How much does Starbucks pay in Nevada? (How much does Nevada Starbucks pay an hour? + More information)

One of the crucial factors that determine the income of a Starbucks employee is the geographical location of the store. Therefore, if you’re a Nevada resident it’s only natural to wonder, “How much does Starbucks pay in Nevada?”

The salary that Starbucks employees in Nevada receive varies depending on the job description of the worker. The annual income of a Starbucks worker will stretch from as low as $19,375 to as high as $114,024 depending on the position that the employee holds in the company. The income of an employee is determined by the number of hours worked therefore part-time employees earn less than full-time employees. I am looking forward to relocating to Nevada and I recently submitted my job application to Starbucks. Before I settled for a position to apply for, I dug into the salaries of Starbucks workers in Nevada and I’m sharing everything I learned in this article.

What is the starting pay at Starbucks Nevada?

The starting pay at Starbucks in Nevada ranges from $9.25 per hour to $15 per hour. The annual starting salary is approximately between $19,375 and around $24,334. The average hourly starting wage is about $12.13 which is considered to have met the national average while the medium annual starting income is around $24,334 for the basic positions. The pay varies due to the diverse job positions and skill levels.

How much does Nevada Starbucks pay an hour?

Nevada Starbucks

The hourly pay rates at Starbucks in Nevada fluctuate between $9 and around $27 with the average being approximately $11.90 per hour. If an employee works overtime, the time and a half policy apply for every hour worked thus increasing the hourly pay. The amount a worker will receive hourly is determined by their position, skill level, years of experience and level of education. The location of the store will also affect the hourly wage of the employee.

Do Starbucks Nevada employees get paid weekly?

Workers at Starbuck in Nevada receive their money once every two weeks. Tips, on the other hand, are split and dispensed weekly. A worker has the option of receiving their payment either through a direct deposit or a paper check.


How much does Starbucks pay baristas in Nevada?

The average salary of a Starbucks barista in Nevada is just about $31,313 per year. The average hourly pay is around $12.08. Baristas’ income in Nevada differs since they all have different skill levels and years of experience. Starbucks baristas in Nevada also receive an additional payment from bonuses, tips, commissions and profit-sharing. The estimated extra income is about $13,730 per year which raises their average annual salary to about $45,043. Most baristas exist in the 25th and 75th percentile of earners.

How much does Starbucks pay Cashiers in Nevada?

The average yearly income of a Starbucks cashier in Nevada is roughly $23,173. The hourly pay ranges from about $8.06 to $19.15. The annual income is between $19,375 and $ 32,606. These values differ greatly suggesting that there may be chances of increased income based on the location of the store, skill level and experience. Most cashiers at Starbucks in Nevada earn between $19,375 per year, which falls in the 25th percentile and $27,408 per year which falls in the 75th percentile. The top earners who are outliers make almost $16 per hour and $35,000 per year. The cashiers are also paid extra cash from bonuses, tips and commissions which increases their average yearly income.

How much does Starbucks pay shift supervisors in Nevada?

How much does Nevada Starbucks pay an hour?

Shift supervisors at Starbucks in Nevada earn approximately between $22,270 per year and $32,607 per year with the annual average being roughly $27,914. The hourly wage ranges from $11 to $18 with $14 being the medium. Shift supervisors’ salaries can go as high as $32,607 depending on one’s expertise, experience and the location where the store is situated. Most shift supervisors are in the 25th percentile and 75th percentile which is between $24,573 per year and $29,298 yearly. They also receive additional income from bonuses, commissions and profit-sharing.

How much does Starbucks pay Store managers in Nevada?

Starbucks store managers earn an average of $44,998 per year. The hourly wage rate is around $14 and $30. The annual salary of a store manager at Starbuck in Nevada ranges between $ 34,000 and $55,781. The salary is determined by the education level of the worker, their experience and their skill level, thus the fluctuating pay rates. The store managers also receive extra payment from commissions, profit-sharing and bonuses which boosts their average income. Most store managers at Starbucks in Nevada fall between the 25th percentile and 75th percentile. The top earners can earn more than $50,000 per year. The pay that Starbucks store managers in Nevada earn is considered to be around 7% above the national average.

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