Lavazza vs Starbucks: which coffee tastes better?

Your day will be complete if you choose to have a well-prepared cup of coffee. This is a wonderful drink that many people enjoy having. However, most people are caught between getting their coffee from Starbucks and Lavazza.

I have made a routine that every evening after work I must visit a coffee shop just to get my coffee needs and cravings fulfilled. Since I am familiar with Lavazza and Starbucks, I came up with this article to help you discover which of them has coffee that tastes better. You will also find out how the companies compare.

What are the differences between Lavazza Vs Starbucks?





Has a normal Standard restaurant setting with artistic murals. Good for small group meet-ups. Good lighting system

Has a good store layout with a modern design, a good lighting system, good for interactions


Has over 5000 outlets with a presence in over 90 countries

Boast of having over 33, 800 stores in 80 countries


Has several items on its menu. Best for supplying coffee. Limited food option

Has numerous items on its menu. Has many specialty drinks with limited food options

Price Range

Has affordable price range

The majority of the items are pricy

Beverage sizes

Ranges between 4 ounces and 12 ounces

Available between 8 ounces and 31 ounces

Environmental Consciousness

Uses eco-friendly materials in the packing of its products. Has recyclable and biodegradable products

Uses dishwashers to minimize water usage.

Recycles items including cups.

Lavazza Vs Starbucks – How they compare.

Lavazza vs Starbucks coffee


Starbucks has taken it upon itself to ensure every person visiting its stores feels highly welcomed. The moment you set your foot at Starbucks stores; you will be welcomed with a good ambience featuring a good store layout that is set with modern design. The good lighting system at Starbucks is yet another feature that makes it have a good ambience. The company’s seating arrangement is on a high level as it makes it easy for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while catching up on what is on trend.

On the other side Lavazza boast of having a normal restaurant setting with artistic murals. The design and arrangement of this Coffee house enable small groups of people to interact. If you are fascinated by lighting systems you will enjoy that at Lavazza

It is therefore a win for Starbucks under this category because it has a nice and welcoming ambience that one can enjoy.


Starbucks has been working hard and it now has more than 33, 800 store locations in over 80 countries. Well, if you think they have stopped at that, you are wrong. This coffee house is even pushing forward to gain access to bigger markets internationally. All Starbucks stores maintain the same feeling and good design made to represent the people of where the store is located.

In as much as Lavazza has been operating for more years, it has 5000 store locations and it has made waves in more than 90 countries. The company is looking forward to increasing the number of its coffee shops.

Starbucks emerges as a winner in this category because it has more stores in more countries.


Starbucks is a premier coffee house and is loved because of the many drink options available on its menu. You can get Starbucks drinks on its specialty and secrete menu. Some of the drinks available on this company menu include hot and iced coffees, hot drinks, hot teas cold drinks Frappuccino blended beverages, cappuccino, juices, and smoothies. Starbucks will warm your heart by writing your name on the cup.

Starbucks gives you the pleasure and privilege of customizing your desired drink to suit your mood and taste. You can make a less sweet drink taste sweeter and you can make unhealthy drinks healthier. You are likely to find hot breakfast, bakery lunch, and snacks on this company’s food menu. However, the food items are not as many as the drink items.

On the other hand, Lavazza has included drinks and food items on its menu. The drinks menu comprises chocolate specialties, Iced Espresso and Coffee beverages, Espresso, Hot and iced tea, Hot chocolate, and Hot coffee beverages. Lavazza also has some seasonal drinks.

Although Lavazza has some flavored syrups, Starbucks has way more syrups used in customization compared to Lavazza.

When taking your favorite drink at Lavazza, you can also check out the bakery items you can have. Some of the items you can have include, scones, and cookies. On the lunch Pranzo, you can have chicken Saltimboca Ciabatta. The downward side of these food items is that they are very limited.

It is a win for Starbucks in this category since it has numerous drink varieties for one to pick from and on top of that, it provides customers with a wide range of flavors for them to make customizations to their drinks.

