Starbucks Keto Menu (Items on the Starbucks Keto-friendly Menu, Price List + More Information)

If you are on a keto diet, you do not have to give up your favorite Starbucks drinks. You can order from the Starbucks keto menu which has over 10 options to choose from.

When I first started the keto diet to lose weight for my wedding, I thought I would have to give up Starbucks drinks which were my favorite. I later came to realize that starting a keto diet does not mean that I had to give up my favorite coffee drinks. I also realized that I could make modifications to my orders to fit my keto diet.

If you are looking to start a keto diet, Starbucks has a variety of keto-friendly foods and drinks on their menu just for you. You can customize your order to include high fats and low carbs. You do not have to give up your favorite drinks just because of your diet. Below are some of the keto-friendly options on the Starbucks keto menu.

What is in Starbucks keto menu items?

If you are on a keto diet, you do not have to give up your favorite coffee house chain— Starbucks. Starbucks has a keto-friendly menu option just for you that have zero to low carbs such as keto coffee drinks, Frappuccino’s, iced coffees, refreshers, non-coffee drinks, and food items.

The keto-friendly menu drinks include espresso Frappuccino and keto Frappuccino, caffe misto, Caffe latte, Nitro cold brew, and double shot on ice which has sugar-free vanilla-flavored syrup and lacks a Frappuccino base, classic syrup, or whipped cream.

Keto non-coffee drinks such as the pink drink and white drink lack classic syrup and contain heavy cream and sugar-free syrup.

Not only that, Starbucks has a keto food menu that ranges from cheddar moon cheese to almonds and string cheese.

How do I order Starbucks keto menu items?

Starbucks Keto price list

Below is a guide on how to order a Starbucks keto drink or food if you are new to the menu.

1. Nitro cold brew

If you are wondering if the Nitro cold brew is healthy, the short answer is yes! The nitro cold brew is keto-friendly with zero carbs, calories, and sugar. This drink is the perfect keto-friendly caffeine fix. As long as you don’t add sweetened cream you are good to go.

How to order: ask for a nitro cold brew with heavy cream and sugar-free vanilla-flavored syrup.

2. Espresso Frappuccino

The espresso Frappuccino is the go-to drink for keto dieters. Ask for a no Frappuccino base drink because the Frap base is loaded with sugar not ideal for keto.

How to order: ask for unsweetened iced coffee with zero classic syrup, add pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup topped off with heavy cream.

3. Keto double shot on ice

A double shot on ice at Starbucks is the only hand-shaken drink with two shots of espresso blended with milk and poured over ice. To order a keto double shot on ice, simply ask your barista for a keto doppio. Ask for a double shot on an ice base with no classic syrup, replace 2% milk with almond milk, and add sugar-free vanilla syrup.

4. Pink drink

This refresher tastes like a milkshake and is not too sweet. To order a keto pink drink, ask your barista for an iced passion tango base drink with no classic syrup, add heavy cream, pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, and top off with frozen strawberries.

5. Keto white drink

The white drink is a new keto-friendly menu option that tastes like a milkshake with a hint of tea. The drink has low carbs and calories perfect for keto dieters. To order a keto white drink, ask for iced peach white tea with heavy cream, add 4 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup

6. Caffe Misto

The classic French cafe au lait can be made from different coffee roasts. You can customize it to suit your keto diet needs.

To order a keto Caffe Misto, ask your barista for a Caffe misto base drink. Replace the 2% steamed milk with almond milk. You can ask for heavy cream to be added to your order.

7. Caffe Latte

If you are looking for a traditional latte, the keto-friendly caffe latte is perfect. To order a caffe latte, ask your barista for an iced caffe latte base drink. Ask for 2 shots of espresso and replace 2% milk with almond milk or heavy cream. You can also add your sweetener. This drink packs only 2.5 carbs and will not derail you from your keto diet.

9. Cheddar moon cheese

If you are looking for the perfect keto snacks at Starbucks, the Cheddar moon cheese only has 5g of carbs perfect for your keto diet. The cheese has a satisfying crunch to it with a cheesy flavor. To order, ask your barista for a cheddar moon cheese snack or pick it up from the store shelves.

10. Keto Almond snacks

The almond snacks are a healthy treat that will not derail you from the keto diet. The snack is made from almonds and sea salt with only 4 carbs. To order, ask for classic almonds or pick the snacks from the Starbucks shelf.

Starbucks keto menu items and Price List

Starbucks keto cold coffee drinks

Items on the Starbucks Keto-friendly Menu

Starbucks keto cold coffee drinks


Keto Nitro cold brew

$ 4.45

Keto espresso Frappuccino

$ 3.25

Keto double-shot on ice

$ 3.75

Starbucks keto non-caffeinated drinks

Keto non-coffee drinks


Keto pink drink

$ 3.35

Keto white drink

$ 3.35

Keto hot coffee drinks

Starbucks Keto Menu

Keto coffee drinks


Caffe misto

$ 3.85

Caffe latte

$ 5.15

Black coffee

$ 2.45

Keto food items

Keto food menu


Cheddar moon cheese

$ 4.95

Classic almond snacks

$ 2.25


There are plenty of keto-friendly Starbucks drinks and food options floating around social media to choose from. To order a keto-friendly drink from Starbucks, ensure it has low carbs and zero sugar. The best keto-friendly drink at Starbucks is black coffee but there are options to choose from. You can also customize your order based on what you prefer.

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