7 Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps (Good Starbucks drinks for cramps + Everything you need to know)

Period cramps can make you selective about what you eat and drink, including your Starbucks order. So, what are the best Starbucks drinks for period cramps?

When I think about some of the worst things we have to deal with here on earth, period cramps are among my top five. They can be painful, uncomfortable, and just plain brutal.

During that time, you need to be extra selective on the foods and drinks you consume, as they can either make you feel much better or much worse. You not only need to deal with the physical pain that cramps bring but also the emotional turmoil hormone fluctuations bring during that time.

Due to this and more, if you are a Starbucks fan, you also have to be selective of the drinks you’ll choose. Upon research and based on my experience, these are seven of the best Starbucks drinks that can help with period cramps.

Can I drink Starbucks while on my period?

Yes, you can. However, the options are narrowed down. When on your period, it is best to avoid drinks that have a high amount of caffeine, sugar, and dairy.

These can make the symptoms that accompany periods much worse, such as severe cramps and bloating.

Due to the hormonal activity going on in your body, you can become sensitive to the foods that you take. Starbucks drinks that are high in caffeine, high in sugar, and high in dairy can make cramps worse.

It is best to steer clear of highly caffeinated drinks like espressos, sugary drinks like mochas, and hot chocolate and dairy-laden drinks like lattes. They can make your period time much worse.

Drinks with the traits mentioned above can make period symptoms much worse. Some may increase your flow and make cramps worse. They can also increase constipation, worsen nausea and reduce appetite.

During this time it is best to switch your order to simpler beverages like warm herbal teas to have an easier time.

What is the best drink to drink when on your period?

The best drink to have while on your period would be herbal teas. This is because tea has less caffeine. Some herbal teas like peppermint tea, ginger tea, or chamomile tea, can help relieve cramps and also calm the body.

During your period, you are likely to be very uncomfortable due to the severe accompanying symptoms, such as painful cramps, excess bloating, nausea, and vomiting.

Being on your period can also cause a lot of emotional distress, due to the fluctuation of hormones. Some herbal teas can help to calm the body and bring some form of hormonal balance so that you can have an easier time.

How we choose the Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

How we choose the Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

When considering the best Starbucks drinks for period cramps, we considered various factors. Period cramps can be very uncomfortable and painful, and these drinks can help to relieve pain and bring comfort during this time.

We considered drinks that have ingredients that can help relieve period pain such as peppermint, ginger, and rose hip.

We also steered clear of drinks that are high in sugar, caffeine, and dairy. This is because such ingredients are likely to make cramps worse.

High levels of caffeine constrict the blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen and blood that flows to the muscles of the uterus, thus making cramps worse. High sugar makes cramps worse because it causes inflammation. High levels of dairy also cause excess inflammation, thus making cramps worse.

We also selected drinks that are hot/warm. Warm drinks can aid in relaxing muscles hence making cramps less painful. Cold/iced drinks can make cramps worse because they make muscles constrict thus making cramps worse.

You will note that most of the drinks are hot teas. Tea has less caffeine than coffee, making them more suitable to help with cramps. The hot/warm temperatures are best for bringing relief during cramps.

7 Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

This is a list of eight of the best drinks to get at Starbucks for period cramps





Honey Citrus Mint Tea

Hot Water, Lemonade, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, honey, Peach Tranquility herbal tea


Mint Majesty Tea

Water, Peppermint leaves, Spearmint leaves, Lemon Verbena


Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea

Water, Organic Spearmint, Organic Lemon Verbena, Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemongrass


Emperor’s Clouds and Mist Tea

Green Tea, Water


Peach Tranquility Tea

Water, Peach pieces, Apple Pieces, Rose Hip peels, Candied pineapple pieces, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile flowers


Matcha Tea Latte

Water, milk, ground green tea, sugar



Hot Water

Honey citrus mint tea

Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

This drink is also known as the Starbucks medicine ball. Initially, it was not on the Starbucks permanent menu but made it there through its popularity on social media. This drink is popular to take when feeling unwell and is suitable for relieving period cramps.

Mint Majesty Tea

Choose the Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

This drink has both peppermint and spearmint, both of which are effective in relieving period cramps.

Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea

Top Starbucks drinks for period cramps

This drink contains all the things you need to properly deal with period cramps. It has a powerful combination of green tea and spearmint to relieve pain.

Also, the lemongrass helps to reduce nausea, which is most often witnessed during period cramps.

Emperor’s Clouds and Mist Tea

Great Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

Don’t let the straightforwardness and simplicity of this tea make you think that it isn’t effective. Made with only water and green tea, it is still effective.

The water keeps the body hydrated which eventually reduces pain and bloating. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can help with digestion, reduce bloating and reduce constipation as well.

Peach Tranquility Tea

Choosing the Best Starbucks drinks for period cramps

This tea is suitable for helping with period cramps while being able to enjoy some sweetness. It encompasses all the ingredients you need to make this time as smooth as possible.

The candied pineapple pieces, apple pieces, and peach pieces provide a healthy amount of sweetness. The rosehip pieces are a powerful remedy for cramps, and chamomile is a well-known ingredient for calming emotions.

No wonder it’s called tranquility tea, your body and mind will be at peace after a few sips.

Matcha Tea Latte

 Starbucks drinks for period cramps

You may wonder why this drink is on this list, yet it has dairy, sugar, and caffeine which are known to make cramps worse. However, it also has green tea which is a powerful ingredient against period cramps.

To make this drink more period cramps-friendly, you can customize your order. For instance, choose a non-dairy milk option like oat milk or coconut milk.

You could also reduce the number of scoops of matcha powder to reduce the amount of caffeine. You could also choose to omit the sugar and any extra sweeteners.


Good Starbucks drinks for cramps

Yes, you read it right. Plain Water can tremendously help with period cramps. During period cramps, the uterine walls contract to shed the extra uterine lining which then comes out as a period.

The walls contracting is caused by the constriction of blood vessels, hence less oxygenated blood can pass through the uterine muscles, making cramps very painful.

Staying hydrated during this time can ensure more oxygenated blood passes through the uterine walls, making cramps less painful. Hydrating can also help to reduce headaches and bloating, it also eases digestion and prevents constipation.

To make this even better, water at Starbucks is free, they only charge a few cents for the cup, if you make a take-away order.

Also, period cramps may reduce appetite and water may be the only thing you can take.

Informative Section

What tea from Starbucks helps with cramps?

The best tea to drink from Starbucks that helps with cramps is the honey citrus mint tea.

What’s the Starbucks best thing to drink when you have cramps?

As mentioned earlier, the best Starbucks drink for cramps is honey citrus mint tea. The best drinks are hot herbal teas, as opposed to coffee. Coffee has more caffeine than tea, and caffeine can make period cramps worse.

Which is better for bloating Starbucks coffee or tea?

Tea is better since it has less caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your gut and leads to spasms that cause bloating. It also constricts blood vessels hence less oxygenated blood can flow through the uterine muscles, making cramps more painful.

Which drinks make period cramps worse?

Drinks that are high in sugar, caffeine, and dairy are known to make cramps worse.

Can herbal teas be found all year round?

Yes, they can. Most of the Starbucks herbal teas are on the permanent menu, so you can find them all year round and in majority of the Starbucks stores.

Do I have to stick to herbal teas when on my period?

No, you do not. But it would be the best option to choose to avoid making that time more difficult.

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