Price Range

In terms of the price range, Lavazza offers fairly cheap prices for its coffee drinks compared to Starbucks. As much as Lavazza offers cheaper options for its customers the quality of coffee it offers is not as competitive as that of Starbucks. With this in mind, Lavazza does not have a fairtrade coffee in its range and does not control where the money goes after paying the farmers.

It is, therefore, a win for Lavazza since its products are affordable.

Beverage Sizes

You can choose different sizes when ordering coffee drinks from Starbucks. Some of the sizes you are likely to find at Starbucks include Trenta (31 ounces) Venti (24 Ounce), Grande (16 ounces), and short (8 ounces)

While Lavazza offers different sizes for its beverages. The sizes are 4 ounces, 9 ounces, and 12 ounces. These size options give you the chance to choose what excites you the most.

Starbucks bucks win in this category since it provides bigger sizes for some of the similar drinks in these two coffee houses.

Environmental Consciousness

Lavazza has included environmental preservation in its operations. For example, it uses eco-friendly materials in the packing of its products. Additionally, it uses recyclable and biodegradable products. It also teaches its farmer about the practices of suitable farming that is environmentally friendly.

Starbucks is taking up environmental matters very seriously. For instance, this company uses dishwashers in its stores to minimize water usage. It also uses products that can be recycled.

It is a draw in this category because both companies have been key in the promotion and implementation of environmental-friendly activities.

Lavazza Vs Starbucks – A Comparison Overview

Lavazza Overview

Lavazza vs Starbucks

This company was founded in 1895, in Turin in Italy and was founded by Luigi Lavazza who acquired a small grocery store. The current president is Alberto Lavazza and the CEO is Antonio Baravalle. The company grew and expanded its operations internationally. It is now being steer-headed by Lavazza’s third and fourth generations.

Currently, the company has 5000 stores that are operating in 90 countries. Its ambitious plan is to expand operations to more countries. Lavazza gained its popularity for being a coffee maker that incorporates different coffee beans to create different blends.

This company specializes in producing and distributing products such as Qualita Rossa, Qualita Oro, Caffe Espresso, Gran Aroma Bar, Caffe Creama, and Top Class among others. Because of the growing demand, Lavazza began selling food items to blend well with its coffee. Were you aware that Lavazza sponsored Liverpool F.C in 2018 and now it is the official coffee brand that is used by Juventus F.C.?

Starbucks Overview

Lavazza vs Starbucks: which coffee tastes better?

This company began its operation in 1971 in Seattle. The founders of this company are Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl

In 1987, Starbucks was sold to Howard Scultz who later rebranded it to Starbucks. The company expanded very first and in the same year, it opened its first-ever location outside of Seattle. Now the giant coffee company has 33,800 stores in more than 80 countries.

In April 2013, this company introduced the use of reusable cups. Each customer was required to bring back the cups on their next visit and receive a commission on their drink.

Starbucks has specialized in selling coffee. Additionally, the company sells collectibles such as mugs and cups. Over the years the company has earned a good reputation for having varieties of drink options for one to choose from. The Starbucks Card and loyalty program has enabled this company to increase revenue in 2011 alone the company’s mobile transactions exceeded 26 million

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Lavazza Vs Starbucks

Starbucks is better than Lavazza. This is because this company has a welcoming ambience that customers can enjoy. The coffee drinks and food items offered by Starbucks are of high quality and Starbucks gives its customers the ability to customize their drinks. This is great since customers can personalize their drinks to meet their needs.

Since Starbucks has numerous stores in many locations’ customers can get their preferred beverages with ease. The many drinks and food items at Starbucks also make it superior to Lavazza. Customers are given the privilege to choose what they want from the rich menu


Is Lavazza better than Starbucks?

No Starbucks is better than Lavazza because it has a rich menu and offers high-quality products.

Is Lavazza more popular than Starbucks?

No. on the contrary Starbucks is more popular than Starbucks since many people get their drinks from Starbucks despite being expensive.

Is Lavazza stronger than Starbucks coffee?

Both Lavazza and Starbucks coffee are good. However, Starbucks is better since it uses a special process to roast its beans and its flavors are good.

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