8 Best Starbucks drinks without strong coffee taste (Tasty Starbucks Coffee Drinks Without the Strong Coffee Taste + More)

Do you love the energizing effect of Starbucks coffee but find the taste too strong? If yes, keep reading to discover the best Starbucks drinks without a strong coffee taste.


Some of the best Starbucks drinks that don’t have a strong coffee drink include flavored lattes and mochas. I once ordered a Quad Espresso from Starbucks and had the same expression as the lady above. It had a very strong coffee taste, and it made me almost give up on Starbucks.

However, the next day while at work, I tasted my colleague’s vanilla latte, and it was so delicious since it did not have a strong coffee taste. Since I discovered that not all Starbucks drinks have a strong coffee taste, I created this post to share the best with you.

By the end of this post, you will also learn how to order them. 

How to order drinks without strong coffee at Starbucks

For espresso drinks, you might want to go for flavored lattes to tame the strong coffee taste. Another great option is a Frappuccino blend. This drink gives out more cream than coffee taste.

Mocha is also great with its hints of chocolate and coffee. The name mocha means coffee and chocolate.

This combo is ideal for taming the strong coffee taste and leaving you with a drink you can enjoy with every sip. Ask the barista for a ristretto shot, as it is sweet and less bitter if you still want a coffee taste.

You can also order a blonde roast for a mild sweet taste. However, the blonde roasts are highly caffeinated.

What is the least strong coffee at Starbucks?

If you are looking at the taste, the drink that least tastes like coffee, even with coffee, is a Frappuccino blend.

This blend is more cream than coffee, and with so many flavors added, the coffee taste will be concealed in the background. This doesn’t entirely rid the drink of coffee but tones it down to a more favorable taste.

You can start with a mocha Frappuccino and advance slowly to other densely flavored Frappuccino blends like the java chip Frappuccino.

How I choose the Best Starbucks drinks without a strong coffee taste 

After considering reviews from baristas and customers, I chose the best coffee drinks without a strong coffee taste. Since there is nothing as genuine as real feedback from real people, you can fully trust this post to give you the best options.

I have also been ordering different Starbucks drinks to figure out the ones that don’t have a strong coffee taste. I will also help you figure out what each drink is made of. 

8 Best Starbucks drinks without strong coffee taste 





Mocha Frappuccino

Coffee Frappuccino base syrup, instant coffee, mocha sauce, ice, whole milk


Vanilla Latte

Ice, Steamed milk, espresso, vanilla syrup


Caramel Macchiato

Caramel topping, milk, Vanilla syrup


Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

Peppermint syrup, ice, mocha sauce, milk, topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate curls, Frappuccino coffee roast


Caffe Mocha

Espresso, hot milk, mocha sauce, whipped cream


Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Cinnamon dolce syrup, espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon dolce sprinkles, and whipped cream


White chocolate mocha

Steamed milk, espresso, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream


Iced Dirty Chai Latte

Chai tea, milk. Espresso

Mocha Frappuccino

This is my favorite Starbucks drink since I can barely taste the coffee in it. If you are a coffee beginner and are yet to get used to the strong espresso, this drink is ideal for you. 

You will have a distinct taste of chocolate and coffee, which translates to a mocha taste. The whipped cream topping gives it a delicious taste. The Frappuccino is the least coffee-tasting drink at Starbucks.

The mocha taste and the chocolate hints tone the strong espresso down without completely concealing it. The Mocha is not overly sweet but can be sweetened to your taste.

Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Latte. Source: Starbucks

My lattes are never complete with the vanilla flavor since this is like a match made in heaven. Though the latte is made with espresso, which I find strong, adding vanilla and steamed milk tames the espresso taste to make it more balanced.

Therefore, if you don’t like strong espresso drinks, do not skip this one. 

The latte is made with sweet vanilla, but you can opt for a sugar-free syrup if you are cutting back on your sugar intake. The coffee taste will still be bearable even without an exaggerated sugar amount. You can have the latte hot or iced, depending on the weather or your preference.

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato. Source: Starbucks

Do you like your coffee with lots of milk? If yes, Caramel Macchiato was created with you in mind. The milk in this drink tones down the strong espresso shots used to make it. 😋 I can’t get enough of this drink’s smooth and creamy taste. 

