as black coffee. Just ask the barista to serve the espresso with plain hot water and no other additions, for a hot espresso.

Alternatively, if you are in the mood for something colder, you can have a cold-pressed espresso, that is made with cold water instead of cold water.

I thought that Starbucks espresso would be unbearable but I was happily surprised to find it has a natural sweetness to it with delicious hints of caramel.

Informative Section.

What is in Starbucks Hot Brewed Black Coffee?

A Starbucks hot brewed black coffee simply entails coffee concentrate that was extracted using hot water, served plain with hot water, and with no other additions like milk or sugar.

What is in Starbucks Cold Brew Black Coffee?

A Starbucks cold brew black coffee is made up of a coffee concentrate that was extracted from steeping coffee beans in cold water for long hours and topped with cold water and served over ice.

What is in Starbucks Espresso?

A Starbucks espresso simply entails shots of espresso served in hot water with no additions like milk or sugar.

Which is the best brew among Starbucks Black Coffees?

Cold-brew is regarded as the best because it is sweeter, and has lesser acidity by 66%, thanks to its longer extraction process that doesn’t use heat.

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