Dutch Bros milk options (what are the milk options at Dutch Bros + More information)

You can easily customize your favorite drinks thanks to Dutch Bros milk options. Read on to see the milk variety you can use in your drink at Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros offers great milk options like dairy, chocolate, oat, almond, and coconut milk.

Call it monotonous, but there was a time I had a routine order at Dutch Bros. I never cared to look at the menu, and it got to a point where the baristas would get my drink ready before I even got to the store. Well, that changed when my sister offered to pick up my order, and instead of the usual half and half on my caramel mocha, I got chocolate milk. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed out on that heavenly taste.

That is when I decided to explore all the milk options at Dutch Bros, and taking coffee has never been so adventurous. Read on for all there is to know about Dutch Bros milk options.

What milk options does Dutch Bros have?

Dutch Bros gives you different experiences in the same beverage. All you have to do is customize it with different milk options. Let’s look at the top Dutch Bros milk options.

2% dairy milk

Dutch Bros milk options 
Dutch Bros with 2% dairy milk. Image source: Dutch Bros

This is the default milk option at Dutch Bros. It is milk in which the fat has been reduced; the 2% translates to the milk fat percentage of the total weight. It is a healthier version of whole milk, and most dieticians recommend it for those on a diet. This milk option can be used in nearly all Dutch Bros drinks. Most baristas will include it in your drink unless you specify another milk option that you prefer. It is most commonly used with lattes and cappuccinos.

Chocolate milk

Dutch Bros milk options 
Dutch Bros with Chocolate milk. Image source: Dutch Bros

Chocolate milk screams extra but in a delicious way. This flavored milk option is a fusion of milk and cocoa solids. It is very nutritious and is rich in proteins, vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorous. It is the go-to option if you are on a nutritious diet but still open to enjoying a rich taste.

Dutch Bros uses Dutch Chocolate milk in their drinks. Unlike other chocolate milk, it is less acidic, low on caffeine and is perfectly smooth, and has a mild chocolate taste. The milk is mainly used in Dutch Cocoa drinks, including double chocolate, caramel, white chocolate, Banana Cream Pie, and Vanilla, among other flavors.

Almond Milk

Dutch Bros milk options 
Dutch Bros with Almond milk. Image source: Dutch Bros

This milk option is not only vegan-friendly but is also dairy free. Almond milk has become very popular among many Dutch Bros customers, but unlike chocolate milk, it isn’t as nutritious. Almond milk is mostly considered healthy because it has few calories and is plant-based. Otherwise, you will have to give up important nutrients like proteins in other less-healthy milk options.

Almond milk has a nutty taste that awesomely complements most Dutch Bros Drinks. It is used in vegan drinks like Nitro Cold Brew, Americano, 911, and cold brew, among others. You should, however, note that Dutch Bros charges 50 cents extra for almond milk, but the great taste makes it worth the price.

Coconut milk

what are the milk options at Dutch Bros
Dutch Bros with Coconut milk. Image source: Dutch Bros

Coconut milk is another excellent milk option that Dutch Bros offers for customizations. Throughout my years as a Dutch Bros customer, I have noted that not many people go for this option, and that is because of obvious reasons. Coconut milk has high calories, and it does no good adding it to a cup that is already high in calories. Also, it has saturated fat.

However, incorporating this milk into your drink on a cheat day is worth it. Coconut milk is most commonly used in Dutch Bros coconut mocha, but just like other milk options, it can also be used to customize other drinks.

Oat milk

Dutch Bros milk options 
Dutch Bros Milk options. Image source: Dutch Bros

Oat milk is the latest addition to Dutch Bros Milk options. Though it has fewer nutrients than dairy milk, oat milk is very creamy and used in the company’s top drinks like Sugar N spice oat milk latte and Oat Milk Kocher Latte. The type of oat milk used by Dutch Bros is Pacific Foods Oat Milk. Just like coconut milk, you might want to make oat milk drinks an occasional choice because though delicious, it lacks some nutrients and causes bloats in some people.


Is there plant-based milk at Dutch Bros?

Yes, there is. Dutch Bros has almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk which are plant-based.

What is the most popular milk option at Dutch Bros?

2% dairy milk is the default milk option at Dutch Bros, which makes it the most popular

Which milk option at Dutch Bros is lowest in Calories?

Dutch Bros lists its Almond milk option as the one with the lowest calories. It has 10 calories per ounce.

Which milk can I use at Dutch Bros if I’m on a diet?

2% dairy milk or plant-based milk options depending on the type of diet you are on.

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