When does Starbucks reserve Chicago open? (How many Starbucks reserves are there in Chicago? + More information)

In this article, we are going to learn when the Starbucks reserve Chicago opens, how many Starbucks reserves there are in Chicago, and what there is to know about the Starbucks reserve Chicago.

On more than one occasion, I left the house early in the morning in hurry to grab some breakfast and my morning coffee at Starbucks reserve on my way to work. I could get frustrated as I would find the Starbucks reserve location closed and I discovered several other people were just driving off without getting their favorite drinks. I did some research and I’m going to share my findings with you here.

There is only one Starbucks reserve roastery in Chicago but you can find packed ground reserve coffee from this roaster in other Starbucks stores. Starbucks has only six reserve locations in the world with the largest being in Chicago. It sits on a 5-storied, 35,000 square feet building and showcases the best coffees Starbucks has. Starbucks reserve Chicago opened its operations on November 15, 2019, and it opens its doors for business from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm from Monday to Thursday, and 7.00 am to 9.00 pm from Friday to Sunday.

What is a Starbucks Reserve and what do they do?

Starbucks reserves are stores that are different from ordinary Starbucks stores. At the reserves, Starbucks showcases coffee brewing art and uses its finest single source beans to brew the finest coffee. There is also a difference between Starbucks reserve bars and Starbucks reserve roasteries. The Roasteries are big mega lounges where Starbucks makes coffee from the first steps of roasting. They will roast coffee, grade it, package it and also showcase and serve their customers with fresh brews from the roasted single-source beans. It is a haven for caffeine lovers

When did Starbucks Reserve in Chicago open?

How many Starbucks reserves are there in Chicago?

Starbucks reserve Chicago was opened on November 15, 2019. It has been operational since then and has attracted very many coffee lovers. Its size makes it possible to serve thousands of people daily.

How many Starbucks reserves are there in Chicago?

In total there is three Starbucks reserve in Chicago. One of these reserves is the Starbucks reserve Chicago roastery. The Chicago roastery is the largest Starbucks reserve in the world and there are only 6 of them in the world. The other Starbucks reserve roasteries are in New York, Shanghai, Seattle, Milan, and Tokyo.

What does Chicago Starbucks reserve serve on its menu? – popular foods on Chicago Starbucks reserve

What does Chicago Starbucks reserve serve on its menu?

Starbucks reserve has a large menu that will fit everyone. Some of the select reserve types of coffee as well as other delicious Starbucks foods. Some of the items you will find on the menu are:


Coffee – The main item that Starbucks is known for is coffee. At the Starbucks reserve, you will find coffee made from the best coffee beans from around the world. They have invested and perfected the art of selecting the best coffee varieties and also in roasting the beans. At the reserve stores, you will find medium and dark roast varieties. Other types of coffee you will find are the cold brew, Nitro cold brew, Lattes and so much more.

Chocolate – Starbucks serves the best hot chocolate at the reserve stores. They make their chocolate from chocolate made of 40% cocoa product with verified information that the cocoa has been sourced ethically and using decent practices. When it comes to choosing their raw materials, Starbucks makes sure only the best gets to their product lines.

Tea At the Starbucks reserve you will find a big variety of teas from Matcha tea which is sourced from Japan to green teas and Lattes.

Refreshers – Starbucks is known for their customizable refreshers on the secret menus and you will also be able to order them at Starbucks reserve locations.


There is a wide variety of food like croissants, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, scones, a variety of bread, bacon, and chicken wraps. They also have complete vegetarian diet menus.

FAQ section

Q. Is the largest Starbucks Roastery in Chicago?

A. yes, the Starbucks reserve roastery is the largest of all Starbucks Roasteries in the world. It has five floors and a floor area of 35,000 square feet.

Q. what is the purpose of Starbucks reserve?

A. Starbucks reserve was opened as an interactive space where customers can learn more about coffee. You get to know the story of the coffee from sourcing to roasting and finally to your cup from your barista as he brews your coffee. It is designed to give customers more touch to a personalized coffee brewing experience.

Q. can I buy packed coffee beans at Starbucks reserve?

A. Yes, Starbucks reserves stocks packaged reserve coffee in these stores. You will find a great variety of coffee and the type of roast you prefer. You can also take your unopened coffee pack to a Starbucks barista for grinding

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