Does Starbucks Have Apple Pay? (Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay? + More Information)

Whether walking in for your morning coffee brew or paying at the Starbucks drive-through, people often ask “does Starbucks have Apple Pay”? Read this article to learn whether you can use Apple Pay at Starbucks.

Yes. Starbucks has Apple Pay, and all Starbucks outlets accept Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay in-store, on the Starbucks app, or even at the drive-thru. I didn’t know Starbucks allowed Apple Pay at the drive-thru when I grabbed a ridiculously expensive Venti Mocha at my neighborhood’s outlet. It’s only after I fell short of cash and the attendant asked me, “do you have Apple Pay” when I learned that I could use it. I never knew it was that simple. Let’s dive in and see exactly what the deal with Apple Pay is at Starbucks and how you can use Apple Pay and Starbucks App together.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Yes. Starbucks accepts Apple Pay at all its store locations in 2022. Starbucks allows all customers to use the payment option that is most convenient and relevant to them. So, if you prefer Apple Pay, that is what you’ll use. The best part about Apple Pay is that Starbucks allows customers to use the Apple Pay option in-store, in the drive-through, and on the Starbucks app. Limitless, isn’t it? Furthermore, there’s no extra fee when you use Apple Pay at Starbucks, and it’s compatible with iPhones and Apple Watches.

What do you Need to Use Apple Pay?

What do you Need to Use Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay at Starbucks or anywhere else, you need to have a compatible device that accesses Apple Pay with the latest iOS or WatchOS. You’ll also need to have a supported card (debit/credit) from an Apple Pay participating card issuer. Your card should also have money that you’ll spend.

How To Use Apple Pay at Starbucks?

It’s simple. Apple Pay stores your debit/credit card information. It then wirelessly transfers your card’s information to the card reader machine when you are in the drive-thru or in-store if you want to pay at Starbucks. To use Apple Pay at Starbucks, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Apple Pay app on your iPhone/Watch.

Step 2. Select and verify the card you want to use to pay.

Step 3. Hold the top of your iPhone (with the camera) near the wireless reader to allow the two devices to establish a connection.

Step 4. Authenticate the payment (often with your fingerprint).

Step 5. Wait to see the “Done” appear on your screen, signaling that payment was successful.

Step 6. Tap the payment notification to verify your transaction. Check that you made the right payment at Starbucks for the beverage/coffee you ordered.

The best thing about using Apple Pay at Starbucks is that you can use your Apple Watch if you don’t carry your phone. Also, if you’re ordering on the Starbucks app, you won’t need to transfer the data wirelessly because all the information is already in the app on your phone.

How To Use Apple Pay in The Starbucks App?

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay in the Starbucks App, you need to have the iOS version of the Starbucks App. This iOS version lets customers reload cash from their Apple Pay. You’ll need to link the Starbucks app to your Apple Pay, and you’re good to go. To do this, just open your Starbucks app, then go to payment options, where you’ll see Apple Pay as one of the Options. The next thing you’ll do is select Apple Pay and authorize it to link to the Starbucks app. The process is straightforward. Once the two apps are linked, you can then just add cash from Apple Pay to your Starbucks card within the app at no cost and continue paying for your order. In the process, you’ll be earning 2 stars for every dollar you spend on the two linked apps.

Final Thoughts

Does Starbucks have Apple Pay? Yes, you can pay for your order at Starbucks with Apple Pay once you add your card and make sure it’s loaded. There are no charges. You can use Apple Pay at Starbucks in-house, at the drive-thru, or on the Starbucks app. It’s safe, convenient, and fast. If you’re at the checkout and your phone is far away, or you left it in the car, you can use your Apple Watch to make the payment.

FAQ Section

How To Use Apple Pay At The Checkout?

On your iPhone, double-click the side button, wait for your default payment card to appear, then enter your passcode or glance at your iPhone to authenticate the payment. Once the payment comes up, position the top of the iPhone close to the contactless/wireless reader until you see “Done” and a checkmark on your phone’s screen. That’s it. You’ve made the payment.

Can I Use Apple Pay at The Drive Through?

Yes. Starbucks allows customers to use Apple Pay in-store, on the Starbucks app, or at the drive-thru. Just make sure the card in your Apple Pay is loaded enough to foot your bill.

How do I use Apple pay at Drive-thru?

Using Apple Pay at Starbucks drive-thru is typically similar to using it in-store. First, place your order at the drive-thru. Next, as you drive up close to the payment window, tell the cashier that you’ll be using Apple Pay. Double-click the side button to bring up Apple Pay, enter your passcode, and position your Apple device next to the contactless card reader.

Can I Use Apple Pay on my Apple Watch?

Yes. You just need to add the Starbucks app to your Apple Watch. When you reach the payment at any checkpoint, just tap the Starbucks on your Apple Watch and then choose the Apple Pay option. The same way you do with your phone, hold your Apple Watch near the contactless/wireless payment reader, and wait for your watch to vibrate, signaling that you’ve made a payment. Even better, you can add money directly from your Apple Pay to your Starbucks account from your Apple Watch.

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