Can you have coffee creamer while fasting (will coffee creamer break my fast + more information)?

Can you have coffee creamer while fasting? This is the question I needed an answer to while on a recent fast. Read on to find out what I discovered.

No, you cannot have coffee creamer while fasting, as creamers often contain components that can increase your blood sugar level or interfere with your body’s fat-burning processes. I love my coffee and was excited to learn that black coffee without sweeteners was a safe drink to have when fasting.

One of my friends was getting married, and a few of us thought fitting into the maids’ dresses was a good enough reason to shed some weight. Fasting was supposed to help meet this goal and leave us with glowing skin, stronger muscles, and improved mental function. Because I occasionally have creamer in my cuppa and was unsure if I could use it, I decided to post the question; however, the responses were confusing and divided. When we couldn’t agree, I set out on a mission to find a fact-based solution and report my findings to the group. I will share what I learned in this post so you may also know.

Can you drink coffee creamer while fasting?

No, you should not drink coffee creamer while fasting. If you do so while fasting for metabolic or weight loss purposes, it will slow down your fat-burning state, which means you will not reach your goals as fast as when you were not having any. You should also not have it at all if you are fasting for gut rest or longevity.

Will coffee creamer break my fast?

will coffee creamer break my fast

Yes, coffee creamer can break your fast because creamers generally have calories, which can elevate blood sugar levels. Some people argue that the general rule of thumb is to keep it under 50 calories. To them, anything over 50 calories will lead to breaking your fast. However, there is no consensus on this.

How long after a fast can I have coffee creamer?

You can have coffee with creamer immediately after a fast. However, you may want to avoid it altogether and use milk products instead. Most creamers have thickening agents, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors and sweeteners, and preservatives such as dipotassium phosphate and polysorbate 60 that negatively impact our bodies.


Is fat-free, sugar-free coffee creamer okay during fasting?

Yes, fat-free, sugar-free coffee creamer is okay as long as it does not cause a rise in the blood sugar level or contains elements that may interfere with the fat-burning process occurring during the fast.

How often can I have coffee creamer when on intermittent fasting?

You should avoid coffee creamer when on intermittent fasting, as it introduces calories and artificial elements to your body.

Is plant-based coffee creamer okay during fasting?

Plant-based coffee creamers are okay during fasting as long as they contain very low calories, do not cause a rise in the blood sugar level, and do not have components that will interfere with the body’s fat-burning process.

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