10 Best Starbucks drinks under $5 (The Best Cheap Starbucks Drinks to Order + More information)

You must not always dig deeper into your pocket whenever you want an excellent Starbucks drink. But what are the Best Starbucks drinks under $5?

If you love the Starbucks drinks as much as I do, you understand that they can sometimes cause you to dig deeper into your pocket. But that was me before I discovered that you could enjoy Starbucks drinks without having to break your bank account. I learned of the excellent Starbucks drink that could cost me under $5 during my job transition took longer than I anticipated, and that was characterized by zero income. during the period, I had no income, wanted to continue taking my Starbucks drinks but did not want to deplete my savings. In this post, you will learn about incredible Starbucks drinks that cost you under $5 and thus are pocket friendly.

How do you get cheap drinks at Starbucks?

There are several ways to get cheap drinks at Starbucks, but the ultimate trick is to understand the drinks. Knowing the drinks allows you to choose those that are low priced, but with the quality you like. Other ways include ordering for the short serving instead of the venti; if you want your drink sweeter, you can request free whipped cream instead of other options you must pay for.

How do you get free drinks on the Starbucks app?

The Best Cheap Starbucks Drinks to Order

The easiest way of getting free Starbucks drinks is to download the app, become a member and make your first transaction. Starbucks rewards first-time users of the app with a free drink. Additionally, you can use the Starbucks loyalty card to redeem your points for free drinks. Moreover, registered customers can present their cards for a free drink on their birthday.

How we choose the Best Starbucks drinks under $5

There is an excellent variety of Starbucks drinks that are under $5. When choosing the 10 best Starbucks drinks that are under $5, we considered their nutritional advantage. We did not choose a drink that can bring about adverse health issues just because they are cheap. For instance, we considered the caffeine and calorie levels of the drinks. Additionally, we considered the taste of the drink and hence chose a drink that most customers enjoyed. The quantity of the drink was also an essential factor because it contributes to your satisfaction. A small serving of a drink may be cheap but may not satisfy you. You can trust the list because it was developed with the healp of experienced Starbucks baristas and review of customer feedback from the social media.

10 Best Starbucks drinks under $5

Here are some of the best drinks that are under $5. The drinks are not organized in any particular order.

Item Description Price /serving
Hot chocolateSteamed milk, rich mocha sauce, whipped cream topping, and mocha drizzle.Grande $3.75
Caffe Misto2% steamed milk and hot brewed coffee,Grande $3.45
Iced Caffe AmericanoDecaf espresso shots, water, and iceGrande $3.45
Caffe AmericanoDecaf espresso shots and hot water.Grande $3.45
Iced coffeeHot brewed coffee, a syrup of sweetener, a splash of milk, and ice cubesGrande $3.45
Steamed milk2% milk and a little foamGrande $2.65
Steamed apple juiceApple juiceGrande $2.65
Espresso con PannaEspresso and whipped cream-vanilla flavorQuad $3.35
Hot teaTeavana tea bags and hot waterGrande $2.95
Iced teaTeavana tea bags, waterGrande $2.95

Hot chocolate

 Best Cheap Starbucks Drinks to Order

The Starbucks hot chocolate is a fantastic drink, especially for those avoiding a lot of caffeine. It is an excellent drink in the morning and also during cold weather. You can order a short, tall, and Grande serving. The quantity of the Grande serving is enough to keep you warm and satisfied. You can change the milk option to have daily or non-dairy milk. Additionally, you can do away with the milk and still enjoy the delicious drink. This is a drink I have enjoyed countless times and will continue to enjoy.

Caffe Misto

Cheap Starbucks Drinks to Order

The caffe misto is an excellent drink, especially when you want that magical caffeine kick in the morning or during a bust day. The hot brewed coffee in the drink ensures you get the right amount of caffeine to keep you active and alert for the day. The steamed milk ensures you enjoy a regular cup of coffee. The milk is about 2%, and you can switch to whole or non-dairy milk for free. You should, however, avoid including plant-based milk, heavy cream, or breve because they increase the price of the drink.

