Will coffee help a sore throat (can coffee relieve sore throat + more information)?

When struggling with a sore throat or tonsillitis, as a coffee lover, you might crave a huge cup of coffee. Doctors always stress the importance of keeping our throats warm when we get sick, but will coffee help a sore throat?

No, coffee will not help a sore throat. It contains high acidity levels and dehydrates your body, irritating your already compromised sore throats. I recently fell ill with a bad sore throat, and for a whole week, I was not productive. Since my doctor had advised that I consume hot drinks, I did not go a day without coffee. Unfortunately, I experienced a bad irritation, and my throat sore grew worse. I had to return to my doctor. So, here’s why coffee wouldn’t be the best idea when you have a sore throat and what you should do if you have to drink it.

Should I drink coffee when I have a sore throat?

Coffee is a diuretic, meaning it rids your body of salt and water; it is also highly acidic. Yet while struggling with a sore throat, keeping your body warm and replenished with fluids is always recommended. Unfortunately, coffee dehydrates your body, and this, together with its high level of acidity, leads to irritation in your already sick throat. It is, therefore, not recommended.

Although some researchers and experts argue that because it is a hot drink, it does not affect your sore throat, it is necessary to reconsider this. Because it is a diuretic, you will get dehydrated easily, leading to a dry throat. Eventually, your throat will grow more inflamed.

Still, you can always have a cup or two of coffee. Please drink your coffee slowly, so it goes down your throat gently and avoids scratching the walls. Even as you drink coffee, stay hydrated with other fluids to be on the safe side.

How do I make coffee for a sore throat?

Sometimes, all that can make you feel better is a cup of coffee. In this case, ensure your coffee is warm and not scalding hot because this will worsen your already compromised throat. You should also reduce the amount of coffee you grind for your brew. This will help because you will experience less acidity hence less irritation in the throat.

What should I add to my coffee for sore throat?

can coffee relieve sore throat

Including honey in your coffee is highly recommended for sore throat. Honey is considered a cough suppressant that helps fight viruses and bacteria. So, including honey in your coffee will suppress the cough and sore throat and soothe it. Drink this mixture every eight hours for one week, and the soreness will disappear.

Additionally, don’t forget to reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee. Substituting it with honey would be the best option. Sugar will only worsen your sore throat.

Is cold coffee okay when I have a sore throat?

Doctors always advise sore throat patients to refrain from consuming cold drinks. However, there are iced coffee junkies who might get agitated if they do not enjoy one cup, even while sick. It will therefore depend on someone’s body.

A person’s throat can react differently to a cold drink. Some might not get affected further, while others might need more medication due to the prolonged sore throat. All in all, it would not be such a good idea to take a cold coffee when you have a sore throat.

FAQ Section

Does coffee soothe a sore throat?

Yes, coffee can be soothing to a sore throat, especially from the steam. However, hot coffee is not recommended as it will send you to a hospital fast! Adding honey to the coffee is an even better remedy and will soothe your sore throat further.

Will hot coffee irritate a sore throat?

Yes, scalding hot coffee is not recommended for a person suffering from a sore throat. It irritates as it roughly burns through your already compromised throat.

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