Starbucks Barista Salary (How much Do Starbucks Baristas Earn Per Month, Tips + More FAQs)

If you are a sucker for coffee, you would love to be a Starbucks barista – make phenomenal coffee blends and meet fellow die-hards! But how much is Starbucks barista salary?

My love for coffee began when I was a teenager. My goofy aunt took me to a latte treat at our local Starbucks. I fell in love! And I never looked back. Today, one of my dreams is to work as a barista for Starbucks. As you would expect, I have dug into the salary, benefits, and everything in between. A Starbucks barista earns an average of $15 to $23 every hour. Roughly, this translates to $1,445 to $3,980 monthly salary. If you are eying this job, here is everything you need to know!

Starbucks Employee Benefits

Starbucks offers health, education, stock and savings, paid time off, commuter, parental leave, and partner assistance to its employees. If you work at Starbucks, you are eligible for health insurance plans covering visual, dental, and other medical needs. The benefits include health insurance and accident cover.

Employees enjoy fully paid vacation days. If your partner or family member is sick, you are allowed to take time off and tend to them.

When expecting a child, you get time off plus a family expansion reimbursement. Besides, Starbucks will fully sponsor your bachelor’s degree. You can take the online degree programs offered at Arizona State University.

Starbucks is committed to empowering employees to be the best versions of themselves. The company will take care of all your work-related commuter expenditures. Also, if you experience a financial crisis resulting from sudden death or illness in your family, Starbucks will help you settle the bills.

Working at Starbucks is one of the most exciting and empowering experiences!

How Often Do Starbucks Baristas Get Raises?

How much Do Starbucks Baristas Earn Per Month

Starbucks baristas will receive a 1% – 2% pay rise every six months. Sometimes, it happens after a year. Also, the pay rise ranges may vary depending on the location of the Starbucks store where you work.

Starbucks Baristas Payment Schedule

Baristas receive their payment once every two weeks. The payment may come in the form of a bank deposit or a check. A typical working period begins from Monday to the second Sunday after. Salary payments are made on Fridays.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks is among the best companies to work for. As a barista, you will learn many coffee recipes, meet coffee lovers and afford a decent life while enjoying a wide range of additional benefits. If you wish to work here, this article gives you all the information you need before applying for the job. Best of luck!

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks pay baristas for time spent in training?

Yes, Starbucks will pay baristas for the 3-5 days training period. You will also earn tips.

How much money do Starbucks baristas get in tips?

On average, baristas will earn $1.50 an hour in tips. For every 8 hours worked, it is approximately $12.

Are Starbucks baristas paid more?

Yes, Starbucks pay their baristas more money compared to other coffee companies. In addition, the baristas enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks.

Is there a minimum wage for baristas at Starbucks?

Yes, there is. The minimum wage for baristas at Starbucks is $15 an hour.

What is the Starbucks starting wage?

Starbucks baristas’ starting wage is $15 an hour.

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