What Espresso Machine does Starbucks Use? (What Coffee Machine does Starbucks Use and Why + More Information)

True Starbucks’ coffee lovers agree that espresso machines are a life-changing innovation. Other coffee shops cannot match the taste of Starbucks coffee. Hence, what espresso machine does Starbucks use?

Beginning my days with a shot of espresso from Starbucks has become a daily habit. The bitter-sweet taste of Starbucks’ coffee is unique and other coffee shot cannot match it. If you are like me, you have attempted, at least once, to reciprocate the coffee with your espresso machine at home to no avail. Well, Starbucks uses the Mastrena espresso machine from Thermoplan AG, which is a Swiss-based firm. The machine is solely made for Starbucks and is unavailable to the public.

What coffee machine does Starbucks use and why?

Starbucks uses the Mastrena espresso machine from the Thermoplan company. The firm made the machine brand exclusively for Starbucks. Therefore, you cannot purchase the Mastrena because Starbucks holds exclusive rights.


By 1999, Starbucks was already an international coffee hub with various stores distributed outside North America. In that year, it obtained exclusive rights of Thermoplan AG as its espresso machine distributor. Thermoplan developed Mastrena solely for Starbucks.

Mastrena CS2 and Mastrena II are the specific models that Starbucks has used. Starbucks integrated Mastrena II with artificial intelligence (AI) to send data to the main office for benefits such as tracking customer interests.

Components of Mastrena

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Mastrena is a high-performance machine. It is fully automated with a built-in grinder making it a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Therefore, Starbucks cut the cost of purchasing coffee bean grinders. Further, experts in coffee making say that grinding the beans makes coffee lose out some of its freshness. So, the Mastrena bean-to-cup coffee machine provides Starbucks coffee an amazing flavor because it retains the coffee’s freshness.

Due to the AI, Mastrena has a computerized menu. So, the process of creating the espressos is easy and quick. In fact, the Mastrena produces more than 240 shots every hour. The machine has a fast speed of production allowing the baristas to serve customers quickly, especially during the rush hours.

Mastrena has a device that eases the maintenance process. The baristas can easily remove specific parts to clean the machine on their own. Additionally, the Mastrena is designed to undergo repair with flexibility because the user can remove the parts and put them back together without challenges.

Why Starbucks uses Mastrena

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Before Starbucks partnered with Thermoplan, it used a coffee machine that required skilled baristas to operate it. They needed expertise in coffee making to meet Starbucks’ requirements in producing its unique coffee. Further, Starbucks expanded its stores, which would have proved time-consuming to teach the numerous employees how to operate the coffee machine. Hence, it replaced the traditional coffee maker with the automated high-performance Mastrena.

Starbucks utilizes Mastrena because it is an automated coffee maker. The barista only pushes a button and Mastrena makes the coffee on its own. Therefore, the coffee house cut costs on training employees to operate coffee machines. Additionally, Mastrena is computerized, making it produce drinks rapidly. Hence, Starbucks can serve a high number of customers in a short period.

Mastrena has a huge hopper that enables consistent feeding of coffee beans into it. Therefore, baristas do not have to add new coffee beans regularly. In fact, the Mastrena may sometimes run for a week without requiring any replacements. For these reasons, Starbucks has used Mastrena for many years.

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks sell espresso machines?

No. Starbucks exclusively owns Mastrena and it does not sell the coffee maker.

How many bars is Starbucks espresso machine?

About 9 bars.

How much is a Starbucks espresso machine?

Around $18,000.

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