Does Starbucks have cinnamon dolce? (What is the cinnamon dolce drink at Starbucks? + More information)

A worrying trend online for lovers of Starbucks cinnamon-flavored drinks is this: does Starbucks have cinnamon dolce? Read to know what’s going on.

Cinnamon dolce, which means sweet cinnamon reminds me of my upbringing and the holidays. I’ve made it a habit to grab the cinnamon dolce latte when it’s cold, but a couple of times, the barista would tell me they are out of the cinnamon dolce. So, what was happening?

Not all Starbucks stores are out of cinnamon dolce, so this favorite drink is still on the menu. Worry not, the company is working hard to fix the issue. I’ve had to walk further to get a cinnamon dolce drink, but it’s worth it each time.

Did Starbucks get rid of cinnamon dolce?

Cinnamon dolce drinks and the accompanying cinnamon dolce syrup are a favorite for many, and that’s why there was cause for concern when it went missing in some stores. Starbucks was quick to put many at ease; cinnamon dolce was still on the menu. The supply chain that has affected the globe for the past few months was why cinnamon dolce wasn’t available in all stores.

With such franchises, the items you find in stores vary from market to market, and the demand for a particular product is not the same. The drink gets offered year-round, but during the festive season, many are looking to switch drinks to something that fits the occasion.

What is the cinnamon dolce drink at Starbucks?

What is the cinnamon dolce drink at Starbucks?

The cinnamon dolce drink of choice at Starbucks is the cinnamon dolce latte, a favorite for many during cold months. The drink contains the classic espresso, hot milk and their sweet cinnamon syrup. To make the syrup, Starbucks uses a whipped blend of water, cinnamon, vanilla bean extract, brown sugar, and a bit of white sugar.

If you wish to skip the caffeine, there is an alternative. Cinnamon dolce crème is a blend of steamed milk, the dolce syrup topped with whipped cream, and a cinnamon dolce topping. I find this alternative fantastic since I can give the kids the cinnamon dolce crème as I enjoy my caffeine mix—no reason why they can’t enjoy the cinnamon taste too during freezing weather.

On hot days you can opt for the iced cinnamon dolce latte that combines elements of both recipes. It starts with espresso, hot milk, and the dolce syrup, then once the ice gets added, it’s topped with whipped cream, and the cinnamon dolce syrup gets drizzled on top.

What does Starbucks cinnamon dolce taste like?

The cinnamon dolce is like the classic vanilla latte but with a sweet cinnamon syrup used to sweeten it. You still enjoy the latte, but Starbucks puts just enough cinnamon not to overpower the taste.

How do I order a cinnamon dolce drink at Starbucks?

How do I order a cinnamon dolce drink at Starbucks?

Like other items on the Starbucks menu, you can order a cinnamon dolce drink via their website or app. Get to the menu, scroll down to hot coffees to get the cinnamon dolce latte, and if you want the cinnamon dolce crème, scroll down to hot drinks. Place your order in terms of the size you want, pay for it, and make your way to the store to pick it up. The GPS typically picks up your location, but you’re free to change it.

Final thoughts

Remember, when something runs out at a Starbucks store, be patient with the baristas as they don’t often control what’s in supply. It’s especially so now we have a global supply chain issue. Starbucks is doing its best, and perhaps it would be a great time to try a drink you haven’t had before. Either way, it’s a relief to know that cinnamon dolce drinks are still on the menu.

FAQ Section

What is in Starbucks cinnamon dolce topping?

The cinnamon dolce topping at Starbucks has cinnamon dolce sprinkles and whipped cream. First, the barista puts the whipped cream and dusts it with the sprinkles

How much does a cinnamon dolce latte cost?

The cost depends on the size of the cinnamon dolce latte you want. The tall will cost you $3.65, the grande is $4.25, and the venti goes for $4.65.

How many pumps of syrup are in a grande cinnamon dolce?

The grande cinnamon dolce has four pumps, which is 16 fl oz.

Does cinnamon dolce Creme have caffeine?

No, the cinnamon dolce crème doesn’t have caffeine. It is a milk-based beverage usually with two percent steamed and formed milk with the cinnamon dolce syrup mixed in.

How many calories are in a skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks?

There are 130 calories in the Starbucks skinny cinnamon dolce latte. They use nonfat milk and natural sugars to reduce caloric content.

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