Jura E6 Vs. E8: Which one brews better coffee?

Waking up to a refreshing cup of coffee will always put a smile on my face and set the tone for a productive day. It was frustrating when my coffee machine broke down, but it had served me for some good years, so that’s fair enough. When I heard about the Jura coffee machines from my cousin, I was very interested. Turns out that these machines are one of the best in the market, with exceptional features to make you barista-coffee quality every time. So, should you get the Jura E6 or Jura E8? Keep reading to find out more!

What are the differences between Jura E6 Vs. E8?

FeaturesJura E6Jura E8
MaterialStainless steel and plasticPlastic
AppearanceModern and classyModern and sophisticated
PriceAbout $1,547About $2,400
Coffee Pods CompatibilityIt is compatible with any coffee podsIt is compatible with any coffee pods
WarrantyWarranty of 2 yearsWarranty of 2 years
CapacityIt has a water tank capacity of 1.9 liters and a bean hopper capacity of 280 grams.It has a water tank capacity of 1.9 liters and a bean hopper capacity of 280 grams.
Ease of Clean upEasy to clean with cleaning programsEasy to clean with cleaning programs
ModelIt is from a Swiss brand launched in 2017It is from a Swiss brand launched in 2020
AvailabilityIt is availableIt is available
Ease of useIt is easy to useIt is easy to use

Jura E6 Vs E8 – How They Compare

Jura E6 Vs. E8
Jura E6 Vs E8. Image source: Pinterest

What it’s made of (material)

Jura E6 is made with durable stainless steel and plastic, which makes the machine sturdy and durable. On the other hand, Jura E8 is made with only plastic. Both materials are high quality.

Jura E6 wins this category because the device is more durable from using stainless steel.


Jura E6 has a modern design made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic with black and matte silver side panels. It is classy and elegant, with chrome-accented grills in the removable drip tray. The machine comes in platinum and piano white colors.

On the other hand, Jura E8 has a well-designed plastic body and is piano black all-round but can be chrome-plated at a higher price. It has a sophisticated design and modern features. The removable drip tray is also chrome accented. It is available in silver, white, black, or with a chrome finish.

Jura E8 wins this category because of its polished design. The availability of a chrome finish makes it look exquisite.


Jura E6 is budget-friendly at $1,547. It is a high-quality machine that produces superb coffee, giving you value for your money.

On the other hand, Jura E8 is on the pricier side at about $2,400. The machine has additional special features and capabilities that make it worth every penny.

In this category, Jura E6 wins. It is affordable, and you still get to enjoy high-quality coffee.

Coffee Pods Compatibility

Jura E6 can work with any coffee pod. It also uses up fewer coffee beans for a shot of espresso, which minimizes wastage. The machine has five grinding options in its settings; fine, regular, coarse, medium-fine, and medium-coarse. It utilizes an Aroma G3 grinder to produce fine coffee grounds.

On the other hand, Jura E8 is also compatible with any coffee pod. However, it uses more coffee beans. It has ten grinding options, with additional; extra-fine, ultra-fine, extra-coarse, rice, and steel-cut oats for more control over your coffee. Jura E8 also has the Aroma G3 grinder for fine coffee grounds.

In this category, it is a draw. They are all compatible with any coffee pod, but also Jura E6 has the advantage of minimizing wastage of the coffee beans, while Jura E8 has the advantage of extra grinding options.


Jura E6 has a 2-year warranty after its purchase in case of any issues with the machine.

Similarly, Jura E8 also has a warranty of 2 years in case the customer encounters any problems with the device.

In this category, it is a draw. For both coffee machines, you get a warranty of 2 years.


Jura E6 has a water tank capacity of 1.9 liters, with an Intelligent Water System to filter hard minerals out of your drink. It also has a bean hopper capacity of 280 grams.

On the other hand, Jura E8 also has a water tank capacity of 1.9 liters and a bean hopper capacity of 280 grams.

It is a draw in this category since they both have the same capacity.

Ease of clean up

Jura E6 has an automatic cleaning system, with an indicator light on the screen that prompts you whenever it is necessary to clean the machine. It has integrated cleaning programs that you can utilize by pushing a button to run a cycle.

On the other hand, Jura E8 also has an automatic cleaning system. The machine rinses itself after every use to prevent any bitterness. It automatically runs the descaling system when the machine has been unused for a few minutes to ensure no milk or water residue in the machine for more effectiveness. It also has an automatic milk system cleaning to clean leftover milk in the machine.

Jura E8 wins this category because it has a better cleaning system. It can clean itself automatically without you pushing a button.


Both Jura E6 and Jura E8 are Jura models from a Swiss brand.

Jura E6 was launched in 2017. It was the first model to feature the innovative Pulse Extraction Process (PEP), whereby water is forced in short bursts through ground coffee. It also has an Intelligent Water System and an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System.

On the other hand, Jura E8 was released 3 years later, in 2020. The model has the same features as its predecessor, with additional special features that make it more efficient and expensive.

In this category, it is a draw. Jura E6 made way for the advancement of Jura E8, which has revolutionized coffee machines.


Both Jura E6 and Jura E8 are available in physical stores and online, like on Amazon.

