10 Modifications You Can Make to Customize Your Starbucks Order (Can You Make a Custom Drink at Starbucks? How to Customize Your Starbucks Order + More Information)

The No. 1 reason Starbucks stands out among other coffee shops is because customers can customize their drinks. Keep reading and find out how to customize your Starbucks order.

I am a loyal Starbucks customer because I can create my desired drink with the available ingredients and menu selections. This option is not standard in other coffee shops. Starbucks baristas must fulfill every request you make with your drink, which means everything is personalized. It changes your entire experience. You’ll not only keep going back, but you’ll spread the word, especially when you come up with a delicious combo that you want your family and friends to try. This more than makes up for the amount of money spent on coffee. Keep reading to discover modifications you can make to customize your Starbucks Order.

10 Modifications You Can Make To Customize Your Starbucks Order

Take Advantage of the Milk Option

Custom Drink at Starbucks

Starbucks customers are spoilt for choice when selecting milk for their drink. Options include nonfat milk, non-dairy, coconut, soy, and almond. You can try the oat milk too.

Specify the Number of Syrup Pumps You Want

The standard syrup pumps contained in Starbuck drinks with syrup flavor are three (tall), four (grande), five, or six (venti), depending on whether it is hot or iced. Additions or requests for fewer syrup pumps are allowed at no additional charge. The barista can adjust the drink to your taste.

Explore With Sweetener Substitutes

You are free to request sugar or its substitutes in your drink, namely syrups, honey, Sweet and Low, Splenda, or Equal. Go a step ahead and try their sugar-free syrups like vanilla and raspberry and the seasonal peppermint syrup.

Replace Hot Tea with Ice and Vice Versa

Customize Your Starbucks Order

If you take your herbal tea or green tea hot instead of cold, embrace change and request to have it served on ice. The barista steeps the tea for around five minutes before pouring it into a plastic cup with ice. Almost every latte on the Starbucks menu may be made cold if you want. Cold drinks are also heated in some cases, so inquire from the barista.

Specify You Want Your Latte Extra Hot On Your Order

You may notice that your hot beverage is cold when you are ready to drink it. A quick tip is for you to ask for your drink to be especially hot while placing your order. They’ll steam the milk for a slightly longer time to raise the temperature. The next time, you settle down to have your drink; you’ll find it deliciously hot.

 Ordering a Tall in a Grande Is Accepted

Some baristas advise against this common request. Order a lower-sized coffee in a cup the next size up to prevent wasting coffee where you may have to pour some out for the milk. It gives you more room for your milk and at no extra cost.

You Can Ask For the “Short” Size

Your Starbucks Order

Did you know that Starbucks offers a smaller size than the tall? It’s called the “short,” and is eight ounces. It is not listed on most menus but is usually the size served to kids.

Request for Extra Espresso Shots

The standard number of espresso shots in Starbucks is one shot for tall lattes, two for grande espresso drinks, and two (hot) or three (cold) shots of espresso (iced) for venti beverages. You may add another shot to any drink if you’re having one of those days where you need an additional dose of caffeine.

 Leave out the Water for a Stronger Tea Flavor

Starbucks dilutes any iced tea drink with water, so ask for it without the water if you want a more robust flavor.

 Make Alterations to Your Whipped Cream

Can You Make a Custom Drink at Starbucks?

Whipped cream is included in several Starbucks beverages, such as lattes and Frappuccino. You may put whipped cream on top of whatever drink you like. To modify it, exclude the whipped cream entirely or ask for a reduced quantity.


What are the best customized Starbucks drinks?

Frappuccino are the best customized Starbucks drinks, especially if you don’t have a preference for coffee.

How many ways can you customize a Starbucks drink?

You can customize a Starbucks drink in over 170,000 ways. 

How can you customize a Starbucks drink?

You customize a Starbucks drink by either adding or removing an ingredient (available at Starbucks) in the custom drink to create your version or combo at the point of ordering. 

How many drink combos are possible at Starbucks?

Starbucks has more than 87,000 drink combinations that you can try out. 

How can you customize your order on the Starbucks app?

Open the Starbucks app. Move down to the bottom of the screen and click the “Order” icon. Identify the drink you desire. Customize your order, starting with the size. Ensure you look through all the tabs until your order is perfected. Press the ‘add item’ icon once you’re content with your creation.

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