Jura Vs. Breville: Which One Brews Better Coffee?

There is no doubt that Jura and Breville are two of the best espresso machines available today, but which of the two brands brews better coffee? After years spent searching for the perfect espresso machine brand – think price, coffee flavor, quality, foam, machine’s durability, and maintenance – my findings led me to the conclusion that despite Breville’s popularity, Jura’s vast array of new technological features makes it a superior brand.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, months and months of research, a well-developed coffee palate, and distinguishing functional elements. If you have been on the fence about these brands, I’ll finally tell you which of the two brands brews the best coffee. Keep reading.

What are the differences between Jura vs. Breville?

FeaturesJura Coffee MachinesBreville Coffee Machines
What it’s made of (material)Most machines are made of stainless steel with black or silver accentsSturdy stainless steel
AppearancePrestigious, Futuristic, award-winning designsModern design, compact, with round shapes and overall sleek finishes
PriceHigh-endMid-to-High-End Range
Coffee Pods compatibilityYesYes
Warranty2years or a maximum of 6,000 brewing cycles12 months for home use and 3 months for commercially used machines
Capacity64-ounce (larger)50-ounce (Smaller)
Ease of clean upSuper-easy, one-button cleaning functionTakes longer to clean
AvailabilityReadily availableReadily Available
Ease of useExcellentCould be better; not the easiest
Milk Frothing Automated milk frother spout, but others don’t have frothersManual frothing wand

Jura vs. Breville- How They Compare?

Jura Vs. Breville
Breville coffee machine. Image source: Breville

What it’s made of (material)

Jura espresso machines are intuitively and elegantly designed using stainless steel, with either black or grey accented finishes. One look at the Jura espresso machine models confirms that these models not only meet but exceed whatever design expectations you had in mind. The use of stainless steel makes Jura machines sturdy and long-lasting, and this is possibly why the company gives you a maximum of a 9-year warranty for their products – they know that their products are that good.

On the other hand, you have the Breville coffee makers, designed with equal robustness. Breville machines are also made of stainless steel for that modern, sleek design that’s easy to clean.

In this category, the two brands draw. Since Jura and Breville are intuitively designed for durability thanks to the brands’ use of stainless steel in the machines’ construction, the brands tie. 


Jura’s espresso machines are elegantly designed, and you can tell how good they look because Jura has won several awards for the elegant designs of their models. In addition to the black or silver accents, these devices sport clean and highly expressive lines, and the models’ designs go above and beyond what you’d expect. The touchscreen features are easy on the eyes, easy to use, and allow for seamless connectivity. But the Jura machines aren’t the most compact devices.

Breville also offers an array of well-designed coffee machines, but they don’t come off as futuristic as Jura – also, Breville hasn’t won a design award yet. However, thanks to the stainless steel finishes, Breville models have a sleek look on the countertop and are equally easy on the eyes. Overall, Breville espresso machines tend to be much more compact than Jura’s, and they also have rounded shapes for more of a minimalist look.

This category has no clear winner because the design and whether something looks amazing are subjective.


Jura is an expensive, high-end brand of espresso machines, with all models falling in the high-end coffee machine category. This high-cost results from the elegant and ultra-intuitive technological elements incorporated in Jura coffee machines. Notably, Jura identifies as a brand of super-automatic espresso machines. This Swiss brand features high-quality coffee machines that brew amazing beverages thanks to some of Jura’s finest proprietary technologies like Aroma+, PEP, CLARIS, IPBAS, and FFT, among others. All these technological features make Jura a superior coffee brewer and an expensive brand.

On the other hand, Breville offers coffee machine options for mid-range to high-end users and budgets. This is made possible by the fact that Breville offers semi-automatic and super-automatic coffee machines.

In this category, Breville is the winning brand of espresso machines because it caters to the needs of individuals shopping on mid-to-high-end range product budgets.

Coffee Pods compatibility

Like all high-end but versatile coffee machines, Jura stands out thanks to the fact that this machine is compatible with all ground coffee brands, except for the oily coffee grounds.

Breville’s coffee machines are compatible with coffee pods and ground coffee options. The Breville Nespresso, for example, is compatible with the original Nespresso pods.

In this category, both brands offer a high degree of versatility thanks to their compatibility with all high-quality ground coffee brands and pods for the Nespresso machines. 


All Jura coffee machines have a 2-year warranty or up to 6,000 coffee brew cycles, unlike Breville’s coffee machines which have a 12-month warranty applicable for home use and a 3-month warranty for commercially used Breville coffee machines.

In this category, Jura scoops another win thanks to the fact that you can enjoy the company’s warranty for up to 2 years. The 2-year warranty means that the company fully trusts their appliances to last a long time and to offer the best value. 


While the largest Jura coffee machines have a sizeable 64-ounce tank capacity, Breville coffee machines’ largest tank is 50 ounces.

This is a draw. If you are looking for a large-capacity coffee machine for your household or office, the 64-ounce tank capacity of the Jura would be an ideal fit. However, if you prefer a more compact coffee machine, Breville would be an ideal fit.