It is a draw in this category. They are both available.

Ease of Use

Jura E6 is user-friendly, simple, and easy to use the controls. It has its special features, just enough to get you a perfect standard cup of coffee, and is easy to operate.

On the other hand, Jura E8 is also easy to use. It has a color touchscreen display, where almost everything is operated with the touch of a button. However, it may take some time to learn how to operate it because of its high level of programmability.

Jura E6 wins this category. It is easier to use, especially if you haven’t used Jura devices before. But with time, the Jura E8 becomes easy to use because of the high level of automation.

Jura E6 Vs E8: A Comparison Overview

Jura E6 – Overview

Jura E6 Vs. E8
Jura E6 coffee machine. Image source: Jura

Jura E6 is a simple, budget-friendly machine that brews high-quality coffee. It is made with great Jura technology, including the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) to extract as much flavor as possible from the coffee grounds and the Aroma G3 grinder for aromatic brews. The grinder is silent and uses fewer coffee beans to minimize wastage. Other features include; 2 temperature levels for your coffee, 8 levels of coffee strengths, up to 7 programmed coffee options, a single boiler, and one spout so you can only pour coffee or milk at a time. It also has an energy save mode (ESM) and a semi-automatic cappuccino foam that may not produce extra smooth milk foam. It has no bypass doser, and no smart connect app, but you can store your favorite recipes on your smartphone app. Jura E6 is durable, affordable, and solid for its price. It is minimalistic and perfect for someone who just needs their basic coffee drinks.

What I liked

  • It is budget-friendly
  • Its grinder is quiet

What I didn’t like

  • It has a few coffee options at just 7.
  • It has no by-pass doser. The machine only uses whole beans, so you can’t use pre-ground coffee.

What do people say

  • Some customers on Amazon found that Jura E6 prepared great day-to-day coffee. It was easy to use and looked sleek. The device is straightforward to operate.
  • Other customers were unsatisfied with Jura E6, one saying that it worked well for only 8 months. The machine has a 2-year warranty, so in case of any issues within that time, it is best to visit the Jura service providers.

Jura E8- Overview

Jura E6 Vs. E8 - Which one brews better coffee?
Jura E8 coffee machine. Image source: Jura

The Jura E8 is a state-of-the-art device that is highly programmed and automated. Similar to Jura E6, it utilizes Jura technology with PEP and Aroma G3 grinder. The grinder is, however, not as silent, probably because it has a bypass doser which allows you to use pre-ground coffee. The machine also allows you to preheat the water, which saves energy consumption. Its other features include; 3 levels of temperature control, 10 levels to adjust the strength of your coffee, 2 spouts for coffee and milk, a double boiler, and up to 16 programmed options. This means you can make more types of coffee, including a flat white and latte. The machine has power-saving modes featuring a smart mode and the smart connect app that allows for control over your coffee on your mobile phone. This is through using, for example, a Google Home system and using the same Wi-Fi network as the machine. You can save recipes on the machine from anywhere. The device also allows you to choose the density of your milk using the manual milk texture control by adjusting a knob and making microfoam for creamy coffee. Jura E8 is perfect for ardent coffee lovers who enjoy milk-based beverages.

What I liked

  • It has a bypass doser that allows for pre-grounding coffee for your brew.
  • It has more control options for temperature and coffee strength levels.

What I didn’t like

  • The machine is pricey.

What do people say

  • Many customers on Amazon had a good experience with Jura E8. They describes it as a wonderful machine and appreciated the additional functionalities that enhanced their coffee experience.
  • Some customers found it easier to use than previous versions.
  • The special features of this device are its biggest advantage over other coffee machines.

Final Verdict: So, Which is Better? – Jura E6 or E8

Jura E8 is better than Jura E6. The performance of this coffee machine is out of this world. It is highly programmed, advanced with special features, and versatile with more coffee options. Despite the higher price tag, it is worth it. It gives the best that an espresso machine can offer, and in the long run, it will save you the cost of splurging on coffee that you can easily make at home. However, if you are looking for a standard high-quality machine to enjoy basic coffee beverages, Jura E6 is your best option.


Is Jura E6 heavier than Jura E8?

No, Jura E8 is heavier than Jura E6.

Which has a better appearance between Jura E6 and E8?

Jura E8 has a better appearance, especially the chrome-finished ones.

Which one makes better coffee between Jura E6 and E8?

Both machines make impeccable coffee utilizing Jura technology. However, Jura E8 has more coffee options than Jura E6.

Which one is easier to clean between Jura E6 and E8?

Jura E8 is easier to clean because of its high level of automation. It automatically descales the machine when it is left idle for some minutes.

Which one is better for lattes between Jura E6 and E8?

Jura E8 is better for lattes. It has 16 programmed options for coffee, including milk-based lattes.

Which is more popular between, Jura E6 and E8?

Jura E8 has become more popular because of its advanced features compared to Jura E6.

Which is easier to use between Jura E6 and E8?

Jura E6 is easier to use because it has fewer features that are easy to maneuver. Jura E8 is highly programmed, but after getting the hang of it with time, it is easy to use.

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