7 Starbucks dark French roast alternatives (Starbucks dark French Roast Alternative Coffees brands that are Store-Bought)

I have been getting my dark French roast from Starbucks. Well, most probably you get your dark French roast from this company too. However, I recently become explorative and decided to find out if I could get Starbucks dark French roast alternative coffee brands. I came to realize there are plenty of Starbucks dark French roast alternatives to choose from. This post will help you know some of the alternative dark French roast coffee brands that are store bought and also find out more details about each one of them.

7 Starbucks dark French roast alternatives

Starbucks has strategically positioned itself on the global market as being one of the premier coffee Houses that sells dark French roast. However, it faces competition from other coffee brands. Here are some of the alternative coffee brands Eight O’clock French Roast, Chock Full O’ Nuts, Peet’s Coffee French Roast, Trader Joe’s French Roast, Maxwell House French Dark Roast, Folgers French Roast, and Allegro Coffee Extra Dark French Roast.

Still interested in learning what each coffee brand offers? You should continue reading this article as each dark French roast is discussed exhaustively.

Eight O’clock French Roast

Alternative Coffees brands

This is one of the dark French roasts that has been providing amazing tests since 1859. You can always find perfect pleasure when having a cup of this brand. It has a full-body finish, with an amazing aroma together with winey notes.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a dark roasted coffee that has a strong and bold taste, this is what you should get yourself. This brand has 100 percent Arabica beans that provide premium quality taste.

What are you waiting for? Grab this French roast for an amazing experience.

Chock Full O’ Nuts French Roast

Since 1932 Chock Full O’ Nuts has been trusted with the production of French roasts that has super amazing taste. Chock Full O’ Nuts French Roast has a rich bold flavor with a strong aroma that makes every cup of coffee feel heavenly.

The brand contains a blend of coffee beans that have been roasted with perfection to deliver a high preferred delicious taste. Additionally, it is gluten-free.

Peet’s Coffee French Roast

This is another brand that gives Starbucks dark French roast a stiff competition. This dark roast is full-bodied and has the smoky effect you always want in your cup.

The Peet’s coffee has the rich coffees of French Roast that come hotter and longer roasts, an art that guarantees you flavor notes of wood smoke, coffee forward, and burnt caramel.

Are you obsessed with freshness? Well, Peet’s coffee has all the best-roasted beans of high quality. Your morning or afternoon will not be the same with this pick-me-up.

Trader Joe’s French Roast

Starbucks dark French Roast Alternative

Do you enjoy a blend that expresses a bitter-sweet taste? If yes, you should get Trader Joe’s French Roast for an amazing taste. This is one Starbucks dark French roast competitor that has a burned bitterness with an unexplained sweetness that is almost sugary.

If you are on a budget, this is the drink to get for yourself and enjoy the intensity this blend will offer.

Maxwell House French Roast Dark

Maxwell House French Roast Dark has a wonderful taste that will make you go crazy. This is Starbucks’ dark French roast alternative that scores highly when it comes to delivering exceptional taste. It is a caffeinated blend that will give you that alertness you crave for.

Maxwell House Dark Roast French Roast has a consistent perfect taste which comes from 100 percent real coffee beans. This brand offers an intense and bold flavor that will make you yearn for more. Order for this blend and enjoy the joy that comes with every sip.

Folgers French Roast.

 French Roast Alternative Coffees brands

You can never go wrong with Folgers French Roast. This brand has been carefully crafted to deliver a perfect blend of robust and bold flavors.

Whether you are at home or in an office this drink will cater to your French press or cold brew experiences. You will always find the brand a go-to when you want something refreshing for yourself.

Allegro Coffee Extra Dark French Roast

Allegro Coffee Extra Dark French Roast possesses a great competition to Starbucks dark French Roast. The product is caffeinated and will give the alert thrill you want at all times.

Allegro Coffee Extra Dark French Roast prides itself on being full, intense, and smoky. Every cup of this drink will provide a great taste without compromising on quality. It is suited for vegetarians and is keto-friendly.


You are in a position to find Starbucks dark French roast alternatives that you can buy and enjoy to your liking. Other coffee brands have tried in providing alternative dark French Roast that taste good. If you like to be explorative you can go through some of the alternatives we have highlighted and pick one that makes you happy. Enjoy!

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