Does Walgreens Sell Starbucks Gift Cards? (How to Buy Starbucks Gift Card at Walgreens + More Information)

Trying to find the perfect gift for your friend who loves Starbucks? You can get them a Starbucks gift card! Does Walgreens sell Starbucks gift cards?

Yes, Walgreens does sell Starbucks gift cards. Last weekend was my co-worker’s birthday. I browsed through the Walgreens online store for gift options, and that is when I came across the Starbucks gift cards! For as long as we have been working together, he always comes to work with a coffee from Starbucks. I knew I had to get him the Starbucks gift cards. If you are looking to gift a friend or partner, here is how to buy the gift cards.

How to Buy

How to Buy Starbucks Gift Card at Walgreens


To purchase a Starbucks Gift Card at Walgreens, visit their website and search for gift cards. You will find the Starbucks Gift Cards under the Food, Beverage, and Restaurant Gift Cards category. Provide your specifications and place your order.

The gift cards are available in different sizes. There is the $25 gift card. You can also get a pack of 10 gift cards at 50 dollars. Before you place your order, specify the size you wish to buy.

Once you make your order, you can choose to pick up the cards from your nearest Walgreens store. Alternatively, you can request same-day delivery for an extra free. If you live in another country, you can confirm if Walgreens ships its products to your country. You can then request to have the Gift cards shipped to your location. Walgreens warns that once you purchase Starbucks gift cards, you cannot return them.

It is important to note that Starbucks gift cards cannot be exchanged for money.

Final Thoughts

It feels great to walk into your favorite store and redeem your favorite products with a gift card. The best way to gift someone who loves Starbucks is to buy them a pack of Starbucks gift cards. The Starbucks gift cards are available at Walgreens at affordable prices. Place an order today and light up someone’s day with these amazing gift cards.

FAQ Section

How much is a Starbucks gift card at Walgreens?

The price depends on the size. You can buy a $15 gift card or a $25 gift card. Multipack gift cards are also available, and the prices range between $40 and $50.

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