Where did black riffle coffee start (origin and history of Black Riffle Coffee + more information)?

Black Riffle is among the best coffee brand on the market, and one may wonder, “where did black riffle coffee start?”. Read on to know this and more.

Black Riffle started its business in the United States in a garage owned by the founder, Evan Hafer.

I did not know of this coffee company until a few years ago after it was spotlighted for controversy. I then became curious to know more about this company and what type of coffee it offers. I was also curious to know the history of this company and the person who found it. In this post, I will explain in detail where the Black Riffle Company is located, who founded it, and the history of the company.

When was Black Riffle founded?

Black Riffle Coffee was founded in 2014 by Evan Hafer, a former Army Green Beret. Years later, the company has grown immensely and is producing other products, including clothing and mugs. Black rifle coffee offers a variety of quality coffee to its customers and has various blends to suit everyone’s preference.

The varieties of coffee offered at Black riffle include the AK-47, Silence Smooth, Freedom Fuel, Murdered Out, Blackbeard’s Delight, Beyond Black, Fit Fuel, CAF, Coffee Saves, Thin Blue Line, Just Black, Coffee or Die, and Gunship coffee.

Black rifle coffee is mostly found in Amazon stores but in other nearest stores around the US. There is also an option to order this coffee online, and you can do that by visiting the company’s website. You can also join this company’s ‘black riffle coffee club,’ where you can purchase a subscription service. This service ensures that your ordered coffee is shipped on time.

Where is Black Riffle Coffee Headquartered?

origin and history of Black Riffle Coffee 
Black Riffle Coffee company. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee

Black Riffle Coffee is headquartered in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah. This coffee company also has other physical stores in Georgia and Oklahoma, where you can visit to purchase any coffee you want. As mentioned earlier, black riffle majorly operates online through its website and supplies its coffee worldwide.

What is the history of Black Riffle coffee?

Black rifle coffee company was started in 2014 by its founder Evan Hafer. Evan is a former military man who served as a Green Beret for over twenty years. While still in the military, Evan would order his coffee beans, roast them and use them to make his fresh coffee. This gradually progressed into a hobby, and he turned it into a business once he retired from the military.

After returning home, Evan started selling a small volume of his Freedom Roast coffee. He did not have an office or company then and used to make his packages from his garage. He would then use his friend’s apparel website to sell them. After this coffee brand became famous, he launched his website and started making more sales.

Since he is an ex-military, Evan focused on employing other military veterans in his company to show support to the military team. The Black Riffle Coffee company has since employed thousands of veterans and is looking forward to working with more.

Besides its coffee business, Black Riffle coffee has managed to launch an online news and lifestyle publication known as Coffee or Die Magazine, which majorly focuses on covering reports on veterans, military, enforcement, and other coffee-related topics.

FAQ Section

Who owns black riffle coffee?

Evan Hafer owns black rifle coffee. Other key people who help manage the company in their various positions include Dennis Adams, Tom Davin, Andy Stumpf, Mat Best, and Richard Ryan.

Is Black riffle Coffee a veteran company?

Black Riffle Coffee is a veteran company that veteran Evan Hafer started.

Does Black Riffle coffee only employ veterans?

Black Riffle does not employ veterans only, but they aim to work with a larger percentage of veterans.

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