What is Starbucks winter blend? (where does the Starbucks winter blend coffee come from more information)

If you have been buying ground coffee beans from Starbucks, you might want to try winter blend. But what is Starbucks winter blend? Keep reading to find out more!

The Starbucks winter blend is a type of whole bean coffee that is 100% Arabica and medium roast. Since I like brewed coffee, I have been making it with different types of ground beans from this company. I recently discovered Starbucks winter blend and created this post to inform you of its origin and how to brew it. By the end of it, you will learn where you can get it from and its nutritional value.

Where does Starbucks winter blend coffee come from?

This seasonal coffee blend combines coffee beans from Latin America and Asia/Pacific region. These regions are famous for producing good quality coffee beans. Starbucks winter blend is USDA organic, and of high quality. Starbucks often sells this coffee blend during the winter to help you keep warm. The coffee house is committed to ethical sourcing practices and roasting quality coffee.

What is Starbucks winter blend nutrition?

If you are on a diet, you can take this coffee since it has 0 calories. It has no carbs, fat, cholesterol, protein, sodium, or fiber. This is when you prepare it black without any sugar or cream. If you add such substances, then it will no longer be calorie-free.

Though some people prefer taking this coffee black, adding a sweetener and some cream can make it more delicious. You should, however, not add too much of these substances, especially when trying to lose weight.

How do you brew the Starbucks winter blend coffee?

where does the Starbucks winter blend coffee come from

You can use a cold press to brew the Starbucks winter blend coffee. This method can lead to a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee. Start by preparing the coffee press by rinsing it with hot water. You should then add the ground coffee once you pour the hot water. You can add one cup of water for two tablespoons of this ground coffee. Ensure that you pour the water just below the rim and pay attention to its temperature.

The right temperature for this brewing method is between 195 and 205 degrees F. You can then saturate the ground coffee by stirring it a couple of times with a spoon. Once you do this, put back the lid and give the coffee at least 4 minutes to brew. After this, you can separate the grounds from the coffee by pushing down the plunger. Pour the coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy every sip. Though grinding coffee is not as convenient as using coffee pods, it can help you enjoy fresh coffee every time you crave caffeine.

What does Starbucks winter blend coffee taste like?

Starbucks winter blend has rich earthy notes and a nutty flavor. Since its roast level is medium, it is well-balanced and not very acidic. You can therefore enjoy this whole bean coffee without experiencing heartburn. Though this coffee may lack the punch and intensity of dark roast coffee, it is still satisfying.

I like it since it is bold, smooth, and has an amazing aroma. The Winter blend is famous since it is easy to drink. It can also wake you up in the morning and keep you more focused during the day due to its caffeine content. Many people also reveal a boost of energy after drinking this coffee.

Can I buy the Starbucks winter blend coffee?

Starbucks winter blend

Yes. Though this coffee is seasonal at Starbucks, it is easy to buy from different platforms. For instance, you can get it easily at Amazon. I like the fact that it is reasonably priced compared to other types of ground coffee. This means that you can save some cash while at the same time enjoying the good quality and great-tasting coffee. This coffee comes in a 2.5 lb bag and has appealing packaging that does not tear easily.


Starbucks winter blend is ground coffee that you can enjoy, especially during cold days. This seasonal product from Starbucks is also available at popular online marketplaces. Many people like it due to its delicious taste. It comes from Latin America and the Asia Pacific region and is 100% arabica coffee. Consider getting Starbucks winter blend and making your own coffee. I have also given directions on how to brew Starbucks winter blend coffee to help you get started.

FAQ section

What flavor is Starbucks winter blend coffee?

The winter blend has a round nutty flavor that many coffee fans find satisfying.

How much is the Starbucks winter blend coffee?

Amazon sells a bag of this coffee at $40.98.

Is the Starbucks winter blend coffee seasonal?

Yes. This coffee is seasonal and mostly available during the winter.

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