8 Best Starbucks Keto-Friendly Drinks (Keto-friendly Drinks to Order + All You Need to Know About Starbucks Keto Drinks)

There are myriad keto-friendly drinks that you can order off the Starbucks menu. Here are some of the best keto-friendly drinks on the Starbucks menu.

Over the last couple of years, I have been on a journey to maintain my weight within the recommended BMI. I admit that it has not always been easy, and I fall off the bandwagon from time to time. For this reason, I get on different diets every now and then, and the Keto diet is my favorite. Being that I am a huge Starbucks drinks consumer, I had a hard time finding keto-friendly drinks. I enlisted the help of my local barista, and she has been incredibly helpful and then some. Here are some of my favorite go-to keto-friendly drinks available at Starbucks.

What do you need to know about Keto drinks?

Keto drinks are beverages that essentially cater to people looking to maintain a keto diet. The drinks are high in fat and have an adequate amount of protein essential for the human body. In addition, these drinks are low in carbs, and will more often than not have little to no sugar.

What kind of drink is okay on Keto?

Drinks that qualify as keto-friendly may be made from fruit, dairy, carbonated drinks, caffeinated beverages, and others. The main idea is to ensure that they are high in fat, and protein, and low in carbs.

Does Starbucks have keto-friendly drinks?

All You Need to Know About Starbucks Keto Drinks

Yes, Starbucks has many keto drinks available on the menu. In addition, you can customize non-keto drinks when making your order to make them keto-friendly. All you have to do is specify the items you need to be added or removed when making your order.

How to order keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks

If you are looking to order a keto-friendly drink from Starbucks, it is important that you tell the barista you want a keto beverage. With most drinks, you can replace regular milk or other ingredients with light or heavy cream, or almond milk to make them keto. For instance, to order a keto vanilla latte, ask the barista for a vanilla latte with a splash of heavy cream and sugar-free vanilla syrup.

How we choose the best Starbucks keto-friendly drinks

The products highlighted are mainly chosen based on their main ingredients. We tried to pick those that have a high-fat content as well as a good amount of protein. We also included customizable drinks whose orders can be altered to include higher fat content and fewer carbs, especially from sugar.

You can trust this review because we conducted extensive research and included Starbucks customers’ favorites. We went through such sites as Reddit and Quora to establish some of the best and most trusted keto-friendly drinks from Starbucks according to enthusiasts.

8 Best Starbucks Keto-friendly drinks

Rank Drink Ingredients
1Keto iced vanilla latteHeavy cream, espresso shots, ice, and sugar-free vanilla syrup.
2Keto blonde vanilla latteLight espresso, sugar-free vanilla syrup, heavy cream, ice
3Keto vanilla sweet cream cold brewStarbucks cold brew, heavy cream, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and ice
4Vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brewNitro cold brew, heavy cream or almond milk, sugar-free vanilla syrup, ice
5Keto AmericanoEspresso, water, almond milk
6Keto pink drinkHeavy cream, passion tango tea, vanilla syrup
7Keto London tea fogLight cream, black tea, bergamot essence, lavender flowers, water, sugar-free vanilla syrup
8Keto cafe mistoCoffee brew, almond milk, sugar-free classic or vanilla syrup

Keto Iced Vanilla Latte

What to Know About Starbucks Keto Drinks

An iced vanilla latte is easily one of the most popular drinks at Starbucks and, the good news is, you can have a keto version of the same. Normally, this drink is made using 2% milk, espresso shots, ice, and vanilla syrup.

To make it a keto drink, ask the barista to add a few splashes of heavy cream or almond milk. You can also have the milk eliminated altogether if you like. Seeing as sugar is not good for keto, ask the barista to replace vanilla syrup containing sugar with sugar-free vanilla syrup.

To order this drink, ask the barista for an iced vanilla latte with heavy cream or almond milk, and sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Keto Blonde Vanilla Latte

Starbucks Keto Blonde Vanilla Latte

A blonde vanilla latte is just like a regular vanilla latte, but the coffee used is slightly less intense and lighter in color, hence the name. It, however, still packs as big a caffeine punch as the original drink.

