5 Best Milk at Starbucks for Keto (Keto Friendly Starbucks Milk to Add to your Order + More Information)

The Keto diet requires that you consume specific meals and drinks that stick to the diet. The review below covers the best milk at Starbucks for Keto.

Last year, after watching many people achieve their ideal bodies, I decided to give Keto a try. If you are on a Keto diet or have tried it before, you can admit to how confusing it can get when trying to find the proper meals and drinks appropriate for Keto. I love milk, and when I was on my Keto program, I did a lot of research on how I can take Starbucks drinks which are Keto-friendly, without having to do away with them. The write-up below will help you determine which Starbucks milk is Keto-friendly, its nutritional value, and other essential details.

What kind of milk is ok on Keto?

Keto is a diet that puts the body in a state where it uses fats to get energy. You achieve this by consuming meals and drinks with high amounts of fats, average proteins and low carbohydrates. Through this, the body burns the fats to generate energy.

If you like milk, you might question which type of milk is suitable for Keto. Many people conclude that milk contains large quantities of carbohydrates which is not far from the truth. However, other types of milk contain low amounts of carbs, which are best suited for Keto.

Dairy milk contains carbs, which are averagely higher than plant-based milk such as almond, macadamia nut, cashew, and walnut milk. You may opt for skim milk, thinking it has lower carbs; this is beside the truth. Skim milk contains high amounts of carbs with no fat content, showing you that plant-based milk is preferable while on a Keto diet.

Does Starbucks have Keto-friendly milk?

Yes, Starbucks has Keto-friendly milk. If you are on Keto, Starbucks has several milk options to choose from. Apart from milk, there are drink options that are low in carbs. If you fancy some of the drinks, you can customize some inclusions to get a drink of your choice. While ordering, opt for unsweetened milk options since they contain fewer carbs.

As mentioned above, plant-based milk is the best option for a Keto diet. Some of Starbucks ‘Keto-friendly milk include almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and heavy cream. When you order a milk-based drink, you can consider swapping dairy milk with either of the listed milk or even opt to do away with milk completely.

It will also help if you are aware of some of the best Keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks. They are Blonde roast coffee, Cappuccino with heavy cream, Grande Keto pink drink, Iced Espresso, Cold brew, Chai tea, Iced passion tango tea, Iced Americano and Iced green tea.

How to order a drink with Keto-friendly milk at Starbucks?

Keto Friendly Starbucks Milk to Add to your Order

When ordering your favourite Starbucks drink, you can consider including other milk options, which result in a Keto-friendly drink. In a case where you have ordered a drink that has dairy milk, request unsweetened almond, coconut, or soy milk instead. You can request that while at any Starbucks store, drive-way store, or making an order on the app.

How we choose the best milk at Starbucks for Keto

Having experienced the Keto diet first-hand, I can attest to how frustrating it can get to find out what meals and drinks work and which do not. With that knowledge, I knew I had to help those on a similar journey by coming up with a list of five of the best Starbucks milk, which is Keto friendly.

The list was arrived at after thorough research on all the milk options available at Starbucks. We looked at the nutritional values of each type of milk the company offers. We paid a lot of attention to the carb amount in each milk variety. Those with the least amount of carbs are highlighted in the list.

We have also given more information about each milk on the list. Apart from research, we used customer feedback as a vital part in concluding the list, ensuring the information in this review is trustworthy and accurate.

5 Best Milk at Starbucks for Keto

The table below represents a list of the best milk at Starbucks for Keto. The amount used is two tablespoons in each of milk.

