6 Best Starbucks bakery items (Best Starbucks pastry – Delicious Starbucks Baked Goods You Should Order + More)

Wondering what baked goodies are worth trying out at Starbucks? Take a look at this list of Best Starbucks bakery items you should start with.

Whenever I order a Starbucks drink, I like to have it with an accompaniment, and what better than the baked goods and pastries Starbucks has to offer. There are so many options and I love combining them with different drinks to see which go down well together. In my many experiments over the years, I managed to come up with a list of my favorite must-have baked goodies at Starbucks. If you are just starting to discover the baked options that Starbucks offers, I can bet you, you’ll be overwhelmed with choices. So, to make your work easier, I will share my list of the best Starbucks pastries to start ordering first.

What Kind Of Pastries Do They Have At Starbucks?

Like I said before, the pastry options at Starbucks are almost endless. You’ll get classic choices like scones, muffins, donuts, and bagels. You will also get croissants, cookies, and the famous cake pops among many others. Since they are all on the menu, you can easily order off the menu, with no need for special instructions, unless there are modifications to be done.

Where Does Starbucks Get Their Pastry?

Best Starbucks pastry

While Starbucks has been in the food game for a while now, they do not make their food items like pastries in the stores. They have partnerships with different suppliers for different foods. The supplier that’s responsible for delivering baked goods to Starbucks is La Boulange bakery. Starbucks purchased the bakery some time back and even hired its founder. La Boulange is famous for its authentic, high-quality, and delicious French pastries and bread among many other things.

How I Chose The Best Starbucks Bakery Items.

When it came to selecting the best of the best Starbucks bakery items, narrowing down the list was a hustle. I love most of them so deciding was difficult. I eventually settled on focusing on two main factors and those were:

  • Popularity – The items listed here are the most mentioned baked items on the Starbucks menu and have received numerous positive reviews. So, you don’t have to simply take my word for it.
  • Taste – the best obviously means it tastes the best. Each item included here is a delicious pastry option that I’ve personally tried and approved and I’m sure you will too.

6 Best Starbucks Bakery Items.

Ham and Cheese Croissant

Delicious Starbucks Baked Goods You Should Order

I’m a big meat lover (no offense to my vegan friends), so anything that includes meat in it, I’m sold. That is why I was over the moon when I discovered this delightful pastry option. A delicious combination of a savory thick slice of chicken ham topped with the cheesy goodness of cheddar and wrapped together in an amazing bread-like buttery croissant slice. Not that I enjoy the doughy flaky texture of most croissants. This is the best choice for you if you are craving a pastry but don’t want to give up the meat option.

Classic Coffeecake.

bakery items at Starbucks

Like the ham and cheese croissant, this is another fan favorite at Starbucks and I agree. According to Starbucks, this cake was specially created to be accompanied by your favorite Starbucks coffee, and they weren’t wrong. So far, the cake goes down well with most of my favorite Starbucks coffee beverages both hot and cold. It’s usually my go-to breakfast option when I want something simple and I’m craving pastries. The rich coffee flavor and the delightful cinnamon combination from the cake is a nice twist that adds to the overall taste of your drink.

Blueberry Scone.

Delicious Starbucks Baked Goods

Do you think scones are boring pastries? I don’t blame you, most people think the same. But you won’t be thinking that with this scone. The blueberry adds a nice fruity flavor to the mix that makes this scone one of the classic go-to at Starbucks for many including me. I’ve found that this particular option goes well with a Frappuccino or Latte.

Iced Lemon Loaf.

Best Starbucks pastry

Where do I even begin with this pastry option? There’s simply just a lot to love. This dessert-like loaf is a finely textured cake topped with a delicious and tangy lemon frosting. A slice of this won’t be enough for breakfast or a quick lunch, but it does make for a good snack in between meals. It goes well as a tea accompaniment. Give it a try and see.

Birthday cake pops.

Starbucks bakery items

I obviously couldn’t talk about Starbucks pastries without including their famous cake pops especially my favorite Birthday cake pop. I’m sure you have seen this pink ball of delight propped up on display at many Starbucks stores. They are a delicious and colorful combination of vanilla cake, frosting, and pink candy coating topped off with white sugar confetti. If you enjoy birthday cakes this is the best option to satisfy your cravings but be warned it is a sugar load, so avoid it if you are not a sweet tooth.

Chocolate croissant

Starbucks bakery items

Lastly, this is my go-to croissant option when they are out of my favorite ham and cheese option. I enjoy the flaky doughy crust on the outside combined with the chocolatey goodness on the inside. I admit that it doesn’t have as much chocolate as one would expect but I don’t mind. If you would, then maybe this might not be the option for you. It is, however, a great option for a quick breakfast.

Informative Section.

What foods are in the Starbucks fall bakery?

During this season there are a lot of pumpkin-flavored baked goodies offered at the different Starbucks locations including Pumpkin scones and pumpkin cream cheese muffins, among many others.

What is the best bakery item at Starbucks?

It depends on who you ask, but the ham and cheese croissant seems to be a favorite for many customers at Starbucks.

What counts as a bakery item Starbucks?

Anything that is made through baking, from scones to muffins and cookies.

What is the best cake at Starbucks?

Most people seem to enjoy the classic coffee cake at Starbucks, especially as an accompaniment to their coffee.

What is Starbucks’ best-selling pastry item?

Among the best-selling items are the classic coffee cake, blueberry scone, and ham and cheese croissant.

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