When does Starbucks give out free holiday cups? (How to Get Free Starbucks Reusable Red Holiday + More information)

Reusable cups are beneficial because they reduce waste, save resources, and are stylish. However, how can you get one for your daily coffee drink? When does Starbucks give out free holiday cups? 

The giveaway happens once a year during the festive holiday season. This is after the brand announces the day and date of the giveaway. The cups are stylish and a simple way to make an ecological difference. Coffee lovers and Starbucks fans wait the whole year to get the Starbucks holiday red cup for long term use. My partner and I are Starbucks red cup fans and have a tradition of collecting them yearly to use for the holiday drinks available. Last year, we got one each, and we are hoping to get more this year for our snowy day coffee dates and for celebrating the holiday season. Also, we are planning to include our friends in the holiday cheer for the next Starbucks free holiday cup release. So, if you do not want to miss out on the next Starbucks free holiday cups give away, below is more information on how and when to get them.

How to Get Free Starbucks Reusable Red Holiday?

 Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino

To receive the reusable red holiday cups is simple. First, order a fall beverage or holiday drink. It can be iced, hot, or blended. You can always confirm from the holiday drinks available. After, you will get the holiday drink on the side, and the limited edition red reusable cups will be in a bag or separate. The offer is eligible for in-store orders, order ahead at the Starbucks app, curbside pick-up, or the drive-thru. However, you need to confirm the drinks that are not part of the offer and if the Starbucks near you is eligible.

Final thoughts 

The free Starbucks holiday cups are a way for Starbucks to be inclusive, create warmth and join in the magical holiday feeling. It is a tradition for most of its customers during the holiday. Plus, a way to bring people together for the holiday comfort and connection. Also, it is a way of working together to reduce single-use cup waste and a step towards achieving the planet’s positive goals.


What size is Starbucks Free holiday cup?

The Starbucks free reusable holiday cup is 16oz or the standard Grande size.

Can you get free Starbucks reusable cups all year?

No. But you can get a reusable free cup by making a $5 purchase in the app through PayPal or reload your Starbucks gift card, and your coupon for a free cup is added to your account. But, the red holiday cups are only available during the holiday season. The brand announces the date they will be available in the participating stores. It is a limited edition, and most stores have run out of them by noon of the release date. Fortunately, Starbucks is working towards plans to introduce reusable cups in the future.


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