5 Starbucks cold brew alternatives (Cold Brew Coffees That Are just as good if not better than Starbucks)

I used to get my Grande size of cold brew coffee from Starbucks every single day. Starbucks cold brew tastes good, but it also comes at a cost. As long as your pocket is not allowing you to enjoy this drink every day, there is a possibility you may want some cost-friendly alternatives that are just as good if not better than Starbucks. I have come up with this article to help you find Starbucks cold brew alternatives that you can enjoy as well. You will also learn what each cold brew coffee has in them.

5 Starbucks cold brew alternatives

Starbucks cold brew is one of the most loved beverages all over the world. However, it faces competition from other cold brew coffees. Some of the alternative Starbucks cold brews are; Wandering Bear Extra Strong Cold Brew Coffee, Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee, Slingshot Cold Brew Concentrate Coffee, Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee, and La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee.

If you are passionate about learning about these Starbucks Cold Brew alternatives, you should continue reading this article since each drink is talked through.

Wandering Bear Extra Strong Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffees

Does cold brew coffee excite you? If yes, you should strive to get this drink. This cold brew coffee drink poses competition to Starbucks’ cold brew drinks. Wandering Bear make its coffee from the famous organic Arabica coffee beans. It is one of the tasty ready-to-drink cold brews that people prefer. This drink is made from organic and natural flavors which gives you a delicious taste. If you love cold brew coffee that is natural and not flavored, this is the drink for you.

The wondering Bear cold brew drink can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month. What a great advantage that is. You can as well keep it at room temperature when the lid is not opened.

Additionally, this drink provides healthy solutions. To start with, it has no unfiltered constituents, additives, or dairy and contains no sugar. If you are on a restrictive diet, you can still enjoy this drink without being worried.

Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee

Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee

There is no better way to enjoy a cold brew coffee than having Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee. This drink is made from rich pure Arabica beans. It is a perfect alternative to Starbucks cold brew. As the name suggests, the cold brew is acquired without the use of inorganic constituents and from Central American and East African farms.

Califia Farms Cold Brew is the best option for you who is looking to have a low-calorie diet and anyone who is intentional with their meals. This drink provides 15g of calories per serving, which is way less as compared to other alternatives that have 30 – 70 calories for the same serving.

This drink commands an incredibly rich chocolatey taste that comes with a fair price. You can, however, get this drink in the ratio of ¾ coffee with ¼ milk or water and enjoy it. The drink has 0b of sugar with 180mg of caffeine per serving. Nonetheless, you can customize this drink the way you want, by diluting it or adding flavors that excite you.

Slingshot Cold Brew Concentrate Coffee

Slingshot Cold Brew Concentrate Coffee

You can also satisfy your craving for cold brew coffee with this drink. This drink also gives Starbucks cold brew competition due to its exquisite taste. With no mixing, no dressings, or toppings, this drink will give you an amazing taste with its crispy tangy flavor that poses a few cocoa beans. It is a ready-to-drink beverage and is a perfect alternative to Starbucks cold brew coffee

This drink boasts of not having additives or preservatives in it, and it is also vegan, gluten and dairy-free. Whether you are on a low-calorie, keto, or low-carb diet, you can always find this cold brew drink compatible with your diet goals. It contains 150mg of caffeine and 5 calories per serving.

Slingshot cold brew is different from other cold brew drinks of fresh, organic Ethiopian beans that are soaked for over 16 hours in cool water. Then the process of filtration is carried out with proper care.

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown is the name that plays high when it comes to delivering quality. it creates stiff competition for Starbucks cold brew coffee. To start with the ground coffee is properly soaked in chilled water, and at the lowest suitable room temperature, after which coffee is filtered out as brewed coffee.

This cold-brewed drink is very compatible with a calorie-restricted diet.it has 26.57mg of caffeine per dose, has 3 calories in one shot, and has no added sugar. This is better way to keep healthy while enjoying your favorite cold brew drink.

If you are the adventurous kind, you can give your coffee a nice dressing. You can dilute your drink with any milk you like, and add one to two teaspoons of vanilla extract, maple, organic honey, or any other sugar syrup. Using different ingredients in your cold brew guarantees you a delicious taste.

La Colombe Cold Brew

La Colombe Cold Brew

This drink shocks customers with its amazing and Strong Brazilian taste. The cold-brewed coffee is gotten from Arabica beans, that are steeped and brewed with a lot of care. It is from this that the natural organic flavors give you that strong-balanced tangy taste.

Moreover, if you are allergic to other cold brew coffee alternatives, La Colombe is one of the safer options for you. All the ingredient that makes this drink are all-natural, with almost zero preservatives. On top of that it is vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free

For customization fill the cup ¾ with the coffee and ¼ with coconut milk or water. You can add some ice cubes, dress your drink with toppings like maple syrup, cream, or honey and enjoy your cold brew coffee.


There is no doubt Starbucks is one of the leading beverage stores but it is amazing to try new things as well. You can still get tasty cold brew coffee that can deliver the same experience as Starbucks cold brew coffee. Create some time to compare the drinks we have mentioned on the list and order one that perfectly responds to your preferences.