Starbucks winter blend vs. house blend: Which One is better?

Starbucks has many coffee blends, and it gets a little confusing to settle on the best one. I realized that some blends work better in some drinks while others do not. I had tasted the winter blend, but I had never tried the house blend. I recently paid a visit to a friend and found her brewing some house blend. This inspired me to scrutinize the two coffee houses in this post. If you have been confused by the two blends, stick around to find out which one is better.

What are the differences between the Starbucks winter blend and vs. house blend?


Winter Blend

House Blend


100% Arabica coffee from Latin America and Asia/Pacific Region

100% Arabica coffee from Latin America

Taste Profile

Rich, nutty taste

Sweet toffee and cocoa notes

Caffeine/Nutritional Value

190mg per Grande, no calories, fat, protein, or carbs

190mg per Grande, no calories, fat, protein, or carbs

Availability/ Accessibility


All Year

Roast Level

Medium roast

Medium roast

Starbucks winter blend vs. house blend- How they compare

Starbucks winter blend

What it’s made of-Ingredients

The winter blend is 100% coffee Arabica with coffee beans sourced from Latin America and blended with some from the Asia/Pacific region. The house blend is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans from Latin America. These beans are roasted to bring out the various tastes of these blends.

The mixture of Latin American and Asia/Pacific beans makes the winter blend the winner in the ingredients category.

Taste profile

The winter blend is a nice blend that gives you a rich nutty taste with an earthy flavor. You will pick up warm notes of cinnamon’s earthy taste and a sweet aroma while grinding. The house blend gives you a delicate balance of toffee and cocoa notes, and a sweet natural taste from the roast. The pungent tones of the house blend tone down with every sip.

In this category, the house blend has a sweet, cocoa-like taste delicate taste, and therefore wins in this category.

Caffeine content/ Nutritional Value

The winter blend is rich in caffeine, and a Grande serving will give you a boost of 190mg. The winter blend is a medium roast which makes it moderately caffeinated. You will love the espresso from this blend as it will give you a great kickstart without the side effects of a caffeine overdose. The winter blend has zero calories, zero fat, and zero carbs. The house blend is also caffeinated with 190mg per Grande serving. The blend does not have any calories, fat, carbs, or proteins.

The blends have similarities in caffeine and nutritional value, and in this category, we get a draw.


The winter blend is a seasonal coffee house. You can only get it in the holiday season between November and January. Seasonal blends do not last the whole year and you will not get them after the season is over. The house blend is available all year round. It has no season, and you can pick it up at the grocery store at any time of the year.

This is an automatic win for the house blend. The accessibility all year round is a plus.

Roast level

The winter blend is a medium roast. It is roasted darker than the blonde roast and slightly lighter than the dark roasts. A medium roast does not have an oily surface as the roasting does not burn the coffee to the extent of getting the oil on the surface. The house blend is a medium roast as well. It gets a chestnut dark color from the roasting without the pungent smell of a dark roast.

Both of the coffee houses are medium roasts. They are blended in between a blonde and dark roast level. Therefore, we get a draw in the roasting category.

Starbucks winter blend vs. house blend: A comparison Review

Starbucks winter blend-Overview

house blend vs. Starbucks winter blend

The seasonal blend is an amazing way to warm up in the winter. The medium roast is a moderate caffeine source with low acidity. I was intrigued by the nutty taste of this coffee and how beautifully it blended with other ingredients. The coffee pack comes in whole beans,, and one has to grind it to a course or fine grind depending on the coffee machine to be used. I liked the full-bodied taste and sweet undertones. The depth of the taste and flavor are achieved by blending Latin American coffee and Asia/Pacific coffee. Each region has a different taste profile due to the varying climatic conditions.

What I liked

  • The nutty tones
  • High Caffeine

What I didn’t like

  • It’s a seasonal coffee house

Who it’s best suited for

  • This coffee blend is suited for those who prefer a mild flavor

Starbucks House Blend –Overview

Which One is better between Starbucks winter blend and house blend:

The house blend is the oldest coffee house at Starbucks and it dates back to 1971 when the coffee chain first opened. This coffee blend comes in a medium roast that oozes a cocoa and toffee flavor that leaves you feeling like you are downing a mocha. I liked the caffeine boost that comes with this medium blend. The acidity was low, and the coffee taste was eminent. I liked how well it blended with milk and other additives without concealing the strong coffee taste of a medium roast.

What I liked

  • The caffeine boost
  • The low acidity

What I didn’t like

  • I didn’t like the slightly burnt taste of this blend

Who it’s best suited for

  • This coffee blend is best suited for espresso lovers who do not like dark roasts.

Final Verdict: So, which is better? – Starbucks Winter blend or House Blend

The house blend takes this one because it is available all year round. This was a tight contest and both coffee houses are amazing, and almost similar. However, a consistent blend is great because you can walk into the grocery store and pick it up. You do not need to wait for a specific season to satisfy your caffeine addiction.


Is Starbucks’ winter blend stronger than the house blend?

No, both of them are medium roasts and have the same strength in caffeine and flavor.

Which one has a more balanced flavor between the winter blend and the house blend?

The winter blend is a better depth and balance of flavors than the house blend.

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