11 Best Starbucks drinks for nausea (Starbucks Drinks That Help Relieve Nausea Quickly + More information)

Have you ever thought that a drink from Starbucks can cure your inclination to vomit? Whether you answered No or yes to that, this article will educate you on the “Best Starbucks drinks for nausea”.

Almost a year ago, as an addict to the beverages that Starbucks offers, the only thing that could ever stop me from enjoying my favorites from the store was nausea.

I am not a huge fan of medications so drowning tabs under my throat has never been my flex. For this reason, I stayed without eating or drinking anything until I am relieved.

It was so devastating. I tried homemade recipes and concoctions with the hope of relief but nothing seemed to work.

About a year ago, however, I discovered drinks from Starbucks that would work both ways as a reliever from nausea and a sip for leisure. Two birds rocked with the same stone.

The best Starbucks drinks for nausea include the store’s beverages constituting ingredients that would revert the nauseated feeling. At Starbucks, the drinks are famously known to be able to aid this including but are not limited to iced golden ginger, Coconut Lime refresher, Starbucks green tea, purple drink with coconut milk, and sunset refresher.

Does Starbucks have a drink for an upset stomach?

Yes. As much as they can be several, the unsweetened iced green tea is famously known to have the ability to cure an upset stomach. The Mint and lemon grass used as ingredients in its brewing have the medical ability to soothe the stomach.

Mint will leave a frosted feeling in the mouth as well, guaranteeing fresh breath after.

What Starbucks drink is easy on the stomach?

If you enjoy lattes but your stomach cannot stand any slight alterations, the Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks should be your resort.

Even better if you order it with coconut milk. The coconut milk blends perfectly with the spicy nature of this latte making it a perfect soft drink on the stomach.

Being closer to what a smoothie would give, it’s easily digestible.

What is the Medicine Ball at Starbucks?

Starbucks Drinks That Help Relieve Nausea Quickly

Medicine Ball is Starbucks’ antidote to every illness that roots in flu and conditions brought by cold weather conditions. That includes sore throats and sniffles.

On the Starbucks menu, this drink is denoted as Honey Citrus Mint Tea. It contains Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade, and a hint of honey.

Inspired by this drink, Starbucks introduced a drink called Citrus Defender.

How we choose the Best Starbucks drinks for nausea

The drinks featured in this list were chosen and graded on specific medically-based criteria. These criteria enable us to safely come to a conclusive judgement on the safety of Starbucks drinks to its consumers with health complications.

When it comes to nausea, we put into consideration the main causes of nausea, then sample Starbucks drinks without the identified components but with additives that aid to stop nausea.

The most important feature of any Starbucks drink intended to relieve nausea is the ingredient used in brewing it. Foods less in fat and spices would quickly relieve a vomiting symptom.

When it comes to food types and nutrients, the following have a higher chance of relieving nausea quickly.

  • FiberSour ingredients and flavors
  • High proteins

At Starbucks, the main nutrient components used in brewing their signature drinks include;

  • Fats: saturated and unsaturated
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates including sugar
  • Cholesterol

However, some exceptions make some Starbucks drinks stand out as antidotes and relieving medicines. They may not be as nutritionally rich, but the nature of the ingredients used makes them best for nausea.

In sampling these drinks, it is important to also note that, some drinks May have instant relieving mechanisms while others may take a while.

Depending on the amount of time it takes for the Starbucks drink to revert nausea, this ranking has been done.

Best Starbucks drinks for nausea

Iced Golden Ginger Drink

Starbucks Drinksfor Nausea

This is the best drink you will have as a reliever for that nausea or nasty hangover you cannot get over. It contains ginger and turmeric.

Additionally, the flavors of pineapple and coconut milk in the beverage make it the best choice for a long-lasting refreshing feeling after ingestion.

When ordering an iced golden ginger drink, ask for a “grande iced golden drink with light ice”.

Evolution Fresh Green Devotion

Evolution Fresh Green Devotion

Affected by nausea, you will most definitely need something to take quick and be on the go. If you don’t have enough time to brew your reliever, evolution fresh comes in handy.

The green devotion especially. Made from a concoction of cucumber, kale, organic celery, and spinach, it is a healthy pick for a nausea escape.