RankMilk Carbs FatsProteins Calories
1Almond milk0.5g1g1g35
2Coconut milk1g1g0g45
3Heavy whipping cream1g10g1g100
4Half and half1.5g3g1g36
5Soy milk2g1g1g16

Almond Milk

Milk at Starbucks for Keto

Among the best Starbucks milk options for the Keto diet, almond milk comes at the top of the list. It is the best option if you are on Keto, given the nutritional value it carries. Two tablespoons of almond milk contain 0.5 g of carbs, 1g of fats, 1g of proteins and 35 calories. Compared to other Keto-friendly milk options, it has the lowest amount of carbs and has low amount of calories than dairy milk. Apart from being beneficial to Keto, you can opt for it if you are lactose intolerant. You can add almond milk to Starbucks Mocha, Hazelnut latte, Cinnamon macchiato, Honey flat white, Matcha green tea latte, and Iced chocolate shaken espresso.

Coconut Milk

Best Milk at Starbucks for Keto

Second on the list is Coconut milk, which is a suitable option if you are on Keto. You may be familiar with coconut milk’s numerous health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system and providing the body with nutrients to combat viruses and bacteria. Coconut milk is a favourite to many attributed to its distinct taste. It benefits those on a weight loss journey, Keto diet or lactose intolerant. Two tablespoons of coconut milk contain 1g of carbs, 1g of fats, 0g of proteins, and 45 calories. Coconut milk blends perfectly in Starbucks Pink drink, Pina colada, Dragon drink, Berry vanilla smoothie, and Coconut milk Cascara latte.

Heavy Whipping cream

Keto Friendly Starbucks Milk

Heavy whipping cream makes it to the list, coming in at the third position. A heavy cream is a good option if you prefer your drink to be creamier. It not only thickens your drink but also offers fewer carbs, sugar, fat and calories than other creamers. With 1g of carbs and 10g of fat, it is a good option for those on a Keto-diet. You can add heavy cream to various Starbucks drinks such as Frappuccino, cinnamon dolce latte, Americano, and mocha.

Half and Half Cream

Top Milk at Starbucks for Keto

Starbucks half and half cream swirl amazingly in coffee, taking the fourth position in the list of Keto-friendly milk options. If you fail to specify when you ask for cream at Starbucks, you get half and half. Two tablespoons of half and half cream contains 1.5g of carbs, 3g of fat, 1g of proteins, and 36 calories. The amount of carbs is less than that in dairy milk. Half and Half cream goes well with many Starbucks drinks, especially if you want a buttery, creamy and decadent feel. It blends well in latte, macchiato, frappuccino, and cappuccino.

Soy Milk

Great Milk at Starbucks for Keto

At the end of the list is Soy milk, another good option when choosing the best Starbucks Keto-friendly milk for Keto. Two tablespoons of soy milk contain 2g of carbohydrates, slightly higher than the other four listed milk options but lower than dairy milk. Starbucks drinks that pair well with soy milk are Chai tea latte, Caramel macchiato Cinnamon dolce latte, Apple crisp latte, Pumpkin spice latte, and Brown sugar oat Americano.

Informative Section

What milk is Keto at Starbucks?

Starbucks Keto-friendly milk options are almond milk, coconut milk, heavy cream, half and half, and soy milk.

What is the lowest carb milk at Starbucks?

The milk option at Starbucks, which has the lowest carb, is almond. Two tablespoons of Starbucks almond milk contains 0.5 g of carbs, which is the least amount compared to other milk options such as dairy, whipped cream, and oat.

How do I order a Keto latte from Starbucks?

You can get a Keto latte from Starbucks by requesting a plant-based milk option, preferably almond or coconut, instead of dairy. Apart from those two, you can also consider using heavy cream or half and half.

Is almond milk Keto approved?

Almond milk is Keto-approved. It contains low amounts of carbs which is appropriate for a Keto diet.

Is Starbucks almond milk unsweetened?

At Starbucks, you can take sweetened or unsweetened almond milk. You should note that unsweetened almond milk is the best option for Keto.

Does Starbucks almond milk have carbs?

Starbucks almond milk does contain little amount of carbs. Two tablespoons contain 0.5g of carbs which is the least amount compared to the other milk options.

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