Starbucks oat milk vs. regular milk: Which One tastes better?

Starbucks uses several types of milk. The major category of milk is dairy and non-dairy. The oat milk is non-daily, while the regular milk is dairy. But have you ever wondered which milk tastes better? My curiosity led me to an uphill task of digging out every information about the two types of milk. The oat and regular milk significantly differ; therefore, deciding which one is better is not difficult. Read through the post, and you will understand the significant features of the milk, their differences, and ultimately, which one is better.

What are the differences between Starbucks oat milk Vs. regular milk?


Oat milk

Regular milk


Oat base and low erucic acid rapeseed oil. It contains about 2% riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin D2, vitamin B12, dipotassium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and sea salt.

Cow milk

Taste profile

It has a sweet taste and a smooth, creamy texture

It has a deliciously sweet taste with a smooth, creamy texture.

Caffeine content/ Nutritional value

A 240 ml cup has 0mg caffeine, 140 calories, 7g of fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 100mg of sodium, 16g of carbs, 7g of sugars, and 3g of protein.

It contains minerals such as vitamin D-3.6mcg, calcium-350mg, iron, 0.3mg, potassium-390mg, vitamin A-160mcg, Riboflavin 0.6mg, vitamin B12-1.2mcg, phosphorus-270mg.

A 240 ml cup has 0mg caffeine, 140 calories, 5g of fat, 25mg of cholesterol, 150mg of sodium, 15g of carbs, 14g of sugars, and 10g of protein.

It contains minerals such as calcium-350mg, iron, 0mg, potassium-350mg, vitamin A-16mcg, Riboflavin 0mg, vitamin B12-0mcg, phosphorus-210mg.

Availability/ Accessibility

The oat milk is available in all Starbucks locations.

The milk is available in all Starbucks stores, and you can request it in your drinks

Roast level/ processing

Processing involves mixing oat with water and then milling to an even consistency.

Processing involves pasteurization, skimming, and adding fat to achieve 2% milk.

Starbucks oat milk Vs. Regular milk – How They Compare.

Starbucks regular milk


Oat milk is plant-based milk made from milling a combination of oat and water, which are the main ingredients. Synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to boost the nutritional value of the milk. For instance, Riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin D2, and vitamin B12 are added to increase the vitamin composition. Additionally, dipotassium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and sea salt are added to increase milk’s mineral composition, especially calcium and phosphorus.

The regular Starbucks milk is made from dairy milk. Milk is the sole ingredient responsible for flavor and nutritional components.

Oat milk wins in this category because it has many ingredients that ensure the consistency of minerals, proteins, and vitamins. The nutritional composition of cow milk may vary slightly depending on what a cow is fed.

Taste profile

The first thing you will note about the taste of oat milk is that it is slightly sweeter than regular milk. A keen person will also notice a delicious nutty note and a smooth, creamy texture that enhances the taste. So, the milk is delicious, sweet, and creamy.

The regular milk has a sweet taste that is not as strong as the oat milk. It is delicious and creamy. It has a smooth texture and is pretty much enjoyable.

This category has no winner because oat milk and regular milk have similar tastes. Although the oat milk is slightly sweeter, its taste is not significantly different.

Caffeine content/ Nutritional value

The oat milk has zero caffeine and 140 calories in a 240 ml cup. Although caffeine is not expected in milk, the calorie is enough to keep you energized but not significantly high to cause adverse health impacts. Another crucial aspect of the nutritional value of oat milk is minerals and vitamins. It has more calcium and phosphorus than regular milk. It also has a wider variety of vitamins than regular milk.

On the other hand, Starbucks uses 2% regular milk that has 140 calorie counts. The calories are the same as in oat milk. It also has 25mg of cholesterol, which is unhealthy, especially for individuals who consume a lot of milk daily. Cholesterol causes heart-related problems. It has more protein than oat milk, making it better for growing children. Calcium, vitamins, and other minerals are slightly lower than in oat milk.