You can regulate the sweetness by adding or removing the caramel. For a distinct flavor, order vanilla syrup without sugar if you do not have a sweet tooth.

A caramel macchiato will still taste like coffee but not in an overbearing way. Some people have described the taste as a sweet thin caramel milkshake.

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

White Chocolate Mocha. Source: Pinterest

👌Nothing is as soothing as a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino during the cold weather. I like this one since it gives me a caffeine kick without subjecting me to a strong coffee taste. The intertwining of mint and chocolate is a great way to usher in the holiday spirit.

My favorite part is the hint of mint taste left in the mouth. This is an exceptional drink, and you can barely tell there is coffee in it.

Caffe Mocha

🤔 What comes to your mind when you think about Mocha drinks? Chocolate, right? If you are not used to this drink, you may not tell that it is coffee since it has a mild coffee taste.

The deep sweet luxurious taste derived from combining espresso and chocolate is ideal for a moderate coffee taste. The mocha sauce tames the espresso without covering it and the result is a well-balanced drink. 

I would vouch for this drink for a beginner coffee drink or someone who wants to take a break from the strong Starbucks drinks available.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

A latte is a simple mixture of espresso. If you want to add some zing to this popular drink, you can introduce cinnamon dolce syrup. The drink is added some whipped cream and a nice cinnamon dolce sprinkle to the top.

These additives tone down the strong espresso and give it a relaxed, sweet taste. You will taste more of the earthy cinnamon taste and sweet whipped cream than coffee. The taste of this latte is like a vanilla latte but with a cinnamon twist.

This was my go-to drink when I was starting on coffee, and it worked out well for me. I still grab a Grande occasionally.

White Chocolate Mocha

White Chocolate Mocha. Source: Pinterest

When I want to take a comforting drink with a mild coffee taste, I go for this one. The Starbucks signature espresso is mixed with white chocolate sauce and steamed milk. I really like the whipped cream that it comes with on top. 

You will taste more chocolate and less coffee and pick up hints of sweet condensed milk. This drink mimics a latte in so many ways, but the distinction comes in the taste.

It has a great mocha flavor. Additionally, I love what the white chocolate syrup does to the espresso’s strong taste. 

Iced Dirty Chai Latte

Starbucks Iced Dirty Chai Latte. Source: Pinterest

Well, my list would not be complete without mentioning an iced dirty chai latte. I enjoy this Starbucks drink so much that I even learned how to make it at home. 

This is simply a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso. It combines sweet and spicy chai tea with foamed milk and a shot of espresso with some ice. 

You get the best of both worlds with tea and coffee in one cup. The beauty of it all is that you can barely tell if there is espresso save for the distant taste that is well-balanced with the spice in the chai tea.

This coffee is the ultimate energy booster with caffeine from both tea and coffee. The term ‘dirty’ is added to denote the extra espresso shot.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is a great drink, but some roasts can come off as too strong. The only way around this is to customize with flavors and milk to tame the strong coffee taste.

Starbucks has something for everyone, including those who want coffee drinks without the overly strong earthy taste. The flavors like vanilla make it possible to have your cake and eat it.

Informative Section

What is the creamiest and sweetest coffee at Starbucks?

The caramel macchiato is sweet from the 44g of sugar and sweet vanilla syrup, and the creaminess is from milk.

What Starbucks coffee would you recommend to someone who doesn’t like bitter coffee?

I would recommend the Starbucks Veranda Blend. It is a mild blonde roast coffee ground with no bitterness.

What do I order if I don’t want a strong coffee taste?

You can order a Caffe mocha since it barely tastes like coffee.

Best Starbucks drinks for coffee haters

If you hate coffee, try out the numerous tea drinks at Starbucks, like chai tea lattes or green tea lattes.

Which Starbucks drinks don’t taste like coffee?

Caramel frappuccino, vanilla latte, and hazelnut latte are some of the caffeinated drinks that don’t taste like coffee.

What is the least strong coffee at Starbucks?

Cappuccino is the least strong coffee at Starbucks since it has only 75 mg of caffeine.

What is the best coffee at Starbucks that is not bitter?

Since Blonde roast is among the lightest roast coffee bean, the best Starbucks coffee that is not bitter is Blonde Latte.

Why does Starbucks coffee taste so strong?

Starbucks uses a high amount of coffee than water compared to other coffee companies. 

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