4 Starbucks verismo pods alternatives (Starbucks verismo pods alternatives + Convenient, Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Verismo Coffee Pods)

I was a little upset when Starbucks quietly stopped making Verismo pods in 2020, especially because my Verismo coffee machine was somewhat new. Luckily, I discovered some compatible pods by other vendors, some with quite decent coffee and a wide selection of flavors. In this post, I’ll be sharing details of some available compatible pods and eco-friendly alternatives that you can choose from. Enjoy!

4 Starbucks verismo pods alternatives

The Verismo System is renowned for crafting authentic espresso shots in a short time. This is done by using dual-pressure technology, which ensures that each pod is brewed completely, for a rich brew every time. For macchiatos or lattes, you can then use milk frothier to make a perfect cup, run your espresso shot over ice, and add creamer for your at-home Starbucks beverage. However, with the scarcity of Starbucks verismo pods, some alternatives include Mr. and Mrs. Mill Coffee Pods, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) Pods, Italian Coffee Capsules for Verismo systems, and Bestpresso Coffee Capsules.

Mr. and Mrs. Mill Coffee Pods

Products - Mr & Mrs Mill

The Mr. & Mrs. Mill coffee pods are made by K-Fee, the company that used to make Starbucks’s Verismo pods. This means the pods you get from this company will fit snugly on your verismo machine, and because of Starbucks’ experience, you can trust them to have good quality coffee. There are eight flavors to choose from, such as the “Find Your Balance” flavor, a decaffeinated pod that will make you the perfect espresso. It is made of arabica coffee sourced from South America. It makes a mild brew with fruity notes and nutty sweetness and can be brewed as an espresso or lungo.

“Enjoy Ethiopia” is another of their flavors that is described as a fine, floral espresso with a citrus flavor from Ethiopia that has a refreshing acidity. Pull an espresso and enjoy coffee from where it was born. The “Share Honduras.” Is also a single-origin flavor and as the name suggests, this option is from the Central American country and is a well-balanced coffee that has sweet, fruity apricot and subtle piquant notes of roasted nuts.

The “Stay Classy”, on the other hand, is a bold arabica coffee blend with beans from Central America, East Africa, South America, and South-East Asia. Its fragrance is reminiscent of filtered coffee flavors and has a fruity character. The company also has a full-body coffee blend of arabica beans sourced from all over the world, from farms in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, which is aptly named “Explore the World.” Pull a lungo to enjoy its velvety and slightly malty charm.

Mr. and Mrs. Mill have their version of the popular “Verona Blend”, and just like its Starbucks counterpart, is a well-balanced South American that has a subtle caramel, nutty, and berry-like character. Well worth savoring. Or indulge in the “Feel The Passion” that makes espresso made of arabica beans sourced from South East Asia and South America and has a fruity, fiery, and aromatic flavor. Lastly, to cater to an even wider following, the company has an option that is a blend of arabica and robusta beans in the form of the “Trust your Strength” flavor. It is a full-bodied espresso from South America and Asia. The company says it is made using gentle drum roasting to give off its cocoa flavors.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Pods

Starbucks verismo pods alternatives

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL)have been in business since 1963, so they have the experience of sourcing the best beans and expertise in roasting, which they do in small batches to optimize quality. We found the CBTL caffitaly system pods to also fit in the Verismo coffee machine. Some of their flavors that we think you should try out include the “CBTL Premium Espresso,” which is a single-origin arabica coffee that is a dark roast espresso and has a velvety body, earthy flavor, nutty aroma, and a bitter-sweet finish, or its decaf version referred to as ” CBTL Premium Decaf Espresso,” similarly dark roasted espresso made from decaf arabica coffee.

We also recommend the “CBTL Italian espresso,” which is a dark Italian espresso blend that has a smoky fragrance and a chocolatey finish, excellent for a straight shot or for making a latte.

If you love Starbucks Veranda Blend, then the “CBTL Kona Blend” is the pod for you. The pod contains 100 percent ground arabica coffee and produces a smooth-bodied coffee with a mild, delicate aroma and a sweet finish. Another of their pods that tastes like a Starbucks coffee is the “CBTL House Brew,” a light-bodied house brew with a delicate, sweet aroma and buttery finish.

Bestpresso Coffee capsules

Bestpresso coffee capsules are also compatible with Verismo coffee machines. The range offers four flavors, including the “Intenso”, described as a full-bodied coffee with a bold aroma made of a blend of Southeast Asia and South American Arabica that has chocolate notes. Sample and enjoy the “Deciso,” an espresso coffee with a robust woody taste that has dried fruit and bitter cocoa notes.

If you need a creamy espresso, then go for the “Cremoso,” a coffee with balanced sweet and fruity aromas.

This coffee pod maker also has its version of “Verona,” which, as expected, is a coffee blend with nutty notes, a pleasant aroma, and the acidity of cocoa. 

Italian coffee capsules compatible with Verismo systems

Starbucks verismo pods alternatives

The Italian coffee capsules also work with the Verismo coffee machines, although we had mixed results and therefore advise caution as they do not work with all Verismo machines. Make sure the pod fits well before you start operating the machine. The pods have four flavors to choose from, which include “the Lungo Intenso”, which contains a blend of arabica coffee that is well balanced and makes excellent espresso, and their version of “Cremoso,” which is a classic Italian espresso, full-bodied and creamy.

For a short, bold espresso, the company offers a “Ristretto” pod. The “Brazil,” on the other hand, is a single-origin arabica coffee, and this pod will make you a medium, creamy espresso.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Verismo Coffee Pods

Although single-use coffee pods are convenient, they have one huge drawback. Most are made of plastic capsules, too small to recycle, and therefore end up in the trash can and eventually in our landfills, contributing to the plastic pollution problem. If you, like me, feel quite incapable of working without coffee, there are alternatives to Verismo coffee pods, which include the wash and reuse stainless steel coffee capsules, such as the Sesama Refillable Coffee Capsule Pod. This is compatible with the Verismo coffee machine.

Other alternatives include doing away with the Verismo system and embracing systems that support a variety of reusable plastic pods including the Reusable K-cups for Keurig —which are both economical and less polluting, as you use and dispose of only a fewer in a year.

Some systems also use compostable pods, such as San Francisco Bay Coffee pods, that are bio-degradable and will save you the cleaning step, as you continue taking as many cups of coffee without guilt.

If you find the work that goes into properly packing coffee grinds into a reusable pod negates the time saving of using one in the first place, or if the combustible pods just don’t cut it, then it may be time to revert to old coffee brewing techniques, which are quite eco-friendly. A home-use espresso machine can cost as little as $150, and make an excellent cup.


With the high number of alternatives to Starbucks Verismo coffee pods, you are sure to find at least one flavor that suits your taste. Online shopping offers a great way to get a wide selection and favourable pricing for most options. You should also consider eco-friendly alternatives as a way of doing your part as far as managing pollution is concerned.

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