5 Best Starbucks drink for intermittent fasting (Starbucks Drinks that won’t Break your Fast + More information)

Whether you are on a fast or your eating window, Starbucks has something that will not interfere with your IF diet. Let’s look at the best Starbucks drink for intermittent fasting.

When I’m fasting, I like to hydrate while taking care not to break my fast. One of the safest drinks currently is black Americano with no sweeteners. I like this one as it gives me a boost of energy without interfering with my fast. I noticed that many IFers as those on intermittent fasting are commonly called, struggle with the Starbucks menu. I have listed some great options below to keep you going. You will learn about the best drinks for Intermittent fasting.

What can I drink from Starbucks while intermittent fasting?

You can only drink anything that will not break your fast. This means zero carbohydrates and less than 30 calories. Stick to black coffees and plain green teas without any additives.

Can you drink Starbucks while intermittent fasting?

Yes, you can. It all comes down to which specific Starbucks you intend to take. Some of your options are iced green tea, Americanos with no sugar or milk, iced black tea, English breakfast, Earl Grey, and Emperor’s Cloud and Mist.

Starbucks drink for intermittent fasting

What should I order at Starbucks on a diet?

Anything that is below 50 calories is fine. When on the eating window, restrict your meals to low carbs, moderate protein, and high fat. The goal is to switch the body from relying on sugar as its primary source of energy to fats.

How do I order a healthy Starbucks drink when fasting?

The easiest way is to know the content of the drink first. A black Americano has only espresso and water which makes it a low-calorie drink. If you want teas, order plain teas with water and no other additives.

How we choose the Best Starbucks drink for intermittent fasting

Our products have been chosen based on the guidelines of Dr. Jason Fung who is commonly known as the fasting guru. This nephrologist has written a best-seller on intermittent fasting and its dos and don’ts. With these guidelines, you can trust that we have only picked these drinks based on facts that have been proven to work.

5 Best Starbucks Drink for Intermittent Fasting





Caffe Americano



Iced Green Tea



Earl Grey Tea



Emperor’s cloud and mist



Mint Majesty


Caffe Americano

Starbucks Drinks that won’t Break your Fast

This is simply espresso and water. This drink gives you only 15 calories and it is unlikely that it will break your fast. Do not fall into the temptation of trying to sweeten it. Any sugar will break your fast in the blink of an eye. This is the best fasting drink due to the caffeine boost in the espresso. A Grande will give you a boost of 225mg. With this in your system, you will barely feel any hunger pangs. However, it is advisable to limit your caffeine intake to avoid other health repercussions. Caffeine intake should not exceed 400mg per day.

Iced Green Tea

Starbucks Drinks

This is a great alternative to coffee for those who want something different. Green tea is healthy and safe for fasting. In Dr. Fung’s book, this is one of the options given when in a fast without breaking it. It will also interest you to know that this drink is zero calories. No amount of green tea will break your fast and you will enjoy a moderate caffeine boost of 25mg per Grande serving. Intermittent fasting does not have to be boring and too sacrificial. A cup of green tea is a great way to hydrate and keep your body in ketosis.

Earl Grey Tea

Starbucks Drinks that won’t Break your Fast

Starbucks uses this strong black tea base and water to give you a zero-calorie cup of goodness. The best part is that it is flavored and great for those who feel nauseous when taking plain black coffee. The floral lavender notes will massage your fasted palate and give you great satisfaction without interfering with your fast. The Teavana Earl Grey has 80mg of caffeine in a Venti and it’s great for energy. You will likely be going on with your daily activities even when fasting and you will need this energy along with what the body is generating from the stored fats in your body.

Emperor’s cloud and Mist

Starbucks drink for intermittent fasting

This is another zero-calorie drink at Starbucks. This soft and smoky green tea flavor will have a great taste and give you no calories. I know most IFers hate the taste of plain black coffee on an empty stomach and would rather have tea. This is a great alternative and has 16mg of caffeine for a tall. You will have zero chances of nausea as it is mildly flavored. The purpose of drinking while fasting is to keep hydrated and refreshed without taking any food.

Mint Majesty

Best Starbucks drink for intermittent fasting

This is a caffeine-free and calorie-free drink. The mint majesty tea is made with herbal tea. You will pick up mint flavors and hints of lemon verbena. These flavors will give you an illusion of a full stomach and you will keep going until your eating period comes. Intermittent fasting can be fun with some flavor and since it’s a way of life, a little sweetness here and there is harmless.

Final Thoughts

Intermittent fasting allows one to drink and eat whatever they want if it is a low-carb moderate protein or high fat. You can kiss your beloved Frappuccino and latte goodbye while on a fast. However, you can still enjoy a latte in your eating window.

Informative Section

Will Starbucks Nitro cold brew break my fast?

No, it won’t. You can safely drink it while fasting.

What are zero calories at Starbucks?

Zero calories mean that the drink or food item has no calories.

Which Starbucks drinks have the least sugar?

The Starbucks Chai Tea has zero sugar.

What is a skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks?

A skinny vanilla latte is made with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup.

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