7 Best things to eat at Starbucks (The top things to order at Starbucks when you are hungry + More information)

Wondering what is worth ordering at Starbucks when you are hungry? Take a look at this list of the best things you can eat while at Starbucks.

Considering Starbucks started as a coffee shop that purely sold coffee beverages, I am not surprised that some people are unaware that you can order food at Starbucks as well. My colleagues and I have been Starbucks customers for a while now and have seen it expand, as a business and also in the food products they provide. And I don’t just mean the usual baked goods that you get at a coffee shop to accompany your beverage. I mean actual meals you can have for breakfast and others for lunch. There is quite a variety to choose from when you combine the Starbucks breakfast and lunch menu. That is why I’m going to help you narrow it down by sharing with you a list of what my colleagues and I, have found are the best things to eat at Starbucks over the years. Keep reading to find out more.

Can I Eat At Starbucks?

Yes, you can eat at Starbucks. Although they started by strictly selling coffee and other beverages, their menu has since expanded. Today, they have a breakfast menu filled with classics like wraps and sandwiches as well as oatmeal and yogurt. They also have a lunch menu, with a wide variety, ranging from paninis to protein boxes. That’s not even counting the Starbucks-baked goodies you can enjoy like cake pops and brownies.

How To Order Food From Starbucks?

The top things to order at Starbucks when you are hungry

Ordering in-store is easy since the items are on the menu. Just order off the menu and specify whatever modifications you want and whether it’s a to-go order or not. Using the Starbucks app, you can select what you want from the menu, add the customizations, select the pick-up from the store, place the order and go pick it up when it’s ready.

After the pandemic, there has been a limited sitting store policy, but things are slowly returning to normalcy. You can, however, order to go, or ahead of time through the app, or at the drive-throughs.

How We Choose The Best Things To Eat At Starbucks?

Aside from our experience have had most of the Starbucks breakfast menu items, my colleagues and I, also considered the following factors when coming up with this list:

  • Popularity – The items listed here have received numerous positive reviews. So, you don’t have to simply take our word for it.
  • Variety – we understand that people can have different taste preferences, which is why we wanted this list to include an option for everyone. Whether you are a vegan or are looking for high protein, low carb, or overall high or low calories, this list has you covered. We also selected our favorite healthy options from both the Starbucks Breakfast and Lunch menu.
  • Healthy – I personally don’t exercise that often so the least I can do is watch what I eat, that is why our best go-to items on the Starbucks food menu had to be healthy options with the right balance of nutrients.

7 Best Things To Eat At Starbucks

From Breakfast Menu.

ordering at Starbucks

The thing I love most about Starbucks, and my colleagues would agree, is that the Starbucks breakfast menu spoils you with choices. It took a while to narrow down this list but here are the top four items you can have at Starbucks for breakfast.

Spinach, feta cheese, and egg white wrap (Calorie: 290)

things to eat at Starbucks

High protein no cholesterol, and minimal carbs, fat, and sodium. Perfect for keeping you full until your next meal.

Reduced-fat Turkey bacon, cheddar, cage-free egg white sandwich (Calorie: 210)

things to eat at Starbucks

Another great low-fat and high protein and fiber option with no cholesterol and almost no carbs. Healthiest sandwich option on the menu that’s extremely delicious.

Egg white and roasted pepper sous vide egg bites (Calorie: 170)

Starbucks orders

Zero cholesterol, low carbs, fat and sodium, and high-protein content. The perfect light choice for breakfast that will keep you sufficiently full until lunch thanks to its protein-packed punch.

Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal (calorie: 240)

Starbucks things to order

The perfect vegan option with no dairy, or meat, just a nutritious bowl, high in fiber, low carbs, and almost no fat. It has more calories than classic oatmeal but the addition of fresh berries, nuts, and dried fruits is worth it.

From Lunch Menu.

eating at Starbucks

Our favorite from the Starbucks lunch menu is the protein bowls/boxes. They are the perfect healthy pack of a delicious well-balanced meal, set and ready for you to eat. The following are our top three favorites:

Hearty veggie and brown rice salad bowl (Calorie: 430)

ordering at Starbucks

Remember how as a child you would fight with your parents about eating your veggies? You won’t have to fight over this delicious salad. It’s packed with a healthy combination of brown rice and nutritious vegetables like butter squash, beets, broccoli, kale, and roasted tomatoes with a creamy tart finish of lemon tahini dressing.

Chicken and quinoa protein bowl with black beans and greens. (Calorie: 420)

top things to order at Starbucks

The perfect balanced meal, with the right amount of carbs, protein, fiber, and very minimal fat. Because of the vinaigrette added to it, it may have a high sodium content, but you can reduce that by swapping the vinaigrette with avocado spread.

Chicken pea bites and Avocado spread (Calorie: 560)

things to eat at Starbucks

Perfect vegan option with the right balance of carbs, protein, sodium, fiber, and low fat. It is still fairly recent and some people say they aren’t available in all Starbucks locations so be sure to ask about availability at your nearest location.

Informative Section.

What is the most popular item at Starbucks?

The Starbucks sous vide egg bites are the most popular items on the Starbucks food menu. These bites run out quickly so you may want to place your order earlier in the day.

What’s the healthiest food at Starbucks?

The classic whole-grain oatmeal. It has the lowest calories, high fiber, low carbs and fat, and no sodium.

What are the best Starbucks sandwiches?

The list can be endless depending on who you ask, but the most popular ones seem to be the slow-roasted Swiss ham and egg sandwich.

What should I get for lunch at Starbucks?

There are very many options based on your preference, but if you want a healthy balanced meal, you can try their protein boxes and salad bowls.

What should I get for breakfast at Starbucks?

It depends on what you are craving but the popular choices are oatmeal, egg bites, wraps, and sandwiches.

What is the best Starbucks drink?

There are very many options depending on your taste starting from the all-year-round vanilla latte and the favorite seasonals like Pumpkin Spice Latter and Peppermint Mocha.

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