10 Best Starbucks reserve coffee beans (Can you buy coffee beans at Starbucks Reserve? + All you need to know)

Besides the all-year-round coffee beans that Starbucks uses, the company also uses small-lot coffee beans known as Starbucks reserves, available in limited quantity. Read on to discover the best Starbucks reserve coffee beans. 

I am a coffee lover and always try different coffee drink types to soak in a variety of tastes. When I have a little more time on my hands, I always love making coffee at home using whole coffee beans found at Starbucks. However, not many people have knowledge about the best Starbucks reserve coffee beans. This post will help you learn everything about them so you can also enjoy their limited tastes. Enjoy!

Is Starbucks Reserve coffee better?

Starbucks reserve coffee is the most unique and rarest coffee the company has to offer. The coffee beans are handpicked and chosen carefully because of their superior taste. So, we can say that Starbucks reserve coffee is better as it comes from the highest-quality coffee beans, which are roasted and sold at the perfect time for optimal flavor.

Can you buy coffee beans at Starbucks Reserve?

Starbucks reserve coffee beans

Starbucks reserve deals with the most-extraordinary coffee beans from around the world. You can buy these unique and rare coffee beans at Starbucks reserve. However, you may not get the common coffee beans in Starbucks reserve stores and might have to visit your local Starbucks store.

How we choose the Best Starbucks reserve coffee beans

The best Starbucks reserve coffee beans were chosen based on quality, uniqueness, and extraordinariness. We used this criterion because the most important aspects of Starbucks reserve coffee beans are their uniqueness and quality. We took our time to understand what Starbucks reserve customers think about the coffee beans before ranking them. Therefore, you can trust this post because it integrates customers’ feedback. We also considered the coffee beans flavor and included the information here.

10 Best Starbucks Reserve Coffee Beans



Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bean



Papua New Guinea Moant

Complex and delicious flavor with hints of hazelnut, dark chocolate and blackberry


Brazil Fazenda Catanduva

Fruity and sweet flavor with hints of citrus and strawberry



Jamaica Blue Mountain

Mellow and smooth flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate


Sun-Dried Ethiopia Gera Farm

Spicy and Sweet flavor with notes of citrus ginger and honey


Guatemala Santa Clara Estate

Complex and rich flavor with hints of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel


Rwanda Hingakawa

Ginger and Meyer lemon



Perú Cajamarca

It tastes like tea with notes of red toffee, apple and cinnamon and floral scent


Vietnam Da Lat

Dried orange peel and bittersweet chocolate


Costa Rica Naranjo

Apricot and almond


Hawai‘i Ka‘u

Nougat and almond brittle

Papua New Guinea Moant

buy coffee beans at Starbucks Reserve

Starbucks procures coffee beans from the mountainous regions of Papua New Guinea. The coffee beans have a complex and sweet flavor with hints of hazelnut, dark chocolate and blackberry. Its earthy scent will definitely please you.

Brazil Fazenda Catanduva

Brazil Fazenda Catanduva

The coffee beans produce a light and delicate roast; Starbucks procures the coffee beans from the Mantiqueira highlands in Sao Paulo. The Brazil Fazenda Catanduva coffee has a fruity and rich flavor with hints of citrus and strawberry.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain

The coffee beans have a mellow and smooth flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate. It is regarded as one of the best coffee brands around the world. Take a sip of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, and you will definitely note that it has a unique taste.

Sun-Dried Ethiopia Gera Farm

coffee beans at Starbucks Reserve

The coffee beans have an amazing scent. Coffee from these coffee beans is one of the most exclusive coffees you will ever drink. Starbucks procure the coffee beans from Gera Farm, Ethiopia.

Coffee from these coffee beans has a spicy and delicious flavor with citrus, honey and ginger notes. It is the go-to if you are excited by new and exciting experiences.

Guatemala Santa Clara Estate

A sip of coffee prepared from these coffee beans will make you feel like you are on vacation in Central America. Starbucks procures the coffee beans from Santa Clara Estate, Guatemala. The coffee has a complex and delicious flavor with hints of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel.

Rwanda Hingakawa

Rwanda Hingakawa

The pursuit of the best coffee is an endless human endeavor. Nowhere is the struggle to produce the best coffee more evident than in the East African nation of Rwanda.

The Hingakawa coffee farms in Rwanda produce a high-quality and unique brand of coffee. The coffee has notes of ginger and Meyer lemon.

Perú Cajamarca

Starbucks procures the Perú Cajamarca coffee beans from the Cajamarca zone of Peru. Approximately 3000 small-scale coffee farmers collaborate to protect their produce.

When under threat from various factors such as adverse climatic conditions, the coffee farmers join hands and come up with optimal solutions to the issues. Their collaboration has laid out a strong foundation for the continued success of current and future generations of coffee farmers.

Vietnam Da Lat

buy coffee beans

Starbucks procures the Vietnam Da Lat coffee beans from the Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. The region has favorable climatic conditions for coffee farming. The region is famous for producing high-quality coffee. The coffee has a hint of dried orange peel and bittersweet chocolate.

Costa Rica Naranjo

Starbucks procures the Costa Rica Naranjo coffee beans from Naranjo, Costa Rica. Small-scale coffee farmers from the region work tirelessly to provide you with this high-quality coffee brand.

The coffee has an apricot and almond flavor with notes of honey and citrus. It is the go-to option for coffee to keep your eyes open.

Hawai‘i Ka‘u

Hawai‘i Ka‘u

Starbucks sources these rare and unique coffee beans from the Ka`u Island region, Hawai‘i. The Starbucks Reserve Hawai‘i Ka‘u has a nougat and brittle almond flavor with a hint of tobacco and chocolate.

Informative Section 

Which Starbucks reserve coffee is most popular?

Starbucks reserve latte is the most popular coffee, made with brewed coffee, milk, and reserve espresso shots.

Is Starbucks reserve any good? 

Yes. Starbucks reserve is designed to be an experience and is more than simply coffee. It creates an atmosphere for coffee lovers who want more than just an average experience.

How many Starbucks reserves are there?

There are six Starbucks reserves.

What is the difference between Starbucks and Starbucks reserves?

What sets Starbucks reserves apart from Starbucks is their small-lot coffee beans that are also brewed through different techniques, such as pour-over and Chemex.

How do you get a reserve cup at Starbucks?

You can get a reserve cup by simply visiting the nearest Starbucks store.

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