Ease of clean up

Can we all agree that maintaining an espresso machine’s cleanliness can be a pain, especially with brands that don’t offer some automated cleaning functions?

With Jura’s CLARIS proprietary water purification (descaling) technology and their one-button cleaning option, Jura’s coffee machines are super easy to clean. But that is not all; if you forget to clean the machine, the machine’s screen will notify you and ask you to clean it.

Cleaning your Jura coffee machine is as simple as – popping in Jura’s cleaning tablets and running the 3-step cleaning cycle. This is all automated, and at the end of it, you will have a safe, hygienically cleaned coffee machine with sealed coffee ducts. The latter slows down coffee sedimentation of coffee’s fat, prolonging the longevity of the coffee machine. Additionally, all Jura coffee machines have a TÜV-certified hygiene level – the gold standard for hygiene in the hospitality industry.

On the other hand, Breville machines aren’t as tech-advanced, and if you are looking for an easy-to-clean automatic espresso machine, Breville machines might not be your answer. It’s not as easy to clean, and you must manually clean your Breville coffee machine. To flush out the system and descale, use some white vinegar. You also need a bottle brush to clean the milk frothing wand to prevent milk residue buildup and clogging. The super-automated Breville coffee makers have 45-minute automated cleaning systems and a self-cleaning frothing wand.

In this category, Jura’s wins because it has the simplest yet the most effective automated cleaning mechanism. Breville’s auto-cleaning capabilities aren’t as advanced, quick, or hands-free.


Jura’s espresso machine models include the Giga 10, Giga 6, Z10 Signature Line, Z10, Impressa Z6, Impressa J9 J8, S8, E8, E6, E4, D4, and the new ENA 8 and ENA 4 models. The band has cappuccino, espresso, and latte macchiato coffee machines.

Unlike Jura, Breville boasts even more espresso machine models ranging from espresso, drip coffee, and Nespresso machines. Their espresso machine models include Breville’s Barista Express Impress, Oracle Touch, The Oracle, The Dual Boiler, The Barista Touch, Barista Pro, The Infuser, Barista Express, Bambino Plus, Duo-Temp Pro, Dynamic Duo, and the Bambino.

In this category, Breville wins because it boasts the most versatile range of coffee machines in different price ranges and with different features matching different individuals’ needs.


Jura coffee makers are easily accessible from your town’s major online stores and big retailers or Jura’s website.

Breville’s coffee makers are also easily accessible and can be ordered from Breville’s official website, major online stores, and any of the big local retailer stores.

Both brands win in this category because you can buy their coffee machines from different stores, online or brick-and-mortar, and the models are readily available. 

Ease of use

Jura coffee machines’ fully automated designs are the easiest to use, thanks to the LED screen. The LED display lets you know when it’s time to empty your coffee puck container, when to clean the coffee machine, when to refill water, and even how to enhance its energy-saving capabilities. The single button for cleaning also makes it easy to clean. All Jura machines have 6 buttons in addition to the screen for ease of use. These are everyday experiences expected from all Jura coffee machines, save for the E8, which uses a fingerprint magnet and calls for the use of the buttons more than the LED display.

These features remain unmatched even in the most automated of the Breville coffee machines since manual input is still necessary, and the LED screen isn’t as intelligent.

Jura is the undisputed winner in this category thanks to its advanced functions and technologies that make it easy to brew and clean the coffee machine. 

Milk Frothing and foam quality

Jura machines have milk frothers, although Jura A1 lacks a frother. Also, your choice of Jura machines will depend on the drink you wish to make. For lattes and flat whites, a Jura espresso machine with fine-foam technology would be ideal. But this feature isn’t incorporated in all Jura machines, limiting to cappuccinos lovers.

Breville coffee machines feature milk steaming wands for frothing milk, and the wand gives you control over the quality of the foam, its consistency, and temperature. It’s also suitable for up-and-coming baristas.

Breville’s steam wand makes Breville coffee machines the most versatile coffee makers, allowing you to brew any drink you desire. 

Jura Vs. Breville: A comparison overview

Jura – Overview

Jura Vs. Breville- Which One Brews Better Coffee?
Jura coffee machine. Image source: Jura

JURA coffee makers are manufactured by JURA INC., a Swiss coffee machine brand founded in Switzerland in 1931. These coffee makers are primarily made in Switzerland or Portugal.

All Jura coffee makers are automatic or ultra-automatic, with the most sophisticated features that ensure high-precision brewing and a refined coffee experience. Their machines are also built to last, regardless of the type of coffee beans used.

Some functions that stand out from these innovative coffee machines include the automated brew, grind, tamp, and self-clean functions that work in under 60 seconds, delivering the best results.

These functions are made possible by the advanced AromaG3 grinder that grinds beans in half the time used by other brands. And to ensure the perfect-tasting full-bodied cup of Joe, the brand incorporates CLEARYL technology and filter cartridges. These two functions prevent descaling and deliver high-quality, safe water.

