8 Best Starbucks drinks for Picky eaters (What drinks should I try at Starbucks? I’m a very peaky eater + All you need to know)

One reason why Starbucks is the number one coffee shop is that it has something for everyone. Read on for the best Starbucks drinks for picky eaters.

As a picky eater, I was always reluctant to try out Starbucks drinks. I can’t remember the number of times I waited outside when my friends picked up their orders. That however changed when I tasted one of my friend’s drinks. Trust me, it was after a lot of persuasions. Let’s just say I loved it! For this reason, I did research and decided to create this post to help any picky eater find the best drink at Starbucks.

Who is a peaky eater?

A picky eater is anyone who is selective about what they eat. They often reject a substantial amount of foods and consume inadequate variety.

Does Starbucks have options for people with nut allergies?

Yes, though the company does not have a corporate policy for the accommodation of customers with allergies, you can always find a drink that does not trigger your nut allergy. You only need to check with the baristas just to be sure.

Can I find keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks?

What drinks should I try at Starbucks? I’m a very peaky eater

Yes, you can. Starbucks has faced backlash in the past years that has led to it adjusting its menu to serve everyone. You can be certain that you will find a keto-friendly drink whenever you want. All you need to do is watch your inclusions and ask the baristas or search through the company’s website to be sure of your order.

Are there vegan drinks at Starbucks?

Yes, there are. Most Starbucks drinks are vegan. They only cease to be when you add an animal-derived ingredient. So, as long as you stick to the base order and vegan ingredients you will fully enjoy a vegan experience at Starbucks.

How to find healthy options at Starbucks?

The key is to avoid getting any fancy with your order. Starbucks also gives you information on every drink’s calories and ingredients. This makes it easier for you to decide which drink is healthy for you.

What do I order if I don’t want a strong coffee taste?

If you like coffee but don’t fancy its overpowering taste you can have refreshers, vanilla latte, and caramel cappuccino. These are among the drinks that have coffee but don’t taste much like it.

How we choose the best Starbucks drinks for picky eaters.

The products were chosen based on how several picky eaters responded to them. We asked those who had previously not shown interest to try them out and sampled the products that had gotten the highest positive response. We used this criterion with the interest of picky eaters in mind and because it was the best way to not get lured by what everyone considered the best. We took our time to access the customers’ reviews on each product. You can trust this post because it has taken into account the feedback received from those who tried them and the ingredients they contain.

8 Best Starbucks drinks for picky eaters

As a picky eater, I know how scary trying out a new drink can be. That is why you need to start with something that is not so new to the customers. The trick is to avoid the fancy drink that is mostly on the secret menu. Here are some of the best drinks for picky eaters.

Caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino

Drinks to at Starbucks? I’m a very peaky eater

This drink is a great way to keep you in your comfort zone with just a simple twist. You don’t want to immediately hop on something completely different. This cold treat gets you there one step at a time. The espresso flavor is just the light touch of coffee that you need then the blend of whipped cream and caramel sweetens the drink smoothly.

It has great texture and flavor. You also get to enjoy the crunch. A cup of Caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino has the right balance of taste and ingredients that ushers you gently into the Starbucks world.

Pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice latte

It might seem like a bold choice but this is just what you need when everyone is having their fancy holiday treat. It makes you blend in just enough but also allows you to enjoy your usual tastes. Pumpkin spice latte is spicy, creamy, and delicious. Instead of having base drinks you can order this drink and customize it to suit you. That is another beauty you get to experience only at Starbucks.

It is a drink for the fall and therefore is the perfect escape from your usual diet. It also has a warm touch to it and a single sip a bound to melt your heart and have you yearning for more.

Vanilla latte

Best Starbucks drinks for Picky eaters

Starbucks knows how to play around with simple ingredients to give you exactly what you need. This drink is made with the simple flavors that you taste in normal foods. The flavors in this drink are basic which makes it the best choice. They blend to give you a unique taste. As you take it you taste the vanilla flavor from the syrup which is not too overwhelming.

This drink is made with steamed milk but if it is not your favorite you can order it with soy milk. The espresso in it also keeps the taste of coffee subtle. If you enjoy the taste of vanilla then this is the best Starbucks drink to go for.

Caramel macchiato

Caramel macchiato

As a peaky eater, you want something that you can easily customize to your taste. This drink is made with caramel which is one of Starbucks’ popular flavors. This automatically means that you won’t miss out on the experience. It has high caffeine and low calories which means it is ideal for waking you up. You won’t have to get something that is

You also get to enjoy the sweetness of caramel drizzle. If you want what is unique but still within your comfort zone then this is it.

Peppermint mocha

Peppermint mocha

Your holidays are sorted with this drink. It has the perfect ingredients to give you a step up from your normal diet. The espresso shots give you the right amount of caffeine and you also get a taste of sweet chocolate curls. You can regulate the number of pumps of whipped cream and peppermint syrup that go into your cup.

Peppermint mocha introduces you gently to the world of Starbucks. It will quickly become your number one holiday drink.

Iced green tea lemonade

Top Starbucks drinks for Picky eaters

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this iconic blend. Lemonade and the iconic Starbucks tea in one cup are just what you need to take you from the regular tea. This drink is easy to love because there is nothing to hate about it. It is the right type of tasty and completely serves its purpose. If you are unwilling to try other Starbucks refreshers but you love green tea then this is it. It is a good start to trying out other Starbucks refreshers.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew

This drink had a subtle sweetness and the blend of the cold brew and vanilla sweet cream makes the coffee velvety. It tastes like any other cold brew but with a twist. It gets smooth and creamy even without the cream. The vanilla flavor is not completely new and that makes your drink a lot easier to take. The taste of the sweet cream blends nicely with the strong coffee taste to give you a fair and subtle taste.

Strawberry Açai refresher

 Starbucks drinks for Picky eaters

Starbucks refreshers are a whole other type of experience. While you can debate which drink to take on a chilly morning or cozy evening, the refreshers will be a certain necessity when summer kicks in.

Strawberry Açai refresher has a nostalgic flavor that will keep you hooked to it till the last sip. It is made with simple ingredients; mostly fresh fruits. This is what makes it perfect for a picky it. There is no foreign taste and taking it makes you feel comfortable and at home. It is also not so new since it is almost everyone’s favorite.

Informative Section

What is the best Starbucks drink for non-coffee drinkers?

Matcha Green Tea Latte. Not drinking coffee does not mean missing out on the Starbucks experience. This foamy drink has a smooth texture and a simple earthy taste.

What should I get my first time at Starbucks as a picky eater?

Vanilla latte. You don’t want to dive right into the complex and exaggerated drinks that will overwhelm you. This drink is simple and has just the right inclusions so it doesn’t necessarily make you bored like would a base order.

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