How much are Starbucks cups? (Is Starbucks giving away free cups + more information)

Starbucks’ charm goes way past its drinks to its alluring cups that add to the company’s statement. As much as we all love these cups you might wonder how deep you have to dig into your pocket for them, so, how much are Starbucks cups?

Starbucks cups vary in price with most ranging up to $20. Some are even as high as $150 depending on the details they have. This only came to my attention when my sister picked up a ridiculous hobby of keeping a collection of all Starbucks cups she could put her hands on. After some time it got out of hand so much that we had to put them on a flash sale. That is when I realized just how valuable they are and it was intriguing how fast they sold out.

Stainless Steel Heat Gradient Cold Cup

This elegant and stately cup retails at an average price of $30 for a 24oz size. It comes in green color and the price goes high or low depending on where you buy it.

Stainless Steel Lime Puffy Speckle Lid Cold Cup

A 24oz size of this cup is sold at $30 or $35 in some stores. It is always mostly sold out and has a double resale price.

Stainless Steel Forest Dreamscape Cold Cup

A Grande size retails at $30.99

Wisteria Studded Iridescent Tumbler

 Starbucks cups

This tumbler has a detailed lid and retails at $43 on a bad day. The price can go as low as $35.

Stainless Steel Fame Lime Cold Cup

A Venti size of this acrylic tumbler retails at $20 but could go to as high as $30 on peak days.

Stainless Steel Watermelon Cold Cup

This 24oz Venti-sized tumbler in ombre colors of watermelon goes for $44.

Glass Ocean Color Spray Cold Cup

This cup is sold at $35 and gives you the much-necessary beach vibes.

Watermelon Gradient Ceramic Double Wall Tumbler

How much are Starbucks cups

This 18oz sized tumbler with a red-green gradient goes for $18. It is however unavailable at Starbucks and can only be found in reselling stores and sites.

Mango Luster Drip Ceramic Mug

This mug with orange-mango waves is priced at $34 for a 14oz size.

Reusable Mystery Color Changing Mug

These happy and fun tumblers that change color upon the addition of liquid are sold for $20.

Wisteria Kaleidoscope Cold Cup

A 24oz Venti of this Wisteria-inspired tumbler goes for $40.

Jeweled Studded Mango Cold Cup

Though currently unavailable at Starbucks, this glamorous summer celebration cup is sold at $40.

Aqua Terra Confetti Cold Cup

Is Starbucks giving away free cups

This tumbler gives a gothic touch to your drink and is sold at $35 for a 24oz size.

Aqua Terra Cold Cup

This summer cup is sold for $32.59 and has a soft and calming cast.

Floral Cold Cup

This fun tumbler lightens the mood in any season and has the highest price at $20.

Cool Lime Stainless Steel Soft Touch Tumbler

A 12oz size of this tumbler is retailed for $ has a perfect stylish color and acrylic lead.

Stainless Steel Citrus Gradient Tumbler

This colorful tumbler sets the perfect mood for summer. It is sold at $34.99 for a 20oz size


Are Starbucks plastic cups recyclable?

Yes, they are. Though the cups have a polyethylene plastic coating, some facilities can remove the lining. These facilities are however limited thus crippling the recycling capability.

Which Starbucks is giving away free cups?

Starbucks officially announced they were giving away free reusable red holiday cups starting November 18th, 2021.

Are Starbucks tumblers dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are. However, consistently throwing them into the dishwasher could cause breakage.

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