The flavor profile and taste of the coffee also improve with Jura thanks to the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) and the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma systems that optimize extraction for all coffees, including Ristrettos and espressos. These also make it easy for you to brew a cup that matches your preferred coffee. The fine foam technology enhances the frothing capabilities of the coffee maker.

What I liked;

  • Highly customized drinking options
  • Advanced automated functions for brewing and cleaning
  • Compatible with all ground coffee varieties
  • Descaling technology boosts its shelf-life
  • Durable and has a 2-year warranty

What I didn’t like;

  • Very expensive
  • Some don’t have frothers,

What do people say?

  • This coffee machine offers excellent value for money-Anonymous
  • Best purchase!-Buyer22
  • Absolutely fantastic coffee machine, but it can be expensive to maintain-Barista101
  • Easy to clean and maintain-June
  • Enjoying the large capacity of my coffee machine-Anonymous 

Breville- Overview

Jura Vs. Breville
Breville coffee machine. Image source: Breville

Breville is a renowned coffee brand founded in 1932 in Sydney, Australia (one year after JURA). Although they are engineered and designed in Australia, Breville’s coffee machines are manufactured/ assembled in China. Breville offers many coffee machines and some of the best espresso machines.

Away from their design, Breville’s coffee makers are some of the best and the most popular at-home and commercial coffee machines. Breville machines brew rich and full-flavored espressos with an irresistible body, a perfectly balanced coffee taste, and silky smooth and velvety mouthfeel froths.

For the perfect cup, Breville recommends using 18-22g of fresh ground beans for a richly flavored double espresso shot, brewed at the (9-bar and 15-bar Italian Pump) sweet spot, ensuring an irresistible body for your cup of coffee. The full, rich body results from the low-pressured, pre-infusion brewing technology. Note that the pre-infusion allows the grinds to expand gently as water passes through it, building the perfect low pressure for your coffee.

Finally, I appreciate the perfect balance in the coffee’s taste, which stems from the fact that the coffee maker brews coffee optimally at 199.4 degrees Fahrenheit and the steam wand that creates the perfectly velvety microfoam milk froth.

What I liked;

  • Versatility in types of coffee brewed
  • Full-bodied and richly flavored coffee
  • Silky mouthfeel microfoam milk froth
  • A perfect balance of taste and the best body profile
  • Available in the mid-to-high-end price range

What I didn’t like;

  • Cleaning takes long – up to an hour
  • Fewer automated functions for customization
  • Lack of proprietary technological features

What are customers saying?

  • A bit of a learning curve involved, but it makes an excellent barista out of the mistakes-Ana
  • Great value for money-Buyer 1
  • Durable, high-quality, sleek, full-featured coffee machine-Holly
  • I love how silky the frothed milk is-Buyer 2

Final Verdict: So, Which is better? – Jura or Breville

While Jura is technologically advanced, the simpler features of Breville coffee machines, such as the Italian Pump, make Breville a better brand because it brews higher-quality and a larger variety of coffees and its mid-range varieties work pretty well.


Is Jura heavier than Breville?

Overall, Breville coffee machine brands are more compact than Jura, but some are heavier than Jura coffee makers. A Breville Oracle Touch, for example, is heavier than Jura Z6. However, removable water tanks and drip trays would make any coffee machine lighter.

Which has a better appearance between, Jura and Breville?

Jura looks better than Breville thanks to its expressive, clean lines and the overall futuristic design that’s earned Jura machines several awards.

Which is easier to use, Jura and Breville?

Jura is easier to use than Breville because Jura has many automated brewing, grinding, energy-saving, and cleaning options. All these are a button away – using the button or the LED screen. Breville doesn’t match up even with their most automated coffee machines.

Which is more popular between, Jura and Breville?

Breville is more popular than Jura. Breville’s popularity comes from its robust and durable construction and the fact that these coffee makers are more affordable than the Jura coffee makers.

Which one is better for lattes, between Jura and Breville?

Jura. Thanks to the silky smooth frothing by the built-in Jura frother and the fine foam technology, it allows you the perfect velvety froth for your lattes.

Which one is easier to clean between Jura and Breville?

Jura is easier to clean. It has an automated cleaning function accessible with one touch on the screen. It’s also hygienic and has a technology feature that removes contaminants from water and seals the brewing system in seconds.

Which one makes better coffee Jura and Breville?

Both make good coffee. Since we all have different palates, with some of us having bolder, more developed palates that require more artistry and mastery, Breville could be better for us. But for someone who isn’t going for the most sophisticated or curated coffee brew, Jura would be fine.

Which one makes better coffee between, Jura and Breville?

Both make good coffee. Since we all have different palates, with some of us having bolder, more developed palates that require more artistry and mastery, Breville could be better for us. But for someone who isn’t going for the most sophisticated or curated coffee brew, Jura would be fine.

Which one came first between, Jura and Breville?

Jura came first. Jura came to life in 1931 in Switzerland, while Breville came a year later in 1932 in Sydney, Australia.

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