5 best drinks from Starbucks to study (What is the best coffee to get at Starbucks for those long study periods? + more information)

Studies have shown that caffeine is consumed by more than 85% of college students, in form of coffee. To discover the best drinks from Starbucks to study, keep reading.

I remember how drained and tired I was when studying for my exams in college. Coffee came in handy during those long study periods. Despite the stress, I was spoilt for choice when it came to where I got my caffeine hit. If you’re searching for a drink to keep you awake as you study, this article has you covered. Keep reading to find out the strongest Starbucks drinks that will keep you alert and energized throughout as you study.

Will Starbucks coffee keep me awake for study?

Yes. Starbucks coffee will keep you awake for your studies. This is because the caffeine in the coffee is absorbed and distributed throughout the body. When the caffeine gets to the brain, it blocks sleep-promoting receptors in your brain known as adenosine receptors, causing you to stay alert and awake. Your body takes about 30 to 60 minutes to respond to the caffeine. These effects last for about 3 to 5 hours. Therefore, the higher the caffeine content in your coffee and the more frequently you consume it, the longer you’ll stay awake.

Are Starbucks drinks high in caffeine?

Are Starbucks drinks high in caffeine

The caffeine amount in Starbucks drinks depends on the beverages. Different beverages have different levels of caffeine. In this case, if you want to study for longer, Starbucks does have drinks that have very high caffeine content. These highly caffeinated drinks will keep you alert and energized during the long study periods.

Beverages like blonde espresso have a whopping 85mg of caffeine per shot (1fl oz.) and Starbucks signature espresso has 75mg of caffeine per shot. The more espresso shots in a Starbucks drink, the more caffeinated it will be. Starbucks allows you to ask for double, triple or even quadruple shots of espresso in your beverage.

What Starbucks drink should I get to study?

If you want to study for longer, you’ll need a beverage with very high caffeine content. Drinks like the Starbucks Blonde Roast, Pike Place Roast, Nitro Cold Brew, Caffé Latte, Blonde Caffé Americano and Caffé Mocha will do a great job at keeping you alert. Also, keep in mind that caffeine wears out after a few hours, therefore you might need a refill after 3 to 5 hours.

How we choose the best drink from Starbucks to study

The drinks we selected are the most caffeinated at Starbucks since you need caffeine to stay awake, alert and energized. After extensive research, we complied beverages with the highest caffeine content. Additionally, we asked several Starbucks customers about the strongest drink they’ve had at Starbucks. Also, we considered the opinion of the Starbucks baristas. The selected beverages were mentioned severally by different customers and baristas therefore, you can trust this post because the information presented is unbiased.

5 Best drinks from Starbucks to study

Ranked below, are the best drinks from Starbucks to keep you alert and awake as you study.





Starbucks hot coffees

Dark Brewed coffee and Blonde Brewed coffee.


Nitro Cold Brew

Brewed coffee.


Blonde Caffé Americano

Brewed espresso and water.


Caffé Mocha

Espresso shots, mocha sauce, whole milk and whipped cream.


Caffé Latte

Brewed espresso and milk.

Starbucks hot coffee

best drinks from Starbucks

The Starbucks plain hot coffees are the simplest yet most caffeinated beverages in the coffeehouse. They include the blonde roast, pike place roast and dark roast.

A venti blonde roast has 475mg of caffeine, a venti pike place roast has 410mg of caffeine and a venti dark roast has 340mg of caffeine. They are available in four Starbucks sizes; short, tall, grande and venti and as hot or iced. You can customize the coffee by, for example, requesting extra espresso shots to increase the amount of caffeine in your drink.

Nitro Cold Brew

What is the best coffee to get at Starbucks

The Nitro Cold Brews at Starbucks are infused with nitrogen for a naturally sweeter flavour and softer texture. This beverage will keep you energized and alert throughout, as you study. A grande nitro cold brew, for instance, has 280mg of caffeine and you get this beverage in a can too. A 9.6-ounce can carries 155mg of caffeine and you can choose from three different flavours; dark, vanilla sweet cream and black caramel.

Blonde Caffé Americano

best coffee to get at Starbucks

The Blonde Caffé Americano is made with blonde espresso shots which are highly caffeinated. You can ask your barista for double, triple or quadruple blonde espresso shots, depending on how strong you’d like your beverage. Due to the drink’s sweet and delicious flavour, you might not realize how strong this beverage is until you get the caffeine hit. The Starbucks Caffé Americano is available in four distinct Starbucks sizes and the caffeine levels are between 84mg and 340 mg.

Caffé Mocha

What is the best coffee to get at Starbucks

The Starbucks Caffé Mocha has between 90mg and 185mg of caffeine and is sold in four sizes; short, tall, grande and venti. It is made from the Starbucks signature espresso and you can ask your barista for extra espresso shots.

Caffé Latte

drinks at Starbucks to study

The Starbucks Caffé Latte comes in four different sizes, with the short and tall sizes containing 75mg of caffeine and the grande and venti having 150mg of caffeine.

Informative Section

What is the best drink at Starbucks to study throughout the night?

The drinks mentioned above are the best to help you stay awake and alert throughout the night. They include Caffé Latte, Caffé Mocha and hot coffees.

What drink at Starbucks will wake me up?

A highly caffeinated drink from Starbucks will awake your senses, keeping you alert.

How do I order a strong coffee drink from Starbucks?

To order a strong coffee drink from Starbucks, ask for your preferred beverage as you normally would and request the barista for one or two extra espresso shots. Remember a regular espresso shot has 75mg of caffeine and a blonde espresso shot has 85mg of caffeine.

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