Does Starbucks accept Bitcoin? (Can I Buy a Starbucks Coffee with Bitcoin? + More Information)

The year 2009 saw the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has taken the digital world by storm and is used by many traders to receive payments. Does Starbucks accept Bitcoin?

Yes, Starbucks is one of the many companies that offer cryptocurrency payment options for its products. I wasn’t acquainted with the bitcoin payment option until I saw a colleague use this mode of payment at Starbucks. The ease of payment is what caught me by surprise. How could I not know this? And how easy it was fascinated me the more. Starbucks is always one step ahead, and this right here is a game-changer, especially in this era of cryptocurrency. A move like this is what keeps companies like Starbucks at the top.

What Currency Does Starbucks accept?

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks accepts digital currency, physical currency, and cryptocurrency for payments. Digital currency is simply e-cash. It is an umbrella term for money in electronic forms like credit cards, debit cards, and mobile money. Cryptocurrency is a fairly new form of currency that is secured by the use of cryptography. Starbucks has previously used physical and digital currencies and only introduced bitcoin payment recently. This move has seen crypto users get an easy time during transactions. Many people have embraced bitcoin as one of their daily-use currencies.

The Starbucks store announced this move in 2018. One of the coffee store’s spokesmen told the media that the goal of Starbucks is to provide a seamless experience for its consumers during payment no matter what payment method they choose.

Can I Buy Starbucks Coffee With Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. It is possible to do a bitcoin payment at Starbucks thanks to a partnership with Bakkt, a leading digital wallet provider. This partnership involves Microsoft and ICE as Bakkt in these companies’ platforms. The Bakkt platform is used to convert cryptocurrency to acceptable options as Starbucks does not accept direct bitcoin transfers.

In the past, there were limited payment options until this great partnership happened and it is as easy as ABC. Starbucks is in the lead in promoting digital assets as acceptable payment methods. This is music to the ears of those who previously held on to their precious bitcoin without any use for them.

How to Pay For Your Starbucks Order with Bitcoin

Can I Buy a Starbucks Coffee with Bitcoin?

When we said it is as easy as ABC, what did we mean? It is simply copying the Starbucks bitcoin address and pasting it on your bitcoin wallet, then keying in the bitcoin amount on the payment field and sending. Did you know that cryptocurrency is considered more secure than debit and credit cards? This is because bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not use a third party to process payments. You do not have to keep your bitcoin without using them. You can follow the simple procedure above on your next Starbucks visit.


Starbucks has been named as one of the mainstream organizations that have embraced cryptocurrency. Bitcoin being the largest crypto by market value, it is bound to be noticed by top players in the business world. Some have described it as the future of currencies, a fact that has been proved by its immense growth over the years. Starbucks’ bitcoin payment option has gained popularity since it was first inducted.

FAQ Section

What other cryptocurrency does Starbucks accept?

At the moment, Starbucks only accepts bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency.

Are all products payable with bitcoin at Starbucks?

Yes, they are. You can pay for coffee or any other product of your choice with bitcoin at Starbucks.

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