Oat milk wins in this category because it is healthier and has more vitamins and minerals. It is healthier due to its zero-cholesterol content. Although regular milk has more proteins, it loses out on being the most nutritious because it has fewer vitamins and low mineral content, especially calcium. Finally, oat milk is vegan and serves more people than regular milk.


The oat milkis readily available in all Starbucks storesacross the US. It was first tested in the Midwest Starbucks store and was later distributed in all Starbucks stores in 2021. Additionally, Starbucks uses the Oatly Oat Milk brand that is available in stores and groceries across the US. You can therefore purchase it for use at home.

Regular milk is also available in all Starbucks across the country. Starbucks uses several milk brands, one of which is Lucerne 2% milk, which you can access at any store or grocery across the US. It is therefore accessible and available at Starbucks and for use at home if you wish.

There is no winner in this category because the two types of milk are readily available and easily accessible at Starbucks and in stores and groceries across the country.


Oat milk has a longer and more complicated manufacturing process. Mixing water and the right oat and adding synthetic vitamins and minerals is a long and tedious process. The milk must be made so that it does not separate when added to the drinks and must have an acidity regulator.

On the other side, regular milk has straightforward processing, which involves pasteurization, skimming, and re-addition of fat to reach 2%.

Regular milk wins in this category because of its straightforward processing. However, the assessment for regular milk processing does not consider the rearing of dairy animals and the milking processes. Oat milk processing also does not account for the growing oats used to make oat milk.

Starbucks oat milk Vs. regular milk: A comparison review

Starbucks oat milk – Overview

Starbucks oat milk

The Starbucks oat milk is one of the most excellent plant-based milk. It has a great taste and a creamy texture. Its texture becomes even more impressive when foamed, making it a perfect match for any beverage. If you love your drink creamy and do not take daily milk, this product has all the qualities you need in any milk. It has a variety of vitamins, including vitamins A, B, B12, and Riboflavin. Once you take the milk, you do not have to worry about taking vitamin supplements. Milk is known as a great source of calcium. Oat milk is no exception and provides the highest quantities of calcium in regular milk and other plant-based milk. It is vegan and perfectly suits you if you prefer non-dairy products.

What I liked;

  • Its high nutritional content and especially calcium

What I didn’t like;

  • It is slightly high priced than regular milk

Who it’s best suited for.

  • It is suited for everyone, especially vegan ones who like milk in their coffee, chocolate, or tea beverages.

Starbucks regular milk – Overview

Starbucks oat milk vs. regular milk

The regular milk is delicious and creamy, making your drinks smoother. It perfectly tones down the bitter taste in most strong coffee beverages allowing an ordinary person to enjoy the excellent coffee flavors without tolerating a bitter taste. It is an excellent source of calcium that is crucial for developing bones and stronger teeth. You can enjoy it in any coffee, tea, or chocolate-based beverage. It contributes about 20% of an average adult’s daily protein requirements.

What I liked;

  • I liked its higher protein content

What I didn’t like;

  • I did not like the cholesterol

Who it’s best suited for.

  • It is best suited for everyone, especially those who do not mind animal products

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Starbucks oat milk or regular milk

Oat milk is better than regular milk. Both types of milk taste equally good, and it isn’t easy to differentiate them in terms of taste. However, the similarity ends there; oat milk has more vitamins and higher mineral content. Milk has a high quantity of calcium, an essential element in milk. Additionally, oat milk is healthier because it does not contain cholesterol, which contributes highly to heart problems. Finally, the oat milk is vegan, serves many people, and has no GMOs, making it more desirable.


Is oat milk healthier than regular milk?

Yes, oat milk is healthier because it has no cholesterol and is highly nutritious due to a high number of vitamins and higher mineral content.

Is regular milk sweeter than oat milk?

No, oat milk is slightly sweeter than regular milk.

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