Iced Caffe Americano

Buy The Best Cheap Starbucks Drinks to Order

The iced Caffe Americano is cold and refreshing and has a fantastic taste. It is among the Starbucks drinks that you will fall in love with. I love to take the drink on a hot day and cannot count the number of times I have had the drink during winter. The drink is decaf, and I take it when I check my daily caffeine intake. It is an excellent substitute for brewed ice coffee which is more caffeinated. The iced option is excellent on a hot day and when you want to cool down your body. It is an excellent substitute for carbonated drinks.

Caffe Americano

Caffe Americano is an excellent way of experiencing the perfect taste of Starbucks coffee. The drinks let you taste the coffee with no distraction from the flavor of other ingredients. It has three espresso shots, delivering the Starbucks coffee’s excellent flavor. It is also an excellent drink for individuals who feel that the bitter taste in coffee is too strong for them. Although it is made from espresso shots, the hot water dilutes the bitter taste, and you can only experience the delicious flavor of the coffee. I enjoy this drink in the morning and working in the office.

Iced coffee

Starbucks iced coffee provides the goodness of Starbucks coffee at an affordable price. The drink is less than four dollars and provides an excellent way to enjoy your day. I enjoy the drink on a hot day and when I am taking long drives. The drink keeps me refreshed and helps me stay alert on the road. The Grande serving is satisfactory and takes me for a long drive before I require another drink. It is an excellent substitute for sodas because it only has 80 calories compared to more than 122 calories in a soda.

Steamed milk

Starbucks drinks under $5

Although I am not a big fan of milk, I have ordered this drink severally and have enjoyed it. It is an excellent way to avoid caffeine in most Starbucks drinks. If you are strict about the amount of caffeine you consume, it is good to have Starbucks steamed milk once in a while. Additionally, I have purchased the drink whenever I am with kids. Coffee and tea may not be kids’ favorite, but they enjoy milk. Starbucks has a kid’s size serving which costs about $1.95. with only $195, you can get the drink for up to 10 kids.

Steamed apple juice

Starbucks fresh apple juice is one of the greatest apple juices I have tasted. It is made from quality apple and pure apple juice with no concentrates. It is a drink that will embolden and soothe your day. It has 220 calories and zeroes caffeine. It is, therefore, a great source of energy. It provides the total nutritional value of an apple. Additionally, it is an excellent drink for kids, and Starbucks have a kid serving that cost only $1.95.

Espresso con Panna

Cheap Starbucks drinks

The Starbucks Espresso con Panna guarantees you the ultimate caffeine kick in the morning. It is a drink that I wake up to whenever if feel I need to be perfectly stimulated for the day. The most attractive aspect of the Espresso con Panna is the sweet smell of coffee that feels like your house or the car as you take it. It is, however, one of the most caffeinated Starbucks drinks, and you cannot take more than a quad serving in a day if you still want to adhere to the daily caffeine limit.

Hot tea

Starbucks tea is among the most popular drinks. the Starbucks tea is good quality and has a delicious taste. It is an excellent beverage in the morning especially when going to work or a meeting. Having it with no other add-inns allows you to enjoy the excellent flavor of tea. It provides a moderate caffeine kick that keeps you focused at work.

Iced tea

buy Starbucks drinks under $5

Starbucks has several options for iced tea, which include passion tango, green iced tea, and black iced tea. I enjoy iced tea on a warm or hot day or when I have to stay in long meetings. You can sweeten it by adding liquid cane sugar at no extra charge.

Informative section

What is the cheapest drink at Starbucks?

Starbucks espresso is the cheapest drink on the menu and a Solo cost $2.45

What can you get for $3 at Starbucks?

You can get Hot tea at $3 or less

What can I get at Starbucks for $4?

You can get hot chocolate for $4 or less

What is the cheapest drink you can get at Starbucks?

An espresso shot is about $2.45 and is the cheapest drink you can get at Starbucks

What can you get at Starbucks for $5?

You can get a Blonde Vanilla latte, coffee Frappuccino or pink drink

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