At the Starbucks store, order a “Green devotion evolution fresh”. Alternatively, you can just pick it up from the Starbucks fridge at the store.

Coconut Lime Refresher

Starbucks Drinks to Relieve Nausea Quickly

This is the simplest of them all. Containing only coconut milk and refreshing lime juice. The sour-sweet taste quickly rehabilitates nausea before you know it.

When ordering, be sure to ask for a “Cool lime refresher with coconut milk instead of water“. You can also ask for extra lime slices.

Purple Drink with Coconut Milk

Purple Drink with Coconut Milk

Found in the Starbucks secret menu, it comes with passion iced tea, coconut milk, and a scoop of blackberries. The mixture of flavors in the drink makes it a perfect pick for a nauseated individual.

At Starbucks, you can ask for a “grande of Passion Iced tea, coconut milk, and blackberries”.

Secret Sunset Refresher

Starbucks Drinks - Relieve Nausea Quickly

This Starbucks drink tastes something closer to Gatorade. It is however enhanced with Lime, lemonade, drops of lime slices, and topped up with black tea and ice. A Magical reliever.

Ask for a “cool lime refresher to the first line, lemonade to the second line, lime and topped with black tea and ice” when ordering from Starbucks.

Coconut Milk Iced Coffee

Coconut Milk Iced Coffee

Still powering you up with caffeine, the coconut milk iced coffee will curb your nauseated feelings. The cold coconut milk qualifies as a cold shower for your mouth.

It awakens you from your ill feelings. Be sure to ask for “an iced coffee, extra ice with coconut milk”.

Secret Orange Drink

Secret Orange Drink

Found in the Starbucks secret menu, it has zero caffeine. The orange drink should be your go-to drink for a permanent escape from nausea. It leaves you hydrated and ready for any day’s activity.

Be specific about ordering the drink from Starbucks. Ask for an “orange mango juice with vanilla powder and coconut milk”.

Secret Pink Drink

Starbucks Drinks That Help Relieve Nausea Quickly

Any combination of strawberries and coconut milk will fix almost anything, nausea included. Physically, it has a nice aesthetic look, which is a bonus.

Order a “Strawberry acai refresher, coconut milk, and a scoop of strawberries“.

Secret Lava Flow Refresher

Secret Lava Flow Refresher

The lava flow refresher is caffeinated. This means that besides enjoying the texture that gets you off your nausea, it picks you up from your hungover too. It is loaded with fruity flavors that give it a blend of rich tastes.

When ordering this drink from Starbucks, ask for an “iced passion lemonade, strawberry juice with orange mango floating on top”.

Secret Green Drink

Secret Green Drink

This is a highly concentrated macha that boasts of having antioxidants that additionally relieve hangovers. It is so concentrated that it relieves nausea in a matter of minutes after consumption.

Starbucks orders it as an “iced black tea, macha powder, and coconut milk”.

Informative Section

What should I get at Starbucks when sick?

A medicine ball from Starbucks will cure a range of ill feelings. It Contains Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, steamed lemonade, and honey. This drink is known to be a booster of your immune system.

How do I order a Medicine Ball at Starbucks?

A medicine ball can be ordered at the Starbucks drive-thru or in-store. In making the order, be specific about your specifications and preferences.

You can ask for a “grande Honey citrus mint tea”. Note that you can also use the Starbucks app to order this medicinal beverage.

How do you order a Medicine Ball with the Starbucks app?

After opening the Starbucks app with the location-enabled to get stores closer to you, Tap the “order” icon at the bottom of the screen, then customize your medicine ball.

On the app, Medicine ball is listed under the honey citrus mint on the hot teas in the green tea section. Your customization should read “Honey Citrus Mint Tea”.

Did Starbucks discontinue the Medicine Ball?

No, they did not. Starbucks still has the medicine ball on its menu. Additionally, they introduced a new drink inspired by the medicine ball.

The drink is called Citrus Defender.

How much is a medicine ball at Starbucks

A grande of medicine ball at Starbucks would cost you an amount of between $3 – $3.50.

Do Starbucks medicine balls work

The Starbucks medicine ball is proven to ward off illnesses that are caused during the cold seasons including Sore throat sniffles and likewise ailments. So far, it has been proven to cure light cold weather conditions.

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