To order this drink, ask the barista for an iced blonde vanilla latte with a few splashes of heavy cream or almond milk. If you want it cold, ask for an iced version of the drink.

Keto Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Keto-friendly Drinks to Order

As the name suggests, this drink comes with a sweet cream topping. This is, however, not ideal for keto diets since sweet cream contains a lot of sugar, meaning that it is high in carbs. The drink is made by combining Starbucks cold brew, vanilla sweet cream, vanilla syrup, and ice.

To order a keto version of the drink, ask the barista to replace the vanilla sweet cream with heavy cream which is sugar-free. Also, ask them to sweeten the drink with sugar-free vanilla syrup to reduce the carbs in the drink.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew

Best Starbucks Keto-Friendly Drinks

This drink is one of my favorite keto drinks from Starbucks. It comes with several layers of texture thanks to the ingredients used in making it. The Nitro cold brew is made from a slow steeped (over 20 hours) coffee brew which is infused with nitrogen to give it many tiny bubbles. The vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew is topped with sweet whipped cream.

To order this drink, ask the barista for a vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew with heavy cream. Ask them to remove the sweet cream altogether as this adds to the carbs in the drink.


This is one of the most basic drinks on the Starbucks menu. It is mainly comprised of espresso and hot water. One of the reasons why it is great for keto is the fact that it does not contain carbs.

The main downside is that it does not contain much fat. You can take it as-is when on a keto diet, but you can also increase the amount of fat in the drink by asking for a few splashes of heavy cream. If you do not want the drink to thicken, ask the barista for almond milk instead. This drink is best enjoyed hot, but you can also have it iced.

Keto Pink Drink

Starbucks Keto-Friendly Drinks

This is a tea-based drink best suited for people who are not fans of coffee. It is made using passion tango tea, cane sugar, and coconut milk. To make it a keto drink, you can ask the barista to replace the cane sugar with sugar-free vanilla syrup, or any other kind of syrup you prefer as long as it is sugar-free.

Coconut milk is not considered keto-friendly, so you can have it replaced with heavy cream. This may get the drink a little thicker than it usually is. You can also have almond milk added to the drink in place of heavy cream. This beverage is best enjoyed iced.

Keto London Tea Fog

Starbucks Keto London Tea Fog

The London tea fog is a milk-heavy drink because it is made using whole milk instead of 2% milk. It comes with an interesting flavor since its tea base is made from a blend of black tea, bergamot essence, lavender flowers, and water. To sweeten it, the barista uses a few pumps of vanilla syrup.

To order a keto version of this drink, ask the barista for a London tea fog with heavy cream instead of whole milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup. You can also ask for almond milk instead of heavy cream.

Keto Cafe Misto

Keto-friendly Drinks to Order

A cafe misto is a very simple drink, but what makes it unique is the ratio with which the main ingredients are mixed. It is made from coffee brew and milk, and they are combined on a 1-to-1 ratio.

To get a keto version of this drink, ask your barista for a cafe misto with almond milk instead of 2% milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup. You can also request light heavy cream instead of milk if you do not like the taste of almond milk.

Informative Section

What drink is keto at Starbucks?

All drinks with few carbs, high fat, and an adequate amount of protein qualify as keto drinks.

What is the lowest carb drink at Starbucks?

Plain espresso shots have the least carbs with only 2g of the same.

How do I order a keto latte at Starbucks?

Ask the barista for a latte with heavy cream or almond milk instead of regular milk, and with sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Does Starbucks almond milk have carbs?

Yes, it does, but they are very few. One cup of Starbucks almond milk only contains 5 grams of carbs.

Is Starbucks heavy cream keto-friendly?

Yes, it is. It is made primarily of milk fat and does not contain carbs from sugar and other starches.

Are Starbucks syrups keto-friendly?

Yes, but not all of them. The best syrups for keto are the sugar-free versions.