What is a Starbucks star day? (What does Starbucks star mean? + more information)

Starbucks rewards program is one of the best ways to appreciate customers. If you are a frequent Starbucks visitor, you may want to know; what is Starbucks star day?

Starbucks star days involve a week dedicated to exclusive offers that the company sets apart to celebrate its rewards members by implementing exciting approaches to earn more stars.

One thing I love about visiting my local Starbucks shop is that I not only get to enjoy my favorite drink, but I also earn stars that I can redeem for rewards. If you are a Starbucks rewards member, keep reading to learn more about star days so you do not miss earning more stars towards free Starbucks favorites.

Stars for Fall Monday

What does Starbucks star mean?

Starbucks customers celebrate star days by simply registering for Starbucks Rewards and creating an account. Starbucks star days are exclusive through the company’s app, so customers should download it to enjoy the offers.

Stars for fall Monday is exclusive for Starbucks customers who order any fall drink. The drink must be a grande serving or larger. Some of the fall drinks that earn you this offer include pumpkin cream cold brew and pumpkin spice latte, although the beverages vary based on the fall beverages that have been launched for the given year. For this offer, customers who purchase the fall drinks on the selected Monday receive 25 stars in their Starbucks account.

50 Star Tuesday

For 50 star Tuesday, Starbucks customers who load $10 and above in their rewards card get 50 bonus stars accredited to their Starbucks account.

Half-Off Wednesday

The offers get better as the week progresses during the Starbucks star days, with half-off Wednesday gracing your mid-week. For this offer, Starbucks rewards members who order a beverage get half-off on another beverage in the same order. You should order a drink in a grande serving or larger to receive the offer. Thus, you get to enjoy another drink for half its price on half-off Wednesday.

Triple Star Thursday

Starbucks star day

Things usually get better with triple star Thursday. This offer provides a rare opportunity for Starbucks rewards members to collect extra stars and earn rewards more quickly. During triple star Thursday, customers collect triple stars on almost every order from participating shops on the selected Thursday. Therefore, if your order is supposed to give you one star on a normal day, you will receive three stars on triple star Thursday. 

Aeroplan Bonus

Starbucks partnered with Air Canada Aeroplan to create the Aeroplan bonus. While this is not an exclusive offer during the star days, it increases your chances of increasing your stars significantly.

Aeroplan bonus allows members with both accounts to earn and redeem Aeroplan points on Starbucks drinks. Members also get to earn more rewards when engaging with both companies. You only need to link your Starbucks rewards and Aeroplan accounts and begin earning points.

If you do not have a Starbucks rewards, account and want to link, you simply download the Starbucks app and create an account. You will receive 400 Aeroplan points after your first purchase as a welcome bonus.

Every time you load $75 or more to your Starbucks card, you receive 150 Aeroplan points, while loading $50 -$74.99 will earn you 75 points. You can convert your Aeroplan points into Starbucks stars which you can use to get a free drink. Going from Aeroplan points to Starbucks stars is simple since you can convert beginning at 1000 points for a whopping 200 stars.

The Aeroplan bonus is a double dip because you still earn Starbucks starts on all qualifying purchases at Starbucks, in addition to the Aeroplan points that you also receive.

Friday, Fri-Yay

Friday, Fri-Yay is the last day of the star days. For this offer, you receive 50 bonus stars if you spend $10 or more before tax at all participating Starbucks coffee shops.

FAQ Section

How often are Starbucks double star days?

Starbucks holds double star days monthly on selected days.

Did Starbucks stop double star days?

No, Starbucks has not stopped double star days.

Is Starbucks Getting rid of stars?

Although Starbucks ended its grocery receipt verification program that helped customers stack up on their stars quickly, it is not getting rid of stars, and customers will continue to earn stars and redeem them for rewards.

Are Starbucks stars worth it?

Starbucks stars are definitely worth it since you get something for free. For as low as 25 stars, you get to enjoy something for free at Starbucks. 25 stars allow you to customize your beverageto add an espresso shot, syrup, dairy substitute, and more. Fifty stars get you hot tea, bakery product, or brewed hot coffee. 150 stars get you a hot breakfast, handcrafted beverage, or parfait. For 250 stars, you can get a protein box or lunch sandwich, while you can choose at-home coffee or merchandise for 400 stars.

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