5 Best Drinks To Get At Starbucks Reserve (Where Is Starbucks Reserve, How To Order Drinks From Starbucks Reserve + More)

Wondering what drinks are available for order at Starbucks reserves? Keep reading to find out the best drinks you can get at Starbucks reserves and more.

I’ve been a loyal Starbucks customer for years now. But I only recently found out about their coming cafes called Starbucks Reserves. Like most people, including you, I was curious to know what the difference was between the normal Starbucks stores and these reserves (or if there was a difference at all). My curiosity led me to discover a lot of useful information that I will share with you. In my explorations, I also came up with a list of my favorite Starbucks drinks to order at these reserves.

What Is Reserve Beverage Starbucks?

Where Is Starbucks Reserve

These are special beverages made using a selection of the rarest coffee bean variety Starbucks has to offer. The beans are roasted, infused, blended, and brewed using special and creative methods. The reserved beverages are nothing like what you’ll find offered at a normal Starbucks store.

I like to describe it as a step up in quality, taste, uniqueness, and appeal. Even the roasteries where these beverages are served have a better ambiance to them. They offer an immersive experience where you get to enjoy the brand’s best and years of mastery. Sadly, they are as rare as the beverages they serve and you can only find them in rare places like New York, Chicago, Shanghai, Milano, Seattle, and Tokyo. Lucky you if you are from these places.

How To Order At Starbucks Roastery And Reserve Bars?

Starbucks reserves offer the full Starbucks Menu plus unique additions you can only find there. You can order right off the menu like you would at a Starbucks store. You can also order reserved coffee at select Starbucks locations. You may want to confirm with your barista first before placing an order or check their site to see the right locations closest to you.

While making an order for reserve coffee, keep in mind that there are various brewing styles. If you simply state “on reserve” they will use the clover method. Otherwise, you can specify if you want the pour-over, siphon, French-press, or cold brew. While at the reserves you can also order a coffee flight that allows you to sample a few of their unique creations.

How I Choose The Best Drinks To Get At Starbucks Reserve.

To ensure I’ve included the best of the best, I took some time to ensure that the final list covered the following factors:

  • Taste – this was the most important factor, otherwise why call it the best. Each of these drinks has a unique combination of flavors that result in a delicious and satisfying taste.
  • Uniqueness – Why go to a reserve and try the usual drinks you are used to from the normal menu? That is why I’ve narrowed them down to the best unique drinks you can only find at the reserves. This was based on their creativity in taste and appeal and differentiation from the rest.
  • Popularity – while largely based on my opinion, I also took into consideration the reviews each of these items has received from different individuals who have tried them. So you don’t have to take my word for it.

5 Best Drinks To Get At Starbucks Reserve.

Affogato Nitro Gelato.

How To Order Drinks From Starbucks Reserve

This seems to be a favorite for many. It’s the first thing everyone I know tries on their first reserve visit. It was the first thing I tried as well. I have to say, I was greatly impressed. The frosty and delicious combination of two espresso shots over nitrogen-infused sweet cream gelato results in the most amazing creamy affogato I’ve ever had. It’s a must-try on your first on your next visit to the closest reserve, because you won’t be able to enjoy such anywhere else.

Coffee-inspired cocktails.

How To Order Drinks From Starbucks Reserve

Yes, you read right. The Starbucks reserves have cocktail bars where they create unique forms of coffee-based or inspired cocktails. It is worth trying if you are a fan of both coffee and cocktails and wondered what a mix of the two would be like (and I’m not talking of something as simple as Irish coffee). My favorite picks so far are the Spirit-free orange coffee tonic, six roads daquiri, and Final say.

Tea-inspired cocktails.

Where Is Starbucks Reserve

If you aren’t a fan of coffee then the reserved cocktail bars also have some delightful tea-based or inspired cocktails you can try. There are many options but the one you must try first is the Blush mint-julep. It is a combination of gin, the Jade Citrus Mint Tea, some Aperol, Lemon Juice, Cocchi Americano Rosa, and Simple Syrup, topped with Strawberry, and Mint Sprig. You can enjoy your cocktails there or have them packed to go.


Starbucks Reserve drinks

You don’t have to worry if you don’t take alcohol, there are still a lot of options for you. The mocktails are a delicious place to start. You get the feel of a cocktail without the alcoholic content or effects. The best ones to try are the Emerald City Mule, a combination of cinnamon, lemon, cold brew, and ginger beer, as well as the Cascara lemon sour, made up of, cold brew, maple syrup, and cascara sugar, shaken together.

Cold Brew Float.

Best Drinks To Get At Starbucks Reserve

If you enjoyed the Affogato, then you’ll enjoy this as well. The cold brew float is made up of a creamy combination of Starbucks’ best reserve cold brew and a scoop of Mora Iced Creamery ice cream. You can enjoy this on a nice hot summer afternoon.

Informative Section.

What is special about Starbucks reserves?

They are upscale from the normal stores and feature unique elements like bakeries and cocktail bars, not to mention their rare selection of menu items you can’t order anywhere else.

What is the #1 Starbucks reserve drink?

The opinion may vary, but their creative creations of tea/coffee-infused cocktails and mocktails seem to be creating the most buzz.

Is Starbucks reserve any good?

Yes, you will have to pay a premium price for all the menu items there including the regulars at their other stores, but it is worth it, given the better quality and overall immersive experience.

Is Starbucks Reserve coffee better?

Yes, at the reserve they apply more unique brewing methods you won’t find in normal Starbucks locations.

Do Starbucks reserves have refreshers?

Yes, refreshers are available at Starbucks reserves which offer the full Starbucks official menu along with unique additions.

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