Different ways you can pay for your Starbucks Orders (Can Starbucks use e wallet, Apple Pay, EZlink, Grab Pay, or PayPal?)

Using cash as a mode of payment is always safe, and convenient and helps you stay on budget. But, what if you prefer a cashless method? What are the different ways you can pay for your Starbucks order?

There are various ways you can pay for your Starbucks order, such as with cash, the Starbucks app, credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Starbucks cards, PayPal, and GrabPay, among many others. If you want to order from Starbucks and have no cash, you can consider any of the cashless methods you prefer.

My work entails moving a lot from one office to another to meet customers and potential clients with some of my colleagues. Thus, every time I walk into a Starbucks for my much-needed break, I want the convenience of paying with no cash, for I no longer carry wads of cash around.

Thankfully, Starbucks offers a variety of cashless payment methods and a cash option to choose the most convenient to use. It is now easy for my colleagues and me to save time and enjoy our Starbucks drinks and foods as we go through the day due to the convenient payment options.

If you are looking to order at your local Starbucks, you can consider the various cashless options they accept. Below is more information on how you can pay Starbucks orders without worrying about not having any cash on you.

Can Starbucks use Apple Pay?

Yes, Starbucks can use Apple Pay. Through the Starbucks app, customers can use Apple Pay to reload their Starbucks card for payment of their order. Plus, you can use Apple Pay separately as payment at participating Starbucks locations, although most stores accept it. Also, you can use Apple Pay when you order at the drive-thru or inside the store. To pay using the Apple Pay, open the Apple Pay by double clicking the side button if you are using an iPhone. The Apple Pay will show on your screen, and you can pick a Starbucks card or credit card to pay your Starbucks order.

Can Starbucks use EZlink?

Can Starbucks use e wallet, Apple Pay, EZlink, Grab Pay, or PayPal?

Yes, Starbucks can use EZlink to receive payments for orders from customers. It is a payment mode available in Starbucks Singapore, and customers can use the EZlink cards to purchase their favorites at Starbucks. Although you have the option of using cash or your physical card, through the app, you can pay using the EZlink wallet. Using EZlink makes payments convenient for the customer as they order. To pay, simply use the card or scan the QR code.

Can Starbucks use GrabPay?

Yes, it can, and it is easy. It is available to southeast Asia across six markets. You can use GrabPay to buy anything you need at a Starbucks store. You need the GrabPay app to sign in to the account. If you do not have it, you will have to register. Once you confirm you have enough Grab balance to pay, launch the QR scanner by tapping on the payment icon. Swipe to generate the barcode to be scanned by the cashier, and you have just paid for your Starbucks order using GrabPay. Plus, using GrabPay allows you to earn Starbucks rewards on purchases you make through Grab. Starbucks customers can pay in-store and in-app to have more ways to order.

Can Starbucks use e wallet?

Different ways you can pay for your Starbucks Orders

Yes, Starbucks can use e wallet payments. Apple pay and Grab Pay are some of the e wallets Starbucks accepts. The Starbucks app e wallet is among the most used e wallet used for point-of-sale transactions in the U.S. It is easy and fast to pay using the e wallet. First, you have to tap on the payment icon on the homepage. Key in your pin if you are using it for the first time. Lastly, share the QR code with the cashier to allow you to scan it, and the payment is complete.

Can you use PayPal for Starbucks?

Yes, you can use PayPal to pay for your Starbucks order and reload your Starbucks card at starbucks.com or through the mobile app. Also, you can pay directly using PayPal in-store or when ordering ahead by saving your PayPal account in your Starbucks app. Customers using PayPal for Starbucks find it convenient to pay for their orders in this way. In addition, you can add funds using the PayPal app to your Starbucks card. It has a store locator to help you find the stores that are participating in using PayPal as a mode of payment. While using PayPal for Starbucks, you can get bonus stars, but some Starbucks store locations such as airports and bookstores may not provide this advantage.

Does Starbucks accept Boost?

Yes, it does. Starbucks accepts Boost as a form of payment for Starbucks order payments. But, Boost is a digital wallet from Malaysia you can use to get your favorite drinks and foods from Starbucks. It is simple as you have to Scan and pay with a QR code or use the homepage to pay for the order as a new bill for either your account or someone else, insert the amount and confirm the payment for your next Starbucks visit.

Final thoughts 

Cash is always an option as you pay for your Starbucks order. But, many people these days do not carry cash around. Plus, no one wants to wait for the cashier to count the change to finish the payment transaction. Therefore, you can now be confident and pay for your Starbucks order at any Starbucks with various cashless methods. It is fast, safe, and convenient. Select from the payment options available and select the option most convenient to you as you pay for your next Starbucks order.


Can you pay with cash at Starbucks?

Yes, you can. Although there are many cashless payment methods to pay your Starbucks order, cash is always an option to pay your Starbucks order.

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