Does Starbucks sell milk? (Can you buy bottled milk at Starbucks? + More information)

Starbucks is well-known for its beverages that have milk infused in them, but does Starbucks sell milk?

Despite being a diligent coffee drinker for the past few years, I have been trying to make some lifestyle changes, and cutting back on my caffeine intake is part of the journey. I became a loyal Starbucks customer because of their coffee, and despite having to cut back on my coffee consumption, I did not want to leave. That’s why I was overjoyed when I found out that apart from the endless beverage options, Starbucks sells milk too.

I can not only buy plain milk but also have the freedom to customize my plain milk drink to my liking. Due to this, cutting out coffee doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all and the transition has been quite smooth. If you are on the same journey as I am, or just want to relive your childhood memories of that tall glass of refreshing cold milk, or a warm mug just before bed, while still being a loyal Starbucks customer, then this article is for you.

Can I buy milk at Starbucks?

Yes, you can. You can get plain milk at Starbucks, either hot or cold. There are also various ways you can customize your milk.

Starbucks has a variety of milk and milk alternatives available. You can choose any type of milk that you want. The dairy milk options include 2% milk and whole milk and the plant-based milk alternatives available include oat milk, soy milk, and coconut milk.

You have the option of customizing your milk in various ways, starting with its temperature. You can choose to have your milk cold or hot. The hot option can be steamed to the temperature of your liking, such as extra hot, hot, or warm.

You also have the option of customizing your drink further by sweetening it with sugar or stevia. You can also flavor your milk by adding syrups and sauces. Furthermore, you could also add toppings such as whipped cream and sprinkles and even ask the barista to line your cup with your favorite syrup for more flavor, or just for the aesthetic.

Finally, you can get your milk drink in any of the Starbucks cup sizes available. There is the small size which is eight fluid ounces, tall which is twelve fluid ounces, and the grande and venti which are sixteen and twenty fluid ounces respectively. There is also a kid’s size available that is eight fluid ounces just like the small size.

Does Starbucks sell bottled milk?

Can you buy bottled milk at Starbucks?

Yes, it does, but not plain milk. You can order and buy plain milk directly from the Starbucks store only. The Starbucks bottled milk that can be found in grocery stores is frappuccinos. For example, Starbucks has bottled Almond Milk Frappuccinos which come in two flavors, vanilla and mocha. Therefore, if you are vegan or simply enjoy non-dairy milk alternatives, you’ll love this one.

Does Starbucks still have milk?

Yes, it does. Aside from offering plain milk, the majority of the beverages on the Starbucks menu need to be made with milk. Therefore, milk is a staple ingredient in Starbucks. There are various types of milk available at Starbucks such as 2% milk, whole milk, half and half, and heavy cream. They also have non-dairy milk options such as oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk.

Is milk in Starbucks free?

No, it is not. Plain milk can go for $0.70 to $0.80, depending on the type you’ve ordered. This cost is higher if the milk has customizations at your request. The extra cost is due to the additional ingredients your drink has.

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks sell plain milk?

Yes, it does.

Can you substitute milk at Starbucks?

Yes, you can. In case you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or on a dairy-free diet and cannot have whole milk, there are plant-based milk alternatives available such as soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk.

Do they have lactose-free milk at Starbucks?

Yes, they do. However, it is important to note that lactose-free milk is not dairy-free. Therefore, it is only suitable if you are lactose-intolerant, but not if your diet is dairy-free.

What milk does Starbucks offer?

Starbucks offers seven types of milk. The dairy options available are whole milk, 2% milk, and half and half. They also have non-dairy and plant-based milk alternatives which are soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and almond milk.

Which drink has the most milk at Starbucks?

Latte drinks have the most milk. They have an average of eight to ten ounces of milk.

How can I order milk from Starbucks?

You can either order it in person by visiting a Starbucks store or using the drive-thru if you’re in your car. You can also order it online via the Starbucks app or the official website.

How many calories is milk from Starbucks?

The total number of calories lies between 100 to 200 calories, depending on the size and the type of milk ordered. A larger cup size would mean more calories. Also, dairy milk options contain more calories than non-dairy milk options.


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